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INTEGRATED DEEPWATER SYSTEM (IDS). Navy-Industry International Dialogue 19 November 2004. RADM Patrick M. Stillman Program Executive Officer. Agenda. Maritime Challenges Deepwater System of Systems Maritime Domain Awareness International Engagement Deepwater Program Status The Way Ahead

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Navy-Industry International Dialogue

19 November 2004

RADM Patrick M. Stillman

Program Executive Officer


  • Maritime Challenges

  • Deepwater System of Systems

  • Maritime Domain Awareness

  • International Engagement

  • Deepwater Program Status

  • The Way Ahead

  • “The Need is Real and The Time is Now”

NIID_RADM Stillman_19 Nov 04

Maritime Food Supply (Fish)

Environmental Degradation


Search & Rescue


Maritime Security

Regional Crisis &Conflict

Crime & Violence

Safe Ports & Waterways

Sanctions Violations

Arms Trafficking

Smuggling (Aliens & Drugs)

Mass Migration

Maritime Challenges Have Changed

Asymmetric warfare waged by rogue states or international terrorists, drug trafficking and illegal migration, and degradation of the marine environment—will likely intensify in tomorrow’s increasingly interconnected world.









Maritime Security Strategic Imperatives

SHAPE the Global Maritime Setting

KNOW Maritime Conditions, Anomalies, and Threats

LEAD Maritime Security Operations

POSITION USCG to Execute Maritime Security

System Solution – Network Centric

Maritime Domain AwarenessThe Deepwater C4ISR Contribution

Maritime Domain Awareness is the effective understanding of anythingassociated with the global maritime environment that couldimpact the security, safety, economy, or environment of the United States.

The Deepwater C4ISR system is a network-centric system designed to ensure seamless interoperability

  • Shared tracks and real-time data streams.

  • On-line intelligence.

  • Robust and seamless connectivity and continuous coordination.

  • Stand-alone capability.

  • Supplemented by active and passive sensors.

  • Expanded area of surveillance and detection areas.

  • Improved communications with all federal, state and local agencies and merchant shipping.

Operational effectiveness enhanced by common maritime operational picture

Why a Deepwater Derivative?

  • Substantially Lower Cost Per Ship/Aircraft

    • Design Savings

    • Low ProductionStart-Up Cost

    • Extremely Low Technical, Financial, Schedule Risks

  • State of the Art System of Systems will Meet Defense Force Requirements

  • Stability and Capacity for Future Growth – Continual Modernization

    • Mission Space Available To Enhance Current Capabilities

    • Modular Mission Packages Support Capability Growth

  • Common Spares with large U.S. and International Ship/Aircraft Class

  • Interoperability Across all Branches of Armed Forces and with U.S. Navy

Why International Participation?

  • More than 50 foreign countries have navies performing similar deepwater missions as the Coast Guard

    • Common maritime security requirements

    • Deepwater platforms ideally suited for foreign navies

  • The Deepwater solution will provide an affordable means for allies to become and remain interoperable with the United States for joint operations

    • Well suited for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) possibilities

    • Reduced acquisition costs through economies of scale

    • Reduced total ownership costs

International Opportunities

  • Opportunities for International Content

    • Sensor Suites

    • Weapon Systems

    • Air Platforms

    • HM&E Systems

  • Opportunities to Buy into a Major Defense Production Line

    • Design and Non-Recurring Cost Savings

    • Low Technical, Financial, Schedule Risks

    • Manufacturer Learning Curve Unit Cost Savings

  • Opportunities to Improve Capability and Interoperability

    • State of the Art Integrated System of Systems

    • Capacity for Future Growth – Continual Modernization

    • Robust Logistical Support

Deepwater International Suppliers



CASA-EADSMaritime Patrol Aircraft

Bofors DefenceMain Battery Gun

Rolls RoyceBow Thrusters

Caley Ocean SystemBoat Davits

Deepwater International Suppliers


Autonav Marine SystemsSteering Gear

KB ElectronicsUninterruptible Power Supplies


SecuriplexPropeller, Bow Thruster

Atlas IncineratorsIncinerators

Zodiac RHIB


WestfaliaLube Oil & Fuel Oil Purifier

MTU Friedrichshafen GMBHEngines

RENKMain Reduction Gears


Fiscal Year 2003

1). Brunei - P&A for Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)

2). Sweden - P&A for Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)

Fiscal Year 2004

1). Sri Lanka - LOA for Bofors 57mm Mk 1 Gun

- P&A for Bofors 57mm Mk 3 Gun

- P&A for Eagle Eye (VUAV)

2). Bahrain - LOA for OPS Analysis and Simulation

3). India - LOR for Eagle Eye (VUAV)

4). Australia - LOR for Eagle Eye (VUAV)

5). Israel - LOR for Common HM&E Design (WMSM)

Foreign Military Sales Activity

International Collaborative Officers

Collaborative engagement underway in the development, testing, and evaluation of the IDS HV-911 Eagle Eye VUAV System.

  • Canada: MOU - Signed 13 October 2004

  • Germany: MOU - Signed 22 October 2004

  • Australia: MOU – (Early December 2004 Signature Expected)

  • United Kingdom: MOU - (Late January 2005 Signature Expected)

  • France: MOU - (In negotiation)

Deepwater Program Status

  • Operationally and technologically superior platforms will improve operational effectiveness

  • Strong support from the Executive Branch and Congress

  • Steady progress in all IDS domains

    • Maritime Security Cutter-Large (WMSL) Construction Started, Delivery 2007

    • Maritime Security Cutter-Medium (WMSM) Preliminary Design Started

    • Maritime Security-Patrol (WPC) Preliminary Design Started

    • Four 123-foot Patrol Craft Conversions Delivered, 8 Under Contract

    • First Short Range Prosecutor Delivered

    • CASA 235-300 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Delivering, 2 Under Contract

    • First HH-65 Helicopter Upgrade Completed, Second in work

    • Eagle Eye VUAV Preliminary Design Completed

The Way Ahead

  • Ruthless Execution of the Program

  • Continue Making the Deepwater Vision a Reality

  • Maintain and Refine Public, Private, and International Partnerships

  • Continue Serving the Public and Safeguarding the Homeland of the United States of America

  • “Semper Paratus – Always Ready”

NIID_RADM Stillman_19 Nov 04

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