The iliad book 9 analysis line 529 605
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The Iliad Book 9 Analysis Line 529 – 605 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Iliad Book 9 Analysis Line 529 – 605. Period 6 Dung Nguyen Eric Newberry Gabriel Duarte Kathryn Sumida-Ross. Paraphrase.

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The Iliad Book 9 Analysis Line 529 – 605

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The IliadBook 9 AnalysisLine 529 – 605

Period 6

Dung Nguyen

Eric Newberry

Gabriel Duarte

Kathryn Sumida-Ross


  • The Aitolians were defending Kalydon against the Kouretes. This war started because Oineus did not give Artemis her fair share of sacrifice. It was a bloody war. Artemis also sent a wild boar that could rip up Oineus’s orchards.

  • Meleagros, Oineus’s son, killed the boar, and as long as he was in battle, the Kouretes could not take the city. He accidently killed his mother’s brother so she prayed for his death, resulting Meleagros anger and refusal to fight. His father, family, and friends begged him to go back to battle but he was unwilling.

  • It was not until the Kouretes set fire to the city that Kleopatra convinced Meleagros to drive them back, but didn’t ever get his gifts he could have because he didn’t accept them when they were offered.

Context and Purpose

  • Phoinix is speaking to Achilleus. He is on a mission with Odysseus and Aias to persuade Achilleus to accept Agamemnon’s apology gifts and get back to battle.

  • This passage was after Achilleus’s speech about how he will not accept any gifts. How he wish to go home and enjoy a long life, instead of staying to fight and die.

  • Phoinix responded for Achilleus to get over his anger. He gave examples of great men in the past who were anger, but let themselves be persuaded.

  • After this passage, Achilleus told Phoinix not to take Agamemnon’s side and make him mad. Aias and Odysseus brought Achilleus’s answer back to the Achaians.

Undefined Words

  • Steadfast: firm and dependable especially in loyalty (line 529)

  • Sweet-stepping: a term to describe women, similar to fair-haired or deep-girdled (line 557)

  • Mulling: to go over extensively in the mind; ponder (line 565)

Similes and Metaphors

  • Line 553- “such anger as wells in the hearts of others”

  • Line 603- “The Achaians will honor you as they would an immortal.” Phoinix is telling Achilleus how much time he will get if he agree to forgive.

Repeated Words

  • Evil: emphasizing that nothing good comes of not fighting for your side.

  • Entreated: telling Achilleus that they respect him.

  • Gifts: tempting Achilleus with the mention of gifts, and making sure he understands that they are trying to make up for the stealing of Briseis.

Attributes of Objects

  • Lovely Kalydon (line 531)

  • Wrath of his heart (line 555). This describe how furious Meleagros was with his mother.

  • Gracious Gifts (599). Meleagros miss his chance of accepting glorious gifts.

Greek Values

  • Oikos: Meleagros felt loyalty to his city and family at the end of the story and agreed to fight. There was also a family affair.

    “ And the heart, as he listened to all these evil, was stirred within him”

  • Arete: Meleagros’sarete was showned when he fought in battle with the Kouretes.

    “as Meleagros lover of battle stayed in the fighting

    It went the worse for the Kouretes”

  • Time: when the elders offered Meleagros’s gifts and time.

    “ and the Aitolian elders supplicated him…they offered him great gifts”

  • Agathos: Meleagros was prince of Kalydon. His father, Oineus, was king of the city.

    “ Son of Oineus, Meleagros”

  • Kleos: Meleagros is remembered by Phoinix.

    “ Thus it was in the old days also, the deeds that we hear of

    from the great men”

Persuasive Techniques: Logos

Phoinix appealed by logos to Achilleus by telling

a historical analogies, a story that paralleled with

the current situation:

  • The Kalydon was in a war with the Kouretes, as the Achaians with Trojan, except that Kalydon was the one defending their city.

  • Meleagros was an important figure in the war just like Achilleus.

  • Meleagros was angry with his mother for calling down curses on him, therefore dishonoring him, and refused to fight for the Kalydon any longer. This situation is similar to Achilleus‘s anger.

  • Friends and chiefs offered Meleagros splendid gifts to get back to the war but he refused. Odysseus and others also proposed many gifts from Agamemnon but Achilleus also denied it.

It was not until the Kouretes has stormed the city, that Meleagros listened to his wife and fought back, this time without any gifts.

Phoinix point was to persuade Achilleus to accept the gifts and honor now, rather than to give the same effort to fight later without gifts as grand as these.

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