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How To Test For Asbestos AtHome And
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How to test for asbestos at home and workplaceFor more information visit

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How To Test For Asbestos At Home And Workplace

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How to test for asbestos at home and workplace

How To Test For Asbestos AtHome And


Whn planning t test fr asbestos n ur home, t important t find n unbiased accredited

laboratory wth nugh extensive experience n dng analysis f samples nt b homeowners fr

asbestos testing. Th wll ensure tht u gt th results u nd accurately bfr carrying ut ur

home renovation r remodeling plans.

Asbestos testing n homes must, ll fr houses tht wr built bfr 1985, n t w nl

ftr th year tht materials ntnng asbestos wr properly labeled such. Asbestos knwn

carcinogen nd prolonged exposure t t h long bn td t th development f lung diseases

including cancer nd asbestosis.

It important t hire professionals t d th home asbestos test fr you. Analysis f materials fr

asbestos content dn n qualified laboratory. Th mt tht homeowner n d t collect

sample f suspected asbestos ntnng material nd send t t asbestos testing professionals. It n

essential aspect f th testing process t call professional prior t tkng samples tht u n b

advised n hw t d t properly.

Asbestos h bn ud extensively n building materials bfr th wr proven t u m

detrimental health problems n humans nd pets alike. Th home, however, nt th nl place n

whh asbestos contamination n happen. Commercial spaces built rund th time f wide asbestos

usage m l pose threat. Asbestos n texture ceiling wll n floor tiles r nt uncommon fr

th establishments, nd uh huld l b considered fr testing f you're r planning n

remodeling r dng n thr types f repair t it.

An area tht suspected f asbestos content huld b isolated fr preferably tw days bfr

sample n b taken. If test fr asbestos turns ut t b positive, removing th contaminated material

nt lw necessary. In fact, dng th m increase th risk f asbestos fibers bmng airborne.

How to test for asbestos at home and workplace

Repairing th contamination t k t n place uull th bt option. Repairs n nl b dn b

professionals highly trained n th safe handling f asbestos. Th n b dn n thr f tw ways:

Encapsulation. Th method f repair l knwn 'sealing' nd dn b applying sealant n th

material t bind r coat th asbestos fibers n t nd k thm frm bng released. Th th method

f repair dn n furnaces, pipes nd boiler insulators.

Enclosure. Th method f repair l called 'covering'. Th dn b putting nthr material vr

th n tht ntn asbestos t prevent fibers frm bmng airborne. Protective wrapping r jacket

m b used.

Choosing t gt asbestos ntnng material repaired cheaper nd safer thn gttng thm removed.

S f test fr asbestos fr thr th home r th workplace warrants treatment f n asbestos

problem, ndr gttng thm repaired first. D nt gt asbestos ntnng materials removed unl

absolutely necessary.

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