COMMON ASSESSMENTS: A Product of Professional Learning

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COMMON ASSESSMENTS: A Product of Professional Learning

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1. COMMON ASSESSMENTS: A Product of Professional Learning “If all students are expected to demonstrate the same knowledge and skills, regardless of the teacher to which they are assigned, it only makes sense that teachers must work together to asses students learning.” Dufour, Dufour, Eaker, and Many

2. COMMON ASSESSMENTS (CA) “… represent the most effective strategies for determining whether the guaranteed curriculum is being taught and more importantly, learned.” Dufour, Dufour, Eaker, and Many

3. COMMON ASSESSMENTS Standards/ Learning Objectives Curriculum Curriculum *Essential Outcomes (Power Standards) *Core knowledge each student should master

4. CA Created by Same Subject Teachers/Department Instructional Strategies Instructional Strategies Instructional Strategies

5. PLCs STUDY DATA FROM CAs Analyze line items to identify: where students’ learning lagged areas of shortcomings areas of strengths what to reteach which students require additional support/enrichment/intervention short-term/long-term systemic solutions

6. Words from teachers… “Teaching your favorite way doesn’t always work so well. Sometimes you have this wonderful lesson that you love, but they aren’t learning. You have to change.” “Teachers need to understand that common assessments do not grade the teacher. It doesn’t mean you have failed – it means you must change.”

7. SUMMARIZE CA: What do we want our students to know? (Essential Outcomes) How will we know they have learned it? (Common Assessment) What do we do when they do not learn it? Or already know it? (Support/Enrichment/Intervention)

8. WHAT CA ARE NOT… CA are not a lock-step, mechanical manner in which to teach CA are not designed to evaluate teachers

9. COMMON ASSESSMENTS ASSURE… that all students will learn a set of specific common unit objectives. that every student will learn the same content regardless of which teacher they were assigned.

10. How Can We Assure Success on Common Assessments????? Informs teachers about their students’ learning and their own teaching.

11. Data is Conclusive…

13. Great Resource: Educational Leadership: December 2007/ January 2008 Vol. 65 No. 4

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