Changes to Materials Management
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Changes to Materials Management Beginning April 18, 2009 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Changes to Materials Management Beginning April 18, 2009. If you would like to practice as you go through the training, just click on the following link:

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Changes to Materials Management Beginning April 18, 2009

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Changes to Materials Management


April 18, 2009

If you would like to practice as you go through the training, just click on the following link:

Or you can copy and paste, or type, this website address into your web browser and click on the Go button

You should be able to use your current Materials Management user name and password to access the training environment. If you have trouble try using this test sign on:

Username: testnurse

Password: vandy123

Materials Management

Ordering Patient Chargeable Supplies & Equipment

Log in

Problems with your sign in? Please contact your HelpDesk via email [email protected] or call (34)3-HELP.

This is your memory LOGO!

You will see this throughout your training!


T = P Templates

R = P Requisitions

I = P Items

M = P Menu to Select Patient

S = P Submit Requisition


Select “REQ Name” by Unit

Req name must end with “CHRGS REQ”

More “Req Names” by Unit to choose from if you float.

Cost center is based on the REQ you pick!!!

Check REQUISITION for Cost Center

Check “Cost Center” box for the correct service center!

Check REQUISITION for “Deliver To”

Check “Deliver To” box for the correct unit!!

How to CHANGE the ”Deliver To” Location

“Deliver To” MUST match “Req Number” and END with CHRGS.

Requisition items can be


By the following:

“Item Number”

(Numerical by number of digits)



Sort by Item Number

1st way ...

Sort by Item Number

2nd way ...


Sort by Description

1st way …

Sort by Description

2nd way ...

Order Item Quantity



Assigning patient

Locate Patient & Assign

Verify the correct Patient assigned to Requisition



T = Open Templates

R = Pick Requisitions

I = Order Items

M = Menu to Select Patient

S = Submit Requisition

Next step is to SUBMIT



Submit Confirmation

Click “OK” to end session!

Return back to Home page

Exit Materials Mgmt

or Place Another Order

Click “Sign Out” to end session

Exit Materials Mgmt

or Place Another Order

Click Sign Out to end session!

Exit Materials Mgmt


Click Sign Out to end session!


  • Staff Who Float to Multiple Units should Change the “Deliver To” site from “Last worked unit” to the unit currently working on. Be sure CHRGS is listed at the end of unit selected. .

  • Can’t Open Materials Mgmt. call Help Desk (3-4357)

  • Can’t find patient; have you click on MENU then SEARCH FOR PATIENT: Is Patient in Medipac? NO - Call Admitting! If urgently needed, call Service Center.

  • Can’t find item: After sorting by item number or description; if still can’t find, call Service Center.

  • Get error Message: “Your security does not allow you to submit a Requisition without assigning a Patient”. Click OK, then click on MENU; click on SEARCH FOR PATIENT and find and select patient and submit the template.

  • System Down – How do you order supplies? During Downtime, call Service Center.

  • Commonly used items not on unit’s Requisition: Ask Manager to have the Service Center add to your template.

  • Assigned the wrong patient to a Requisition: Click on MENU; click on SEARCH FOR THE CORRECT PATIENT and assign to requisition.

    9 Improper log out will lose your order!!! Always use the SIGN OUT link and confirm SIGN OUT.

WebInservice Test Questions

  • Which ICON do you click on to order supplies:

    a. Horizon Supply Source icon

    b. Patient Supply Application icon

    c. Materials Mgt icon

  • What ID and password will you use to log into the new version of Materials Management?

    a. your ATM pin numberb. the same ID and password you use to log into Materials Management today

    c. you don’t have to have an ID or password in the new version

    3.What should you check on your REQUISITION before ordering supplies?

    a. Cost Center box

    b. Deliver To box

    c. All the above

    4.What alternatives are available when you cannot easily locate a needed item?

    a. Sort by Item number

    b. Sort by description

    c. call service center

    d. all of the above

  • What link at the top of the Requisition would you click in order to select your patient?

    a. quantity

    b. description

    c menu

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