Formatted after the aware fish id program
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Formatted after the AWARE Fish ID Program PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fish Identification. Formatted after the AWARE Fish ID Program. Butterflyfish Family (Chaetondontidae). Fourspot Butterflyfish. Raccoon Butterflyfish. Longnose Butterflyfish. Multiband Butterflyfish. Ornate Butterflyfish. Surgeonfish / Tang Family (Acanthuridae). Goldring Surgeonfish.

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Formatted after the AWARE Fish ID Program

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Fish Identification

Formatted after the AWARE Fish ID Program

Butterflyfish Family(Chaetondontidae)

Fourspot Butterflyfish

Raccoon Butterflyfish

Longnose Butterflyfish

Multiband Butterflyfish

Ornate Butterflyfish

Surgeonfish / Tang Family(Acanthuridae)

Goldring Surgeonfish

Achilles Tang

Yellow Tang

Convict Tang“Manini”

Moorish Idol Family(Zanclidae)

Jack Family (Carangidae)Species: Bluefin Trevally

Sea Chub Family (Kyphosidae) Species: Grey/High fin/Low fin Chub

Snapper Family (Lutjanidae)Species: Yellowstripe Snapper

Emperor Family (Lethrinidae)Species: Bigeye Emperor

Damselfish Family (Pomacentridae)

Hawaiian Sergeant

Brighteye Damselfish

Grouper Family (Serranidae) Peacock Grouper

Parrotfish Family (Scaridae) Species: Bullethead Parrotfish

Wrasse Family(Labridae)

Saddle wrasse

Bird Wrasse

Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse

Soldierfish Family (Holocentridae) Species: Bigscale Soldierfish

Cardinalfish Family (Apogonidae)Species: Irridescent Cardinalfish

Flounder Family(Bothidae)Species: Flowery Flounder

Hawkfish Family(Cirrhitidae)Species: Arc-eye Hawkfish

Trumpetfish Family (Aulostomidae)Species: Trumpetfish

Trunkfish Family(Ostraciidae)Species: Spotted Boxfish

Pufferfish Family (Tetraodontidae)

Species: Whitespotted Toby

Spotted Pufferfish

Triggerfish / Durgeon Family( Balistidae)

Black Durgeon

Reef TriggerfishHumuhumu nukunuku apua`a

Goatfish Family(Mullidae)

Manybar Goatfish

Yellowstripe Goatfish

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