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Oglethorpe Update. Vogtle 3 & 4 Update. Construction Activities. Unit 3 Nuclear Island (NI) Basemat rebar began February 13 A portion of the rebar work was suspended in April to resolve certain differences between construction drawings and the approved design (DCD)

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Vogtle 3 4 update

Vogtle 3 & 4 Update

Construction activities
Construction Activities

  • Unit 3 Nuclear Island (NI) Basemat rebar began February 13

    • A portion of the rebar work was suspended in April to resolve certain differences between construction drawings and the approved design (DCD)

    • Currently working through corrective action options

  • Work is proceeding with Unit 3 NI Basemat embedded piping and supports

  • Unit 3 Turbine Building foundations in progress

  • Work continues on

    • Unit 3 Containment Vessel Bottom Head (CVBH) and 1st ring

    • Unit 4 CVBH

    • Various sub-modules

    • Assembly of Heavy Lift Derrick

    • Unit 3 & 4 cooling tower foundations

    • River water intake structure

Other site activities
Other Site Activities

  • Major equipment deliveries

    • Unit 3 condenser components

    • Unit 3 feedwater heaters

    • Unit 3 and 4 Containment Vessel plates

  • Operations Readiness

    • Operator Training program granted initial certification by INPO in March

      • Enables reactor operator candidates to apply for NRC licenses

    • As planned, a total of 93 Licensed Operator candidates currently in training program

Site construction
Site Construction

Embedded Items Installation for Unit 3 Nuclear Island Basemat

Site construction1
Site Construction

Unit 3 Turbine Building Foundation Concrete Pour

Site construction2
Site Construction

Heavy Lift Derrick

Sub module assembly in mab
Sub-Module Assembly in MAB

Upenderwith CA20-01 at full height

Upenderlifting CA20-01

CA20-02 on upender ready to be lifted in place

CA20-01 set in place

Site construction3
Site Construction

Unit 3 & 4 Containment Vessel Work

Site construction4
Site Construction

Cooling Tower Foundations

Site construction5
Site Construction

River Water Intake Construction

Murray energy facility update

Murray Energy Facility Update

Murray update
Murray Update

Murray 1 SSD Project

  • GPC PPA on M1 ended on May 31st

  • Targeting July 1 for transition to GSOC Balancing Authority and Single System Dispatch (SSD) integration

  • OPC Board approved transition on May 14th

    Murray O&M Transition

  • DEGS Agreement terminated on May 31st

  • 28 DEGS associates transferred to Oglethorpe Power Corporation

Murray 1 and 2 ytd
Murray 1 and 2 YTD

  • 2012 Murray 1 Seasonal Availability Percentage for GPC PPA

    • Current Winter Period (10/1/11 – 5/31/12)

      • 99.06% through 4/30/2012

  • Murray 2 Energy Margins:

    • Year to Date (1/1/12 – 4/30/12): $1.36 million

Member revenue summary
Member Revenue Summary

Financial Results

YTD Through March 2012

Capacity Factors

Plant scherer recent media attention
Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention

Plant Scherer ash pond worries neighbors as Georgia Power buys, levels homes

By S. HEATHER DUNCAN — [email protected] (The Telegraph)

Posted: 9:32pm on Apr 14, 2012; Modified: 6:36am on April 15, 2012   

Plant Scherer Under Review

By Jeanne Bonner (Georgia Public Broadcasting News)

  • Mon., April 9, 2012 5:10pm (EDT) ATLANTA —

Regulation of coal ash ponds like Plant Scherer’s is minimal

By S. HEATHER DUNCAN — [email protected] (The Telegraph)

Posted: 9:47pm on Apr 15, 2012; Modified: 6:34am on April 16, 2012   

  • A power plant, cancer and a small town's fears

  • By John Sepulvado, CNN Radio

  • updated 9:12 AM, Sun April 1, 2012

  • Posted on CNN.com

CNN story hot air? State, Ga. Power react

BY WILL DAVIS (Monroe County Reporter)

Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 8:06 PM CDT

Plant scherer recent media attention1
Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention

  • Background

    • February 17, 2012 (Friday): John Sepulvado, CNN interviewed a GPC media relations representative

    • Updated Article was posted to CNN.com on 4/1/2012

  • CNN Article: A Power Plant, Cancer and a Small Town's Fears

    • Residents near Plant Scherer reporting a host of illnesses including cancer

    • Belief among a number of the residents that Plant Scherer is the cause

    • Uranium is implicated as a potential culprit

  • Other stakeholders to the table

    • The Sierra Club, The Environmental Integrity Project


Plant scherer recent media attention2
Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention

  • Implications from the news articles

    • There is a exceptionally high incidence of cancers and other illnesses in the area surrounding Plant Scherer.

      • There is no credible evidence supporting this assertion.

      • The Ga. Department of Public Health has initiated a scoping study to determine if additional investigation is necessary.

  • GPC is initiating the purchase of properties, demolishing the buildings, and sealing wells because it has something to hide.

    • GPC has stated it only makes offers on a case by case basis to individuals that have already put their properties up for sale.

    • Nearby properties are purchased as additional buffer and to provide space for expansion.

    • Structures on purchased properties with no potential use are demolished to avoid liability.

    • There is a Georgia regulatory requirement stating that abandoned or intended to be abandoned wells be sealed.

Plant scherer recent media attention3
Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention

  • Implications from the news articles (cont.)

    • The Plant Scherer coal ash pond is the source of potential well water contamination

      • No previous tests have indicated a contamination problem.

      • Testing performed in April 2012 of four (4) Plant Scherer drinking water wells indicate no constituents which exceed EPA safe drinking water limits.

  • Some residents have reported high levels of uranium in their drinking water wells

    • The April 2012 test also included a test for uranium no onsite samples showed a detectable indication.

    • According to a news article, the Sierra Club helped arrange tests by the UGA School of Ecology on a dozen residential well samples near Plant Scherer and the preliminary results show few problems in the groundwater.

Plant scherer recent media attention4
Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention

  • Implications from the news articles (cont.)

    • Dust from the Plant Scherer coal ash pond is making the nearby residents sick

      • There is no credible evidence supporting this to be the situation at Plant Scherer

Plant scherer recent media attention5
Plant Scherer: Recent Media Attention

  • What others are saying…

    • United States Environmental Protection Agency

      • Quoted as saying, “…they believed the contamination (uranium) to come from underneath a layer of granite 70 miles away near Atlanta.”

    • Georgia Environmental Protection Division (Jim Harden)

      • Quoted as saying, “…speculation is premature.” and “it (uranium) has always been determined to be naturally occurring in the earth.”

    • United States Geological Survey

      • USGS has researched the elements in coal ash and fly ash and has determined they do not register at levels that affect human health.

    • University of Georgia

      • UGA has previously documented naturally occurring uranium in drinking water wells in some parts of Monroe county, originating from granite bedrock