Early english settlements pg 70 73
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Early English Settlements (pg. 70-73) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early English Settlements (pg. 70-73). ENGLAND IN AMERICA England Spain. Spain & England were at war until 1604 because of different religious beliefs.

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Early English Settlements (pg. 70-73)

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Early english settlements pg 70 73

Early English Settlements (pg. 70-73)

Early english settlements pg 70 73




Spain & England were at war until 1604 because of different religious beliefs.

Defeat of the Spanish Armada opened up sea travel for England and other nations, allowing them to start colonies in North America.

Early english settlements pg 70 73


Present day

North Carolina

Sir Walter Raleigh claimed Roanoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina, for Queen Elizabeth

1587 –settlers went to Roanoke

John White – leader

White sailed back to England for supplies

Took three years to return to the settlement because of war with Spain

Roanoke Island was deserted and the colonists were never found.

Early english settlements pg 70 73



1606- merchants sought charters (document giving the right to settle) to colonize Virginia

1607- The Virginia Company sailed up the James River, named after King James I, and established Jamestown.

Built on a peninsula so it could be easily defended.

Many colonists died from hard labor, disease, hunger, and conflict with the natives.

Captain John Smith led the colonists in Jamestown.

Early english settlements pg 70 73



Chief Powhatan

Powhatans turned John Smith back during expeditions for gold, & even captured him.

Smith would have died if Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan’s daughter, had not intervened.

The Jamestown settlement had many conflicts with Natives in the area, resulting in deaths of settlers.

Relations with the Native Americans improved after John Rolfe married Pocahantas.

Native Americans taught settlers to grow native crops such as corn, beans, and squash.

Early english settlements pg 70 73


Tobacco field

John Rolfe learned to grow tobacco

Colony of Virginia began to prosper because of the sale of crops

Settlers who paid their own way were granted acres of land; because of this, thousands of people moved to Virginia.

Early english settlements pg 70 73


Virginia House of Burgesses

Towns in each colony sent burgesses (representatives) to an assembly to establish laws

July 30, 1619, the House of Burgesses met for the first time

1624- King James made Jamestown the royal colony for England

Summary task

Summary Task

Find cause and effect relationships about how the early English Settlements were established in America:

Cause Effect

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