Moving forward capstone project
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Regis University EDLS 643 Capstone Project By Jon Wuerth. -Moving Forward- Capstone Project. Multiple award-winning program Expansion to 78 students Drawing from 18-20 elementary schools High parent and community support Assessment evidence of high academic success

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Moving forward capstone project

Regis University

EDLS 643

Capstone Project

By Jon Wuerth

-Moving Forward-CapstoneProject

How are we doing

Multiple award-winning program

Expansion to 78 students

Drawing from 18-20 elementary schools

High parent and community support

Assessment evidence of high academic success

Integrated natural science-based experiential curriculum framework in place

Devoted and passionate students

How are we doing?

Moving forward the road ahead

Larger staff size and student population

Increased responsibilities for all

TOSA to coordinate multiple program aspects

RtI integration from ground up

PBIS modifications and improvement

Abundant parent helpers needing responsibilities

Standards-based report cards

Opportunities to improve student achievement

Moving Forward – The road ahead

Smart goal student achievement

By the end of the 2012-2013 school year

90% of the fourth grade students will

be proficient or advanced in writing as measured by the Colorado TCAP.

Smart Goal – Student Achievement


We are moving forward in our instruction, and the state standards will be our framework. Standards-based report cards (SBRC), as adopted by Academy 20, will provide us with a valuable tool to accurately assess student academic growth. This will provide clarity to parents/guardians about the progress their child is making toward meeting or exceeding the identified state standards at the fourth grade level. The SBRC allow us to accumulate bodies of evidence ensure 90% of students achieve proficient or advanced on TCAP writing.


Plan objectives

Our focus: standards will be our framework.

Ensure 90% of School in the Woods students receive a proficient or advanced TCAP score on the spring 2013 TCAP

Ensure teachers have designated planning time to focus on those students scoring PP on their 3rd grade writing TCAP

Ensure the teachers have determined which reporting indicators will be taught each quarter

Ensure 3-6 bodies of evidence have been identified for each of the fourth grade Colorado Academic Standards

Plan Objectives

Our goal is to answer four questions

What standards will be our framework. do students need to know, understand, and be able to do?

How do we teach effectively to ensure students learn?

How do we know that students have learned?

What do we do when students don’t learn or reach proficiency before expectation?

Source: “Standards- Based Classroom”

Colorado Coalition for Standards-Based Education, 2008

Our goal is to answer four questions:

Steps for implementation of sbrc

Begin communication about SBRC standards will be our framework.

Determine reporting indicators

Plan assessments

Create rubrics

Receive training for data entry- Infinite Campus

steps for implementation Of sbrc

Action plan
Action Plan standards will be our framework.

Action plan part 2
Action Plan Part 2 standards will be our framework.

Action plan part 3
Action Plan Part 3 standards will be our framework.

Action plan part 4
Action Plan Part 4 standards will be our framework.

Communication essential for success
Communication – Essential for success standards will be our framework.

Message – School in the Woods has had considerable success over its 13 year history both in student achievement and improvements in student affect. Yet, we can all raise our bars. With coordinated curriculum alignment and assessment, effective PBIS program, devoted staff, and an integrated and organized parent/community network assessment scores, reflecting increased student knowledge and understanding, can be obtained.

Communication continued
Communication Continued standards will be our framework.

Student achievement

Strengths standards will be our framework.

Students who apply often have higher achievement.

Students come from higher socio-economic level.

Parents are supportive

Students feel sense of obligation to “step it up.”


Students come from up to 20 different schools.

Takes time to initially assess all “new” students.

Only have them for one year

Limited staff size

Lack of common planning

Student Achievement

Csap scores 2011 2012

  • Reading 2 17 6

  • Writing 5 16 5

  • Math 3 7 15

  • 18 students on the bubble either just above or below.

