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English Breeds. Continental Breeds. Terms To Know. A Bit of All Breeds. Time for More Trivia!. 100 pt. 100 pt. 100 pt. 100 pt. 100 pt. 200 pt. 200 pt. 200pt. 200 pt. 200 pt. 300 pt. 300 pt. 300 pt. 300 pt. 300 pt. 400 pt. 400 pt. 400 pt. 400 pt. 400 pt. 500 pt.

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To Know

A Bit of

All Breeds

Time for

More Trivia!

100 pt

100 pt

100 pt

100 pt

100 pt

200 pt

200 pt


200 pt

200 pt

300 pt

300 pt

300 pt

300 pt

300 pt

400 pt

400 pt

400 pt

400 pt

400 pt

500 pt

500 pt

500 pt

500 pt

500 pt

Angus tend to have ____ colored coats, but also come as red-heads.


This English breed is adaptable to cold climates.


Angus cattle are known for their excellent ____ ability…maybe that is why you now go to Hardees’

Marbling Ability

This breed is known for its excellent disposition.


Angus and Shorthorns receive a A+ for maternal abilities, what does this mean?

They produce a lot of milk (and for other species that have litters it means increased little size)

These are the 2 breeds to be considered “dual purpose” and explain what that means.

Simmental and Gelbvieh – they are good for milk and meat

A Charolais crossed with a Limousin would be considered a ___ cross because ___.

Terminal because they both have similar breed characteristics making cross-breeding benefits very small.

Name at least 1 breed that has a high birth weight and is this a desired characteristic?

Charolais and Gelbvieh and no it is not desired

Which breeds have low milk production?

Charolais, Limousin and Chiana

What is a pro and con to a large mature size?

Increased output/money but more input costs for feed

What is a heifer?

A female cow that has not had a calf

Define breed.

Breeds are animals of common origin with characteristics that distinguish them from other groups within the same species

What does it mean if a breed is polled?

It doesn’t grow horns

What is a steer?

A male that has been castrated

What is a Purebred animal?

An animals of known ancestry where all parents etc. are of the same breed

This breed may be low in muscle mass but is very tolerant.


This breed comes in 3 different colors: roan, red or white.


Name at least one breed that has low birth weights.

Brahman, Angus

What is the largest framed cow?


The biggest advantage to having a Brahman cross is:

The heat and parasite resistance

A newborn calf weight approximately…

60-90 lbs

True or False – Cows have no top teeth in the front.


How many stomachs does a cow have?

Four(but only 1 true stomach – the abomasum)

A cow’s body temperature is normally around …


What is the scientific name for a cow? Hint: It is the reason Brahman is so different

bos taurus

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