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International Business. 孙凤 [email protected] Aims of this course. To learn some Business English To learn some new Business knowledge. Preparation for this period. Find out some information and comment about the movie The Treatment Gua Sha ( 《 刮痧 》 ) and, if possible, watch the movie.

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aims of this course
Aims of this course
  • To learn some Business English
  • To learn some new Business knowledge
preparation for this period
Preparation for this period
  • Find out some information and comment about the movie The Treatment Gua Sha(《刮痧》)and, if possible, watch the movie.
Definition:Scraping of the back and other areas to release blocked Qi (energy) and to cure other illnesses. Gua means “to scrape” and Sha means “red skin rash” (in other words, the result of the Gua).
  • Cures:Gua Sha is used to cure the common cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, headaches, fevers, chills, cough, abdominal complaints, diarrhea, as well as chronic disorders involving pain and blocked Qi.
  • Technique:The practitioner uses a section of cow horn or a wooden scraper to scrape the back, neck, buttocks and limbs. Oil is used as a lubricant on the skin to lessen the pain of the scraping.
After years of hard work, Xu Datong, a Chinese immigrant to the US, has finally achieved success as an outstanding video game designer. With his promising career and loving family, he feels he has become a true American. Datong’s father comes over from China, and uses a traditional Chinese medical technique, called guasha, to treat Datong`s son, Dennis. Unexpectedly, an American doctor thinks the bruises on Dennis` back left by the guasha treatment are signs of child abuse.
The American hospital staff accused the parents of child abuse and took away their son. The American justice system takes control of the case and exaggerates every possible cultural misunderstanding.
  • The film gets intense after the father "kidnaps" his own son from a welfare shelter. As the police chases after the run-away father, the media also jumps into the mess. In the end, the child\'s grandfather somberly leaves the United States, and the father has no choice but hands over his son to the authority.
刮痧(2002) - 故事梗概


discussion on the movie oduction
discussion on the movie oduction
  • Group discussion on two questions:
  • 1. Who is to blame for bringing about so many troubles and so much misery to that Chinese family?

2. What is the most impressive scene for you ?(5 minutes)


To sum up, no one is to blame. It is the differences in the Chinese and American cultures that cause misunderstanding and hurt. We should also realize, however, love and affection among men, sometimes and to some extent, though, can surpass the cultural misunderstandings and conflicts.


A Talk about the following questions (3-5 minutes) :

  • What is CULTURE?
  • What does CULTURE include?
a definition for reference
A definition for reference

Culture—the customs, beliefs, art, music,

and all the other products of human thought

made by a particular group of people at a

particular time. (What do those italicized parts imply?)

Cultures always vary from one group of people to another .

A group of people’s culture may change along with the changes of times.

a more formal definition of culture
A more formal definition of Culture
  • An integrated system of learned behavior patterns that are characteristic of the members of any given society.

More examples, please?

the elements of culture
The elements of culture





Values and attitudes

Manners and customs

Material elements



Social institutions

verbal language
Verbal language
  • Language has been described as the mirror of culture.
  • Messages are conveyed by the words used, by how the words are spoken(eg. Tone of voice), and through nonverbal means such as gestures, body position, and eye contact.

The following are some nonverbal signals of China and US. Please talk about their implications and the misunderstanding they may cause when used in different cultures.

roman arena and thumbs
Roman Arena and thumbs
  • Juvenal refers to the Roman custom of spectators’ voting on the fate of wounded gladiators with their thumbs. You may think a gladiator would appreciate the crowd’s “thumbs up”, but exactly the opposite is true. Where we give thumbs up as a sign of approval, it meant death to its Roman recipient; much to the crowd’s delight.
  • Thumbs down, signified “swords down,” which meant the loser was worth more to them alive than dead, and he was spared apparently so he could make up for his disgrace the next time he appeared in the arena. Keep this in mind the next time you give someone the “thumbs up” sign
functions of language
Functions of language
  • 1. To gather and evalue information
  • 2. To get closer to local society
  • 3. To communicate within and outside companies.
  • 4. To better understand contexts.
tabling a proposal
“tabling a proposal”
  • US: delay a decision
  • British: immediate action
by the end of the day
“by the end of the day”
  • British: when they have completed the job
  • Literally: within 24 hours
  • British: success
  • US: failure
  • 拽一拽
  • 等一等
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Buddism
  • Confucianism
  • Catholicism: questions making money
  • Protestantism: emphasizes the importance of work and the accumulation of wealth.
  • Question:Do you think there is any relationship between religion and a country’s development?
  • Fatalism and traditionalism have deterred economic development in countries observing the religion.
  • Question:
  • How can cosmetics be best sold to Muslim women?


  • Individual effort is hampered
  • Family is important
  • Question:
  • How can religion affect consumption patterns?
  • The aim is to achieve a spiritual state marked by an absence of desire.
  • How can it affect the economic development?
  • A code of conduct rather than a religion
  • Loyalty and relationships
  • 德不孤,必有邻.
  • 不在其位,不谋其政.