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Presented by: Mary Margaret Salls, Albert Felts, and Christy Clemons. Bus Discipline PBIS. Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. Maintain and communicate high expectations for student success. Build positive relationships with students.

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Presentation Transcript
Bus discipline pbis

Presented by:

Mary Margaret Salls,

Albert Felts, and

Christy Clemons

Bus DisciplinePBIS

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

Maintain and communicate high expectations for student success

Build positive relationships with students

Create consistent, predictable classroom and school-wide routines

Teach students how to behave successfully

Provide consistent monitoring and supervision routines

Provide frequent positive feedback

1 why pbs and buses
1. Why PBS and Buses manner

  • Everyone in a School is an Educator

A good bus ride can
A Good Bus Ride Can… manner

  • Set the tone of the day

  • Be a child’s only positive experience

  • Be a time to prepare for school

  • Be a time to wind down from school

The disconnect between buses and schools
The Disconnect Between mannerBuses and Schools

Initial discussion
Initial Discussion manner

  • PBIS Training for Drivers is NOT a quick fix

  • This will not produce immediate results

  • Leadership and follow up is a necessary component

How can you implement pbs on your buses
How Can You Implement PBS mannerOn Your Buses

1. Establish a PBIS Team

2. Align with school and district PBIS efforts

3. Develop clear expectations for:

-Waiting for the Bus

-Entering the Bus

-Riding the Bus

-Exiting the Bus

4. Teach all expectations

5. Reward appropriate behaviors

6. Remember 5:1 positive to negative principle

7. Use data to monitor and adjust

Essential practices of positive behavior support
Essential Practices of mannerPositive Behavior Support






Use Information

Teaching expectations
Teaching manner Expectations

Voice signals for the bus
Voice Signals for the Bus manner

  • 0Be Silent

  • 1 Whisper

  • 2 Quiet Voice

  • 3 Normal Conversation

  • 4 Outside Voice

Why pbs increased valuable time
WHY PBS?? mannerIncreasedValuable Time

  • Reduction in Referrals:

    • Increased academic time for students

    • Increased time for administrators to focus on academic leadership

    • Decreased bus/classroom disruptions

    • Improvement in district-wide environment

    • Increased Time To Drive The Bus Without Distractions!

Coordinating with schools
Coordinating with Schools manner

  • Why is this important?

Coordination manner

  • What are the biggest barriers?

  • Who do you talk to?

  • When can you find time?

  • What is the best way to do this?

5 follow up
5. Follow Up manner

Collaboration with district leadership
Collaboration with District Leadership manner

  • Collaboration is essential in follow-up

  • Train + Hope = Ineffective strategy

  • PBS Leadership – Transportation Leadership – Building Leadership

Including drivers in all steps
Including drivers in all steps manner

  • Defining Expectations

  • Teaching Expectations

  • Monitoring Behaviors

  • Acknowledging Expected Behavior

  • Correcting Behavioral Errors

  • Using information for decision making

Questions manner

Thank you! manner