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Higher Academic Standards A Defining Moment for Tennessee Schools. Excellence for A ll Children. Higher Academic Standards The Challenge…. Excellence for A ll Children. Higher Academic Standards The Challenge…. Excellence for A ll Children. Higher Academic Standards.

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Excellence for All Children

Excellence for All Children

Excellence for All Children

Why do we need to raise our standards?

  • A recent U.S. Department of Education study showed Tennessee ranked 47th to 50th among states nationally for the rigor of its academic standards from 2005 to 2007.

  • On the 2007 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Tennessee ranked:

  • 42nd out of 50 states in the nation in 8th grade math

  • 38th in the nation in 8th grade reading

  • 43rd in 4th grade math

  • 39th in 4th grade reading

  • A recent study by the American Institute of Research suggests that if Tennessee were a country, we would not be competitive in math and science education with excelling countries like Japan, Singapore and the Netherlands but rather we’d be in league with educationally challenged countries such as Lithuania, Slovenia, and Russia.

Excellence for All Children

  • 2007 - Tennessee schools get an “F” for truth in advertising

  • 2008 - Tennessee Diploma Project launched to raise academic standards

  • 2009 - Higher academic standards take effect in Tennessee schools

  • 2010 - Legislature enacts landmark education law: First to the Top Act

  • - Tennessee wins the federal Race to the Top competition

  • - Tennessee students take first assessments under higher standards

Excellence for All Children

  • More rigorous curriculum & harder assessments

  • Increased graduation requirements

  • A new definition of “proficiency”

  • $501 million in Race to the Top funding

  • An intense focus on high quality instruction and student learning

  • Less favorable test scores in short-term

  • Greater educational success in the long-term

Excellence for All Children

  • The success of our public schools will determine the knowledge, skills and competencies of our future workforce, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

  • Our expectations must be ambitious if our students are to be successful in an increasingly complex world and an increasingly global economy.

  • For our civic, economic, and cultural future to be bright, we need people who can think critically, learn continuously, and adapt quickly.

  • Thinkers and learners develop through rigorous, excellent classroom instruction and educational experiences which foster 21st century skills.

  • Rigorous standards and high quality instruction will enable our children to be academically successful, economically competitive, and personally fulfilled.

Excellence for All Children


Raising the bar in Tennessee schools

Excellence for All Children

Don't get discouraged..

Test scores and grades sometimes dip when

schools put in place higher standards.


Excellence for All Children

Ask for help..

  • Call your child's teacher or school and put

  • together a plan for helping him improve.


Excellence for All Children

  • Within school

    • Many activities happening in our schools that will enhance student learning – new formative assessments, professional learning communities, interventions and small group learning activities, and focused instructional work to meet the new standards.

  • Outside school

    • Before- and after-school tutoring programs available at many schools

    • Parent engagement and support - PTA, PTO, PTSO

    • Business support for schools – Partners in Education, Knoxville Chamber

    • Community resources – United Way, Knoxville Area Urban League, Project GRAD, Great Schools Partnership, etc.

Excellence for All Children


Know the facts..

  • Understand why high standards are

  • important to your child's future.


Excellence for All Children

Five year strategic plan excellence for all children
Five-Year Strategic Plan:Excellence for All Children



Focus on the Student





Engaged Parents

& Community



Excellence for All Children

Five year strategic plan excellence for all children1
Five-Year Strategic Plan:Excellence for All Children

Strategic Plan Goals:

  • Focus on the student to ensure they excel academically and are prepared for life beyond the classroom

  • Recruit, select, induct, develop, support, compensate and retain effective educators

  • Engage parents and community in a meaningful way to support student learning

  • Build the infrastructure to enable and support student learning and district goals

  • Accountability: ensure that all adults are focused on achieving results for children

Excellence for All Children

Strategic plan key metrics
Strategic Plan Key Metrics

  • Performance Targets

Excellence for All Children

FY2011 - Critical Educational Investments

  • Excellence Through Literacy

  • Early Education

  • Education Management Information System (Data Warehouse)

  • Project GRAD

  • Teacher Collaboration/Professional Learning Communities

  • Family and Volunteer Engagement

  • Teacher and Administrator Professional Development

Excellence for All Children

Knox county schools race to the top
Knox County Schools – Race to the Top

  • SCOPE OF WORK - $13.2m Over 4 Years

  • Strategic Compensation

  • Leadership Academy

  • Expansion of TAP System

  • Formative Assessment

  • Human Capital

  • Evaluation Systems

  • Principal Professional Development

  • Data Warehouse Training

Excellence for All Children

Excellence for All Children