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Referred by:Date: Name: Address:Phone:Mobile:Age and DOB:Sex: Male/FemaleHeight:Marital Status: Weight: Occupation: . ANNEXURE- 1 COPD QUESTIONNAIRE. History of presenting complaints in detail1. Cough Duration of the complaint: Attacks last for

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10. STANNUM MET Talking or reading aloud causes a weak feeling in the throat and chest. Scraping of the throat, with greenish expectoration of a disagreeable sweetish taste. Hoarseness, weakness, and emptiness in the chest on beginning to sing. Violent, shattering, deep cough. Much inclination to cough, before midnight, with scanty expectoration. Expectoration of globular, grayish lump of thick mucus. Sore pain in the whole of the chest.

11. CHINA Hoarseness, oppressed breathing cough < when head lies low. The chest is extremely sensitive, can not bear auscultation or percussion (like Calc). Cough < deep inspiration, talking, laughing, after eating, light touch at the larynx, least draught, lying with head low. Any complaint associated with great weakness.

12. CARBO-VEG Cough- dry, spasmodic, continuous, or, expectorates purulent matter as in TB. Cough excited by itching in the larynx or roughness or crawling in the throat.

13. STICTA Incessant, wearing racking cough in consumptives, dryness of nasal mucus membranes. Sticta pulmonaria is not only useful in acute colds where there is severe pain in the forehead and root of the nose before the discharge sets in, but in chronic form it is just as good. Nose stuffing. Constant desire to blow the nose. Throat feels like dried leather.

14. ARG-MET A virtual rejuvinator

15. ARG-MET A very deep-acting sycotic remedy of the cadre of Thuja, Med., or X-ray, to fight inveterate catarrhs, hypertrophies, new growths, degenerations, softening, phthisis. Troubles start with inflammation from suppression of catarrhs; aided by negative inheritance.

16. IPECACUNHA (Ipecac-root) Chief action- On pneumogastric nerve, producing spasmodic irritation in chest and stomach. Indicated in fat children and adults; who are feeble and catch cold in relaxing atmosphere. Constriction in chest. Cough incessant and violent, with every breath. Chest full of phlegm.

17. PULSATILLA (Wind Flower) The weather-cock. Mucus membrane affection. Discharges thick, bland, and yellowish-green. Thirstless, peevish, and chilly. Capricious hoarseness. Dry cough; must sit up in bed to get relief; and loose cough in the morning. Pressure upon chest with soreness.

18. CALCAREA CARBONICA- OSTREARUM Anti-psoric. A jaded state, mental or physical, due to overwork. Tickling, persistent, and irritating cough. Painless hoarseness. Bloody expectoration with sore sensation in the chest. Worse going upstairs or slightest ascent, must sit down. Chest very sensitive to touch, percussion, or pressure.

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