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Home Guard. Motive. Birth of “Home Guard”. Technology. 플라즈마. Plasma Generation. H2O. A safe low-electric pressure generates low-temperature plasma ( no ozone outflow) in the water(tap, subterranean water)

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Home Guard

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Home guard

Home Guard



Birth of “Home Guard”




  • Plasma

  • Generation


A safe low-electric pressure generates low-temperature plasma (no ozone outflow) in the water(tap, subterranean water)

Separation of H2O into hydrogen ion and oxygen ion by plasma (Plasma Cluster - ion)

The water generates hydroxyl as a result of the combination of

negative hydrogen ion and negative oxygen ion and becomes

a powerful sterilizer/disinfector

Rapid sterilization of substances that come in contact and

elimination of toxic chemical substances

High-tech water treatment which precludes secondary

pollution as the sterilizer becomes water again after a regular

period of time

  • Plasma

  • Cluster Ion






Sterilization Effect


(E –friendly)

Home guard


▶Home Guardis a spray type living sterilizer, like Febreeze and Clorox.

▶Just use only tap waterandsalt!

- Do not use any detergent or chemicals.

- Chemical free! Eco-friendly!

Home guard


▶ Anybody can use easily!

▶ Harmless to children

▶ No irritate the skin and respiratory organ

→ When you clean, kids can stay in the room

→ pregnant woman can also use freely!

When where

When & Where?

▶ Whenever/Whereveryou want to clean/sterilize

→For example..

▶ Whenever your clothes smells bad

▶ When you clean/sterilize the bathroom

▶ When you clean/sterilize the kitchen

(ex)sink, stove, oven..

▶ When you clean/sterilize your room

(ex)bedding, curtain, carpet, rug…

▶ When you clean your automobile seat cover

Home guard


Pour water into spray body

Put a foaming tablet into water

(If you want to use as deodorant, just add an

air freshener tablet)

Touch the power

After 5minutes, hypochlorous acid water is made!

Then use it!

Home guard


As safe as water

Cheap and Easy : No cost for detergent

From water to water : Hypochlorous water remains for 7days, and then return to natural water! (Eco-friendly)

A new way to clean and sterilize : Harmless to human! No any chemicals!

A true clean : Generating the antiseptics water molecules to clean surfaces and it leaves behind no chemical residue.

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