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Formatted after the aware fish id program
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Fish Identification. Formatted after the AWARE Fish ID Program. Butterflyfish Family (Chaetondontidae). Fourspot Butterflyfish. Raccoon Butterflyfish. Longnose Butterflyfish. Multiband Butterflyfish. Ornate Butterflyfish. Surgeonfish / Tang Family (Acanthuridae). Goldring Surgeonfish.

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Formatted after the AWARE Fish ID Program

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Presentation Transcript

Formatted after the aware fish id program

Fish Identification

Formatted after the AWARE Fish ID Program

Butterflyfish family chaetondontidae

Butterflyfish Family(Chaetondontidae)

Fourspot butterflyfish

Fourspot Butterflyfish

Raccoon butterflyfish

Raccoon Butterflyfish

Longnose butterflyfish

Longnose Butterflyfish

Multiband butterflyfish

Multiband Butterflyfish

Ornate butterflyfish

Ornate Butterflyfish

Surgeonfish tang family acanthuridae

Surgeonfish / Tang Family(Acanthuridae)

Goldring surgeonfish

Goldring Surgeonfish

Achilles tang

Achilles Tang

Yellow tang

Yellow Tang

Convict tang manini

Convict Tang“Manini”

Moorish idol family zanclidae

Moorish Idol Family(Zanclidae)

Jack family carangidae species bluefin trevally

Jack Family (Carangidae)Species: Bluefin Trevally

Sea chub family kyphosidae species grey high fin low fin chub

Sea Chub Family (Kyphosidae) Species: Grey/High fin/Low fin Chub

Snapper family lutjanidae species yellowstripe snapper

Snapper Family (Lutjanidae)Species: Yellowstripe Snapper

Emperor family lethrinidae species bigeye emperor

Emperor Family (Lethrinidae)Species: Bigeye Emperor

Damselfish family pomacentridae

Damselfish Family (Pomacentridae)

Hawaiian sergeant

Hawaiian Sergeant

Brighteye damselfish

Brighteye Damselfish

Grouper family serranidae peacock grouper

Grouper Family (Serranidae) Peacock Grouper

Parrotfish family scaridae species bullethead parrotfish

Parrotfish Family (Scaridae) Species: Bullethead Parrotfish

Wrasse family labridae

Wrasse Family(Labridae)

Saddle wrasse

Saddle wrasse

Bird wrasse

Bird Wrasse

Hawaiian cleaner wrasse

Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse

Soldierfish family holocentridae species bigscale soldierfish

Soldierfish Family (Holocentridae) Species: Bigscale Soldierfish

Cardinalfish family apogonidae species irridescent cardinalfish

Cardinalfish Family (Apogonidae)Species: Irridescent Cardinalfish

Flounder family bothidae species flowery flounder

Flounder Family(Bothidae)Species: Flowery Flounder

Hawkfish family cirrhitidae species arc eye hawkfish

Hawkfish Family(Cirrhitidae)Species: Arc-eye Hawkfish

Trumpetfish family aulostomidae species trumpetfish

Trumpetfish Family (Aulostomidae)Species: Trumpetfish

Trunkfish family ostraciidae species spotted boxfish

Trunkfish Family(Ostraciidae)Species: Spotted Boxfish

Pufferfish family tetraodontidae

Pufferfish Family (Tetraodontidae)

Species whitespotted toby

Species: Whitespotted Toby

Spotted pufferfish

Spotted Pufferfish

Triggerfish durgeon family balistidae

Triggerfish / Durgeon Family( Balistidae)

Black durgeon

Black Durgeon

Reef triggerfish humuhumu nukunuku apua a

Reef TriggerfishHumuhumu nukunuku apua`a

Goatfish family mullidae

Goatfish Family(Mullidae)

Manybar goatfish

Manybar Goatfish

Yellowstripe goatfish

Yellowstripe Goatfish

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