decision accelerator report out january 31 2007
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Decision Accelerator Report Out January 31, 2007

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Decision Accelerator Report Out January 31, 2007. Current Situation. OHCP Circle of Progress. The Epidemic. It is a growing epidemic

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decision accelerator report out january 31 2007
Decision Accelerator Report Out

January 31, 2007

the epidemic
The Epidemic

It is a growing epidemic

  • 1 in 6 youth was identified as overweight, while 1 in 3 was identified as either overweight or at risk for becoming overweight

Significant differences exist across socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity

  • Those communities with the highest poverty rates and the least education are most at risk
  • Native American, African American, and Mexican American youth are at the greatest risk
  • Access to affordable healthy food and safety of neighborhoods have an impact

Being overweight or obese can have serious health implications

  • Significant factor in the dramatic increase of Type II diabetes
  • Hypertension is nine times more likely to occur
  • Orthopedic complications can arise
  • May result in negative psychosocial effects
  • Related to higher rates of morbidity and mortality later in life

Obesity-related annual costs have increased dramatically

  • Annual hospital costs tripled over a twenty year period for youth
  • Total expenses related to adult obesity/overweight is estimated to be between $98 and $129 billion

Decision Accelerator (“DA”) held on December 7th and 8th, 2006

  • 75 people from the community attended
    • Represented a variety of stakeholder groups
  • Vision was developed
  • Horizon map with one-, three-, and five-year horizons was generated
  • The Horizon Map concentrated on six key focus areas for addressing childhood obesity
    • The focus areas are referred to as Planks
vision of coalition
Vision of Coalition

In 2011, Omaha is nationally recognized as a collaborative model achieving measurable improvement in the fitness and nutrition of children.

transition team
The Members of the team include:

Dr. Molly O’Dell

Mikki Frost

Dr. Fred Hosler

Shirley Hosler, RN

Craig Kulawik

Pat Masek

Heidi May

Kerri Peterson

Stephanie Sharma

Dr. Jeffry Strohmyer

Ad hoc members

Transition Team

Since the conclusion of the DA, a transition team has been meeting regularly to distill all of the hard work generated throughout the two day process

physical environment
Physical Environment

Horizon One

  • Develop master plan to increase awareness, collaboration, policy change, & implementation

Horizon Two

  • Implement master plan at the neighborhood level

Horizon Three

  • Observe significant improvement in physical environment and community health indicators

Horizon One

  • Establish a nutritional plan

Horizon Two

  • Create measurable awareness

Horizon Three

  • Observe positive changes in awareness, behavior, and BMI
physical activity
Physical Activity

Horizon One

  • Assess the needs of the community
  • Increase awareness and buy-in
  • Form a collaboration

Horizon Two

  • Demonstrate measurable changes
  • Continue education
  • Disseminate progress and best practices

Horizon Three

  • Continue to demonstrate measurable change
  • Maintain continued awareness, dissemination, and education

Horizon One

  • Establish and begin to evaluate three outcome measures
      • BMI
      • Prevalence of obesity
      • Morbidity related to obesity

Horizon Two

  • Reassess and modify the evaluation measures

Horizon Three

  • Establish an evaluation system that yields results that are valid and useful
social marketing
Social Marketing

Horizon One

  • Create awareness of the initiative

Horizon Two

  • Launch the program

Horizon Three

  • Maintain the message
funding and resources
Funding and Resources

Horizon One

  • Establish a “4C” model of collaboration
  • Ensure donors are informed and that options are available
  • Scan potential government resources
  • Engage individual and community level giving

Horizon Two

  • Establish long-term commitment
  • Obtain funding at all governmental levels

Horizon Three

  • Demonstrate a positive ROI
  • Receive community recognition of donors
  • Achieve sustainable funding
keys to success
Keys to Success

Keys to Success and lessons learned from other models:

  • Participation from high level, respected and committed community leaders
  • Overall management by subject matter experts
  • Opportunities for participation by the community at large
  • An overriding commitment to put the interests of the coalition above the interests of any one member
  • Staff support
executive committee
Executive Committee


  • Provide management and broad subject matter expertise to the coalition
  • The work of the Plank Committees will be coordinated through this structure
  • The Plank Chairs will serve on the Executive Committee, as well as chair their Plank Committee

Selection Criteria

  • Recognized expert
  • Existing leadership role in the area
  • Ability to bring people together
  • Commitment/passion for children’s health
executive committee1
Executive Committee


  • Rev. Dr. Larry Brown – Alegent Health Clinics
  • Dr. Christina Fernandez – Creighton Pediatrics
  • Dr. David Filipi – Methodist Health System
  • Dr. David Finken – UNMC Pediatrics
  • Nancy Nielsen, RN – Millard Public Schools
  • Dr. Adi Pour – Douglas County Health Department
  • Dr. Jeffry Strohmyer – Alegent Health
  • Dr. Thomas Tonniges – Boys Town Pediatrics
executive committee2
Executive Committee

Members/Committee Chairs:

  • Marty Shukert – Physical Environment Chair, RDg Planning and Design
  • Kerri Peterson – Social Marketing Chair, OHCP
  • Dr. Jennifer White – Physical Activity Chair, UNO HPER
  • Mary Balluff – Nutrition Chair, Douglas County Health Department
  • Anne Camp – Funding/Resources Chair, Alegent Health
  • Dr. Magda Peck – EvaluationChair, UNMC
plank committee chairs
Plank Committee Chairs


  • Implementation of the Horizon and action plans will be overseen by the plank committees
  • Comprised of program and subject matter experts
  • Chair of the plank committee will serve on the Executive Committee
  • Organizational meetings for the plank committees will be scheduled soon
  • OHCP and Alegent Health has committed staff and offices to support the organizational work of the initiative
decision accelerator report out january 31 20071
Decision Accelerator Report Out

January 31, 2007