Wpi s global perspective program not your typical study abroad
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WPI’s Global Perspective Program: Not your typical study abroad PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WPI’s Global Perspective Program: Not your typical study abroad. Natalie A. Mello Director of Global Operations, Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division. Educational Objectives. Open-ended, integrative problem solving Multidisciplinary teamwork Independent learning

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WPI’s Global Perspective Program: Not your typical study abroad

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WPI’s Global Perspective Program:Not your typical study abroad

Natalie A. Mello

Director of Global Operations,

Interdisciplinary and

Global Studies


Educational Objectives

Open-ended, integrative problem solving

Multidisciplinary teamwork

Independent learning

Written & verbal communication

Professional and personal growth

Making connections:

society and technology

classroom and real world

work, cultures and communities


One way to prepare students for the world is to put them in the world.

Students & faculty live on site for 2 months while solving open ended problems that benefit the local community.

Edmonton, Canada…

Hong Kong…Ifrane, Morocco…

Limerick, Ireland…

London, United Kingdom…

Melbourne, Australia

Bangkok, Thailand…Budapest, Hungary…Cape Town, South Africa…Copenhagen, Denmark…Daegu, Korea

Nancy, France…San José, Costa Rica…San Juan, Puerto Rico…Shanghai, PRC…Venice, Italy…

Windhoek, Namibia…Wuhan, PRC

Opportunities to fulfill degree required projects throughout the world.

Growth of the Global Perspective Program

Over 6800 students off-campus since 1974

Class of 2008 – 70% of graduates had an off-campus experience

–52% of graduates had an international experience

So how does WPI manage to do this?

WPI offers opportunities to fulfill degree requirements elsewhere in the world

Unique curriculum and term system

Established & Competitive Recruiting Cycles

Established Risk Management

Commitment to Student Centered Experience

At WPI, all students have to complete three projects:

  • The Project in theHumanities and Arts

  • TheInterdisciplinaryProject – not related to your major (IQP)

  • The Discipline Specific,TechnicalProject – definitely related to your Major (MQP)

Students have completed projects in the Humanities and Arts in

United Kingdom

  • History, Drama, Music or Literature


  • Spanish Language, Culture or Literature


  • German Language, Culture or Literature


  • Islamic Studies




Cape Town


Hong Kong

London (2)

Established sites to complete the Interdisciplinary Project

Melbourne (2)

San José

San Juan


Worcester (3)



Klong Tuey, Bangkok

Done in teams

Independent from the student’s major

Equivalent in credit to 3 courses

Sponsored by an outside agency

Open ended and real

What is an Interdisciplinary Project?

Venice, Italy

In Namibia WPI students worked with a local community to design better insulation for shanty towns to increase the local standard of living.

A WPI student team introduced solar power to an indigenous population in Thailand where there had never been electricity before.

In DC students worked with the CPSC to study the dangers of multipurpose infant devices.

Examples of Interdisciplinary Projects

Windhoek, Namibia

Limerick, Ireland

Lincoln Labs, Lexington, MA

Edmonton, Canada

Budapest, Hungary

Wuhan, PRC

Daegu, S. Korea

Nancy, France

Wall Street, NY

Silicon Valley, CA

Gallo Wineries in Modesto, CA

Students can complete their technical projects (MQP) at these sites

(major dependent: not all sites open to every major)

What is the MQP?

The Major Qualifying Project

  • Senior thesis or design project

  • Equivalent in credit to 3 courses

  • Done in small teams under faculty guidance

  • Analysis, design, synthesis, realization

  • Equivalent to a first professional experience

Examples of Off-Campus MQPs

  • Remote surveillance system over GSM network (Internet Control Systems, Limerick)

  • Improving Risk Reporting (Lehman Brothers, Wall St.)

  • Implementing Peer-to-Peer Web Services using Skype (eBay, Silicon Valley)

  • Alginate Polymers for Drug Delivery (ENSIC, Nancy, France)

Can projects happen elsewhere?

Individually Sponsored Residential ProjectsWork with a faculty advisor to complete the process

Sydney, Australia

Rome, Italy

St. Croix, USVI

Greenwich, UK

Istanbul, Turkey

Taipei, Taiwan

Buenos Aires, Argentina

NSF Station, Antarctica

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Turks & Caicos

Gothenberg, Sweden

Tortolla, BVI

Typical WPI Student’s Academic Year

1 semester = 2 terms

1 term = 7 weeks

6 courses / semester

3 courses / term

B Term

C Term

D Term

A Term

Intro Art History

Intro Statics


Project in Bangkok

Differ. Equations

Principles of EE

Calc IV

Fluid Mechanics

Gen. Physics

Soc.Sci. Methods


Project = 3 courses

WPI is a leader in health & safety in education abroad

Aggressive Risk Management

  • Philosophical Approach

    Identify, Analyze, Manage Risks

  • Practical Approach

    Tailored Program for each Off-Campus Site

  • Goal

    To Protect the Students, Advisors, the Program and WPI

WPI Global Perspective Program

  • “Project Centers” located around the globe

  • Not an exchange or internship or coursework

  • Students and faculty advisors live and work on-site for two months

  • Real-world projects for local agencies solving real needs

  • 70% of projects done at Project Centers

Bangkok, Thailand

Venice, Italy

WPI…All Around the World,

Preparing Students for Life!


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