Agerock business modeling focusing on performance improvement
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AgeRock Business Modeling – Focusing On Performance Improvement. Practical Business Solutions . Process Improvement Agenda. The Context of Process Analysis and Improvement (1) Process Description Process (2) Process Diagrams (3) Process Goals (Link to Strategy)

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AgeRock Business Modeling – Focusing On Performance Improvement

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AgeRock Business Modeling – Focusing On Performance Improvement

Practical Business Solutions

Process Improvement Agenda

  • The Context of Process Analysis and Improvement

  • (1) Process Description Process

  • (2) Process Diagrams

  • (3) Process Goals (Link to Strategy)

  • (4) Process Roles (Link to Organogram)

  • (5) Process Deliverables

  • (6) Deliverable format/Layout

  • (7) Process Integration

  • (8) Process Implementation

  • (9) Process Execution, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • (10) Performance Evaluation

The Context of Process Analysis and Improvement

(1) Process Descriptions

  • Establish a Business Process Owner Structure (BPO)

  • Establish a Business Architecture Team (BAT)

  • Define the objectives of the BAT as a Team and its relationship to others

  • Agree on the Process to execute the process

  • Provide process descriptions in process templates

(2) Process Diagrams

  • Business units submit process description via their BPO

  • BAT Draw Process strategy-oriented diagram

  • BAT Draw Process flow diagram

  • BAT optionally draw Process abstraction diagram

  • BAT optionally draw Process information-oriented diagram

  • BAT optionally draw process automation-oriented diagram

(3) Process Goals – Link to Strategy

  • BAT Extract business goals from Corporate Strategy

  • BAT Draw goal model (hierarchy) diagram to establish alignment between high-level goals and process goals.

  • BAT and BPO Identify potential challenges hindering achievement of each goal

  • BAT and BPOs Ensure common understanding between business units of goal model

(4) Process Roles – Link to Organogram

  • A role defines the behaviour and responsibilities of an individual, or a set of individuals working together as a team, within the context of a business process

  • A role is responsible for performing a process

  • BAT ensures that roles participating in performing process activities should be traceable to the Organogram

  • The role will participate in one or more business processes and may report or more than one manager or superior

  • This shows the dynamic structure of Organisation

(5) Process Deliverables

  • BAT ensures that when a role performs an activity the result is a deliverable or output

  • BAT ensures that to perform the activity the role may need an input – deliverable from some process.

  • BAT ensures that processes send and receive deliverables from each other using process events

  • When one process send a deliverable this is called a send event

  • When one process receives a deliverable this is called a receive event

  • A deliverable is the basis of process integration

(6) Deliverable Formats/Layouts

  • BPO ensures that process inputs and outputs should have a layout called document format.

  • Document format does not necessary refer to well designed template. It refers to the contents of the input or output in terms of the information items

  • Where a template is required the layout is not very useful being blank, so guidelines on how to populate the contents are required.

  • This should be done by the business subject matter expert,

  • BAT ensures that document formats are submitted

(7) Process Integration

  • BAT establishes inter-dependencies between processes by analysing a combination of deliverable: integration spreadsheet, processes, send and receive process events

  • BAT Draws up an integration process diagram for a set of identified sub-processes

  • BAT follow-up with BPO (business units/branches) on integration issues arising

  • BAT update and provides integration results.

(8) Process Implementation

  • Involves getting the human, informational and technological (including ICT) resources ready so that the process can be executed

  • Human resources – knowledge, skill and competency; Informational resources – process deliverable formats; Technological resources – IT applications (software and hardware)

  • Reviewing integrated processes and identifying processes for implementation using the change management process

  • Prioritising process roll-out based on integration view ( automation means are also possible)

  • BAT and BPOs collaborate during process implementation

(9) Process Execution Monitoring & Evaluation

  • BPO ensures performance of the business process(es)

  • BPO ensures feedback is provided regarding the process, if automated this feedback could available in real-time , that is, as the process is being performed

  • Management performs evaluation of processes and recommends changes to fine tune the performance of the processes.

  • BAT in collaboration with BPOs effects changes by starting the cycle from process descriptions. However, the duration of the cycle grows shorter with efficiency improvements in processes.

(10) Performance Improvement – Evaluating Performance and implementing Intervention Strategies

Evaluation is around process Value Chain

Questions, Contacts & Sources

  • Kindly refer questions to the Business Architecture Team (BAT)

  • AgeRock Practical Business Solutions

  • Tel 011 745 1508 or

  • Email:

  • Our foundational sources: RUP, EUP, TOGAF, UML, SIX SIGMA, etc.

Thank you!!

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