all you need to know about post liposuction care
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All you need to know about post liposuction care

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All you need to know about post liposuction care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Liposuction is surgically performed by creating incisions in your body to remove stubborn fat localised at one part of your body,

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Liposuction is surgically performed by creating incisions in your body to remove stubborn fat localised at one part of your body, that doesn\'t go with either diet or exercise.

Liposuction incisions are minimally invasive but they still require care post operation for complete and healthy recovery. Liposuction is performed by the insertion of a cannula through an incision. It is then moved around to loosen up the fat localised in that area of the body and then it is sucked out with the help of vacuum created in a syringe.

It is important to note that liposuction cannot be substituted to weight loss through diet and exercise and hence, should not be treated as such.

For tightening of loose and sagging skin and the removal of cellulite from the body, there are many other procedures that can be performed, as liposuction is not the best option for these issues.

It is absolutely vital for the patient to take measures to care for the incisions made on their body after the procedure because infection and scarring can easily occur and cause undesirable results.

things required for the post op liposuction care
Things required for the post-op liposuction care:

Comfortable and loose clothing

Dark towels for the absorption of any leaking fluids

Pillows are required to rest the area with incisions to rest upon

Bottled water

Soda crackers to treat nausea if any

Pain medication

what to expect during the first 72 hours after the surgery
What to expect during the first 72 hours after the surgery

Body fluids will flow out on clothes and sheets you sit on or sleep on. This is very normal as this liquid is placed in your body before the procedure is performed for the safe removal of fat.

Physical activities must be avoided on account of the danger of opening of the incisions.

Compression garments help with swelling and also make the recovery process faster. These must be worn at all times except while taking a shower and can be discontinued after being instructed by your doctor to do so.

It is important to keep moving in order to reduce swelling, reduce the formation of blood clots and to help keep bodily fluids to continue moving.

As soon as the anaesthesia wears off, there will be some pain. In case it is unbearable, you must go to your physician who will prescribe some painkillers to combat the pain.

Swelling is very normal and in many cases, the swelling stays on for the next few weeks (two to three weeks).

A number of plastic surgeons suggest avoiding showering for five days after the surgery and wearing compression garments. After five days, you can shower without causing abrasion or scrubbing in the area of the incision. Also, going in still water (swimming pool, baths, lakes, oceans, hot tubs etc.) must be avoided.

Also, be alert for any signs of infection. If they come up, you must go directly to your surgeon without any delay.

Even after complete recovery, there will be scars, usually very small in the place where the incision had been made. For the most part, they are not very visible and will fade even more as time passes.

results after complete recovery
Results after complete recovery:

Cosmetic enhancement is the main reason why most people go for this procedure, despite the risks of complications and pain. A lot of patients report positively after the procedure, having obtained the look they\'ve wanted but in a lot of cases, patients remain unsatisfied. The cosmetic result

Scars at the spot where the cut is made to insert the cannula to carry out the liposuction. They are generally very small and will fade away with time but in some cases, these scars may more prominent.

A wavy or bumpy appearance of the liposuction site after the liposuction procedure.

The results after liposuction are very rarely permanent. In case you gain weight after the liposuction surgery and the removal of fat, it may return back to the sites from where it had been removed.

The results after recovery may not be at par with your expectations which can be disappointing.

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