  • CSAP Scores 2011-2012

    2011 csap writing scores
    2011 CSAP Writing Scores students (for one class):

    Scantron scores fall and spring

    Testing students (for one class):Period (8/22/11 to 9/30/11) - (4/6/12 to 5/18/12)


    Student SS SEM Test Date SS SEM Test Date SS Difference SEM of Difference

    Student 2947 (65) 8/25/11 3201 (80) 4/26/12 +254 (103)

    Student 2865 (67) 8/25/11 2796 (62) 4/26/12 -69* (92)

    Student 2799 (72) 8/25/11 2824 (63) 4/26/12 +25* (96)

    Student 2865 (71) 8/26/11 2902 (71) 4/26/12 +37* (101)

    Student 2400 (62) 8/25/11 2458 (62) 4/27/12 +58* (87)

    Student 2787 (65) 8/25/11 2716 (63) 4/26/12 -71* (90)

    Student 2864 (67) 8/29/11 2781 (66) 4/27/12 -83* (94)

    Student 2934 (75) 8/29/11 2915 (59) 4/26/12 -19* (95)

    Student 2710 (69) 8/25/11 2936 (64) 4/26/12 +226 (94)

    Student 2499 (65) 8/29/11 2887 (66) 4/26/12 +388 (92)

    Student 2688 (60) 8/29/11 2871 (61) 4/26/12 +183 (86)

    Student 2497 (62) 8/29/11 2688 (60) 4/26/12 +191 (86)

    Scantron Scores Fall and Spring


    Strengths students (for one class):

    We have made it work

    Grants have been earned

    Flexibility in budgeting

    Small student population

    Much equipment has been purchased already


    Earn right to set up budget for school or have input

    Has been reduced by 30%

    School population increase


    School culture

    Strengths students (for one class):

    Parent Involvement

    Student Involvement





    Multi-year parents



    Parent Involvement


    Personalities (small staff)


    Only one year

    Training of staff, parents, students

    School culture

    Example of culture and volunteerism


    We really appreciate your help with watering and weeding the garden plots & native flower bed area over the summer.

    • Raised Bed Area: The hose in the garden area is attached to the building and is easy to see. Please water the four raised beds, and the small row of flowers alongside the cold frame area.

    • Native Flower Bed: This area is in the front of the school where you walk in on the right side. The hose is under the ramp of the first portable cottage.

    • Greenhouse and Cold Frame: Were not watering the greenhouse or cold frame as they are done for the season.

      Make sure you put away the hose and any equipment when you finish. You do not have to water every day if the garden doesn’t need it. So far this summer, 3x's a week seems to be enough. When you water, water deep and use your own judgment. Also, Mr. Wuerth said, If you want to plant anything else in the garden feel free.

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Example of culture and volunteerism

    Parent created schedule
    Parent created schedule students (for one class):

    Parent involvement

    Strengths students (for one class):

    Many parents

    Considerable time

    Parent competencies



    Club leaders






    Distractions (talking)

    Privacy (between staff)

    Parent Involvement

    Parent volunteer data

    Daily 1-2 volunteers students (for one class):

    Weekly 7-12 volunteers

    Library 1-3 per week

    Math 1 per day

    Clubs 2-3 per week

    Special events 2-8 parents

    Total hours per year 2500+ hours

    Parent Volunteer Data

    Volunteers at our school
    Volunteers at our School students (for one class):

    Student discipline
    Student Discipline students (for one class):

    • Strengths

    • Few concerns

    • Peer support

    • TRACKS program

    • Responsible students

    • Parent support

    • Greater mobility

    • Challenges

    • Consistency between students

    • Consistency between teachers

    • Awarding TRACKS

    • TRACKS rewards??

    • Consequences (type)

    • Sequencing of rewards and consequences

    Current refocus sheet questions

    Answer the following questions in complete sentences, using most of the words in the question in your answer.

    What was the inappropriate choice that you made?

    Why was it not a good choice?

    What can you do differently in the future?

    What can Mrs. Esposito, Mr. Wuerth, Ms. Roberts, and Mrs. Powers do to help you make good choices and to help you succeed at School in the Woods

    “Current” Refocus Sheet Questions

    Standards based report cards
    Standards-Based Report Cards most of the words in the question in your answer.

    Let’s all know our learning targets.

    Our targets are important
    Our targets are important… most of the words in the question in your answer.

    Yet, seek paths less traveled as well.