the transformation
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The Transformation

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The Transformation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Transformation. Minister Malcolm.

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the transformation

The Transformation

Minister Malcolm

the son
Malcolm found two main themes attractive: the idea of the white man as the devil and the "affirmation of black people\'s cultural history going back to the continent of Africa, before the European slave trade and the infamous \'peculiar institution\' in north America."The Son
the mother continent
"the utter rejection of white values and the embracing of black history and culture--lay at the heart of EM\'s teachings, and they became the center of M\'s philosophy.The Mother Continent
He educated himself slowly and painfully, copying words out of the dictionary. He read everything he could get his hands on.
minister malcolm
Malcolm was paroled in 1952 just as MLK was about to begin his second year of his PhD at BU. He left mass and went to Detroit where his brother hooked him up with a job at the furniture store.Minister Malcolm
the emotional impact
In a month\'s time after he arrived in Detroit he met Elijah Muhammad when temple no. 1 visited temple no. 2 in Chicago where the NOI was headquartered. The Emotional Impact
Malcolm spent a lot of time "fishing" or recruiting for the NOI. He was not satisfied with the progress he was making in trying to recruit his "poor, ignorant, brainwashed black brother."Fishing
certain realities
Malcolm’s experience in the ghetto lead him to believe that the masses of blacks could not be intergrationalists nor nonviolent.Certain Realities
could not trust
Although Malcolm had some good experiences (the Swerlins, Jewish male friend, Sophia, even Mr. Ostrowski (who meant well)) with whites his upbringing in the ghetto taught him that whites could not be trusted. Could Not Trust
the difference
Martin was darker skinned than Malcolm (this "meant that his immediate family history had suffered the violence of rape, as had the family of so many African Americans.The Difference
the hood
The north promised to be the promised land which was far from the reality. they expected to find freedom, living, working, socializing. What they found was that they were cramped . . The Hood
other saviors
There were other saviors--"Father Divine, Daddy Grace and Elder Micheaux." Malcolm X would become a savior for many through a life devoted to Elijah Muhammad.Other Saviors
he understood
Malcolm understood the rage and frustration of everyday blacks and could reach them as no others could.

Malcolm became a vital part of the NOI--he was an effective missionary for the nation. He established temples in Boston, and Philadelphia.

He Understood
It was the Hinton Johnson affair that garnered for Malcolm for the larger black community. Johnson was a Black male who was severely beaten by the police. X assembled the FOI in front of the police station.Action
Malcolm believed in telling the truth just like the prophets of the Bible. He needed to tell that truth about the Northern white liberals and referred to them as "shrewdly camouflaged racists."
Malcolm was very critical of civil rights leaders although at first, because of the position of the black Muslims, in the interest of unity he did not name anyone of them by name.
the debater
He was a master debater. He responded to white questions in different ways. He would bob and weave as if sizing up his opponent. The civil rights leaders avoided debating him in public because of his skill.The Debater
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