Module 2  Unit 1
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杨梅寄宿学校 吴春燕 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Module 2 Unit 1. How many do you want?. 杨梅寄宿学校 吴春燕. Where are Ms Smart and Lingling? They are at the supermarket. What do they need( 需要) ?. They need food for their picnic. What do they want to buy?. Shopping list ). bananas. cheese. noodles. Name list (名单). 李栩、张岩、王铮、陈凯旋、

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Module 2 Unit 1

How many do you want?

杨梅寄宿学校 吴春燕

Where are Ms Smart and Lingling?

They are at the supermarket.

What do they need(需要)?

They need food for their picnic

Shopping list




Name list








Book list







How many bananas do they want?

Six ,please



How much cheese do they want?

Half a kilo.

How many noodles do they want?

One kilo,please.

How many pears/ apples /eggs…?

How much milk /meat /rice…?

  • A. how many B. how much

  • 1.________apples do they want? Two.

  • 2._____ pears do you want? ---Half a kilo.

  • 3.______ eggs does she want? Two boxes.

  • 4.______ water do you want?--Two bottles.

  • 5.______ meat do you want?---Half a kilo.

How many

How many

How many

How much

How much

How many…do you want?

How much …do you want?

Do you like …?

Yes,I do./ No, I don’t.

Ms Smart wants Lingling likes

six apples bananas

six bananas cheese

half a kilo of cheese noodles

a kilo of cheese

one kilo of noodles

two kilos of noodles

Make a new dialogue
Make a new dialogue

A:How many…do you want?

B:One kilo,please.

A:Five yuan, please.

B:Here you are.

A:Thank you.Here are your oranges.


You are going to have a picnic with your friends. What are you going to take? Now make a survey and then make a shopping list.



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