Why do you think it is important to study Geography?
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Why do you think it is important to study Geography? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why do you think it is important to study Geography?. The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World. Theme 1: Location. Two Types of Location Absolute Relative. Where is It? Why is It There?. Absolute Location. A specific place on the Earth’s surface Uses a grid system

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The five themes of geography a framework for studying the world

The Five Themes of GeographyA Framework for Studying the World

Theme 1 location
Theme 1: Location

  • Two Types of Location

  • Absolute

  • Relative

  • Where is It?

  • Why is It There?

Absolute location
Absolute Location

  • A specific place on the Earth’s surface

  • Uses a grid system

  • Latitude and longitude

  • A global address


Absolute Location

  • Georgia


    28° N longitude

  • Atlanta

    33° 44' N Latitude

    84° 23' W Longitude

Absolute location1
Absolute Location

  • On your sheet of paper

    Identify the Absolute Location of your house

Relative location
Relative Location

  • Where a place is in relation to another place

  • Uses directional words to describe

    • Cardinal and intermediate directions


  • Georgia is bordered by Tennessee on the north, Florida to the south, Alabama to the west and South Carolina to the east.

  • The Atlantic Ocean forms one of Georgia’s east coasts.

  • Georgia is one of the Southeastern States

Relative location activity
Relative Location Activity

  • On your sheet of paper describe the Relative Location of where you live (what are some identifying factors around your house?)

Theme 2 place physical characteristics
Theme 2: PlacePhysical Characteristics

  • Land Features

  • Mountains, plains, and plateaus

  • Climate

  • Bodies of Water

Georgia physical characteristics
Georgia: Physical Characteristics

Photos above: Steve Pierce


Theme 2 place human characteristics
Theme 2: PlaceHuman Characteristics

  • People

  • Culture

  • Language

  • Religion

  • Buildings and Landmarks

  • Cities

Georgia human characteristics
Georgia: Human Characteristics


National Geographic Magazine

Top right:http://graphics.fansonly.com/photos/schools/unc/nonsport/school-bio/unc-oldwell2-lg.jpg



Theme 3 human environment interaction
Theme 3: Human Environment Interaction

How People Interact With Their Environment

People . . .

  • Adapt to Their Environment

  • Modify Their Environment

  • Depend on Their Environment


Georgia human environment interaction
Georgia: Human Environment Interaction




Theme 4 movement
Theme 4: Movement

The Mobility of

  • People

  • Goods

  • Ideas

    How Places are linked to one another and the world

Georgia movement
Georgia: Movement




  • Human-Made Transportation Systems

    • List different Passengers

  • Natural Transportation Systems

    • List different Passengers

Theme 5 regions
Theme 5: Regions

What Places Have in Common

  • Political Regions

  • Landform Regions

  • Agricultural Regions

  • Cultural Regions

Georgia regions
Georgia: Regions

Steve Pierce






  • Physical Regions

  • List the items you would need to adapt to the environment when visiting your assigned region.

  • How many items would you have to buy?

  • What are some items that are unique to your region?

  • What are some items that are absolutely essential to your survival in your region?