treatment for asthma
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Treatment For Asthma

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Treatment For Asthma - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Numerous reasons that are not completely comprehended, the prevalence of the is on the rise globally. At the UK alone there are over 3 million sufferers.

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treatment for asthma
Treatment For Asthma


But exercise and diet are believed to be crucial tools in asthma treatment helping to control the consistency and intensity of asthma episodes.

One can be bronchospasms, where irritants have caused contraction of the lung muscles, thus narrowing the airways.

  • The interior of the lungs may become inflamed and puffy you might say that further reduces air flow.
  • This might result in the secretion of mucous which serves to only worsen the state

Just what exactly happens during an asthma attack


The external causes may be common allergens like pollen or dust, although emotional factors like excessive stress can occasionally come into play.

  • Internal asthma, which is usually more serious, often develops later in life and doesn\'t respond well to asthma treatment.

External and Internal Causes of Asthma


Among the best ways to handle pressure is thru exercising.

  • But a lot of asthmatics incorrectly believe that exercise will increase the chance of an asthma attack.
  • That\'s perhaps understandable, since we usually associate difficulty breathing with physical exercise.