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Specialized competitive technical intelligence services for smes
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“Specialized Competitive Technical Intelligence Services for SMEs”. Sebastien Prince-Richard Business Analyst – Fuel Cells Ottawa 14 February 2001. Outline. CTI for technology SMEs What, Why, the Need The fuel cell CI/CTI initiative Why fuel cells? The service

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“Specialized Competitive Technical Intelligence Services for SMEs”

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Specialized competitive technical intelligence services for smes

“Specialized Competitive Technical Intelligence Services for SMEs”

Sebastien Prince-Richard

Business Analyst – Fuel Cells


14 February 2001



  • CTI for technology SMEs

    • What, Why, the Need

  • The fuel cell CI/CTI initiative

    • Why fuel cells?

    • The service

  • The vision of a CI/CTI network

What is cti again

What Is CTI Again?

  • CI that focuses on the technological dimensions of competition:

    • Technology trends

    • R&D strategies and capabilities

    • Technology and patent portfolios

    • Manufacturing capabilities…

  • A powerful management tool for technology companies and organizations

Why a cti service

Why a CTI Service?

  • SMEs often do not have the necessary resources to perform proper CI/CTI

  • The impact of CTI can be determinant on:

    • R&D orientations

    • Choice of corporate partners, alliances

    • Product development & commercialization strategy

    • Manufacturing techniques

The need

  • Ultimately, the value of the service lies in:

  • Time saving

  • Key information, insights

The Need

  • Survey completed by CIMI to identify needs in Fuel Cell CTI and market intelligence revealed:

    • Respondents value competitive and market intelligence, as long as info is relevant and current

    • In general, no standardized method of gathering CTI or Market Intelligence (self rating 6.1 and 6.4/10)

    • Preference for value-added analysis with access to raw data

    • Preference for info delivered electronically

    • Should complement info available elsewhere, e.g. Internet

The fuel cell cti initiative

The Fuel Cell CTI Initiative

  • Project initiated by CIMI in 2000 with support from NRC IRAP

  • Primary clients: Canadian SMEs, IRAP clients

  • One of the first specialized CI/CTI services within IRAP

Why fuel cells

Why Fuel Cells?

  • Critical role in fundamental transformations of energy technologies and markets

  • Convergence of market drivers in 3 sectors:

    • Clean Transportation

    • Distributed Power Generation

    • High energy portable electronics

  • Canada in a leadership position

Fuel cell markets



Market Size

($ billion)





Projected Market Size by 2010 ($ billion /yr) *





Portable / Battery


* Source: Johnson-Matthey

Fuel Cell Markets

Projected annual growth rate: 35-75 %

Canadians in fuel cells

Ballard$ 500 M

Global Thermoelectric $ 125 M

Stuart Energy Systems $ 150 M

Hydrogenics $ 117 M

Dynetek $ 40 M

$ 1 Billionraised by Canadian Companies

Canadians in Fuel Cells

The tools to provide cti

Specific reports

Expertise & product database

Monthly updates


Information management

Value-added analysis &


The Tools to Provide CTI

Collection Treatment Dissemination

Conference material

World Wide Web

Database info



Nexis / Dialog

Fuel Cell Network





  • Requests and Consulting

    • Quick requests(2-3 pages)

    • In-depth requests(8-10 pages)

  • Database

    • Directory of companies + organizations

  • Monthly CTI & market updates

    • Distributed electronically (3-5 pages)

  • Alerts

    • Efficient distribution to targeted clients

  • Concrete examples of requests

    Concrete Examples of Requests

    • Competitionof Zinc-air systems for FC bikes

    • Technology match for high efficiency burner technology

    • Analysis of component value in innovative fuel cell hybrid system

    • Trend forecastingof fuelling options for FCVs

    • Patent searchfollowing targeted monitoring

    Value added information

    Value-added Information

    • Database  Quick identification of:

      • Competitors

      • Suppliers

      • Potential partners (technical, commercial, financial)

      • In addition to technical expertise, emphasis on alliances / partnerships and location

    • Monthly updates

      • Focused CTI on one aspect

      • Synthesis and analysis of recent developments

    The networks involved

    The Networks Involved

    • Fuel Cell Network

      • Local (Universities, companies,institutes…)

      • Canadian

      • International

    • CISTI: Information specialist

    • NRC: Fuel Cell Technology Center

    • IRAP: ITA Network

    • CTN

    A model for cti assistance

    CISTI – Information Specialist

    Specialized Network

    CIMI – Specialized CI/CTI Analyst

    Value-added information

    IRAP – Industrial Technical Advisors

    CTN and NRC Networks

    SME – IRAP client

    A Model for CTI Assistance

    An expanded model

    CISTI – Ottawa

    CIMI (BC)





    Info Specialists

    Specialized CI/CTI Analysts





    Fuel Cells



    IRAP – Industrial Technical Advisors

    Value-added information

    SME – IRAP client

    An Expanded Model

    CTN and NRC Networks

    CTI Network parallels & supports ITA Network

    Key points

    Key Points

    • Proper CTI is critical to maximize chances of success in technology companies

    • Specialized CTI assistance:

      • Increases the competitiveness of Canadian SMEs

      • Is alogical step to improve support to tech SMEs

      • Adds value to the technology networks in Canada

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