Pre ap vocabulary 16
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Pre-AP Vocabulary 16 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-AP Vocabulary 16. Be sure to write the word, meaning, and an example sentence in the vocabulary section of your spiral. . debut. Noun The first appearance of something

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Pre-AP Vocabulary 16

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Pre-AP Vocabulary 16

Be sure to write the word, meaning, and an example sentence in the vocabulary section of your spiral.



  • The first appearance of something

    When One Direction made their American debut, many girls went crazy with excitement over seeing the new British boy band for the first time.


  • Noun

  • One of the first ones to do something

  • That scientist was a pioneer in the field of dinosaur discovery because he was the first one to begin the research on that extinct species.


  • Verb

  • To perform publicly for the first time; to have the first public showing

  • When the new hit movie first premiered in theaters, it was sold out for weeks.


  • Noun

  • A person who donates to an organization

  • The school was grateful to the benefactors who donated their time and money for the auction on the last week of school.


  • Noun

  • A generous gift; a reward for the capture of an outlaw

  • After they won the lottery, they received their bounty all at once from the bank.

  • The bounty hunter captured the criminal, took him to the police, and then received his paycheck for the week.


  • Verb

  • To judge the value of something by approximation

  • We had to estimate how much paper to use for the Culture Fair when we couldn’t find rulers for exact measurements.


  • Verb

  • To thrive or prosper

  • When you have plenty to eat and all the school supplies you need, you are more likely to flourish in school.


  • Verb

  • To receive something from a parent or other family member (to pass down…)

  • I inherited my grandpa’s favorite watch when he passed away. I’m glad I get to help keep it in the family.


  • Adjective

  • Extravagant or luxurious

  • This is a very lavish hotel room! Look at all the fancy furniture in here!


  • Adjective

  • Profitable; able to earn lots of money

  • The little girl’s lemonade stand was surprisingly lucrative. She made over $200 in just one hot summer day!


  • Noun

  • An advantage

  • It is a privilege to get to eat lunch next to your friend because in some schools, they separate everyone.

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