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Building Global Partnerships by Marge Maxwell, Ph.D .

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Building Global Partnerships by Marge Maxwell, Ph.D . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Global Partnerships by Marge Maxwell, Ph.D . Western Kentucky University m [email protected] Why Global Education?.

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Building Global Partnerships

by Marge Maxwell, Ph.D.

Western Kentucky University

[email protected]


WhyGlobal Education?

Teachingthe dynamics of globalization to education students is an important aspect of teaching for social justice and for the development of critical awareness, thinking, and sensitivity. Yet teaching this topic is also fraught with tensions, particularly since studying issues of suffering, exploitation, and injustice from a global perspective can be overwhelming.

(Hytten & Silvia, 2008).


GraduteCourse Requirements

  • Graduateeducationaltechnology course
  • Short 3-week winterterm?!!
  • Two Blog discussions
  • Global Partnering Project

Global Partnering Project

  • Two Project Options
  • Select a country, make contact with a teacher (your class can communicate and partner with the class) or an organization in that country (collaborate on some issue about that country).

Global Partnering Project

  • Select a global issue (such as world hunger, poverty, health, environmental, arms control, fair trade, endangered animals, etc.) and partner with an international organization promoting that issue. Most of the international organizations provide ways to partner with them and get involved.

Global Project Requirements

Develop a mashupwebsite with an attractive homepage, three other pages for the other three technology projects, and a resources page with APA references and information links.

At least three technology projects must be embedded (not linked) on the website


Global Project Technology Options

  • If you choose a country, technology projects could include examples like a remix of music from their country, multimedia projects collaboratively developed by your class and a class in the chosen country such as graphs of data collected by both classes, collaborative digital story, collaborative documents such as writing or research, or other technology projects.

Global Project Technology Options

  • If you choose a global issue to support, technology projects could include examples like technology products to promote the issue and/or the organization. Some teachers and their classes hold fundraisers and send money to the organization; some join the organization and create commercials or digital stories about their cause.

Global Project Requirements

  • One or more of your three technology projects must clearly be developed in collaboration with your international partner.
  • At least one of the technology projects must represent higher-level thinking in the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (Analyze, Evaluate or Create level).

Global Project Resources

Some Sources to Find Global Classroom Pen-pals:

Start Your Own Global Project

ePals Global Community

Pen Pal and Email-Pal Opportunities

The Kids on the Web: Pen Pals

Multicultural Education Internet Resource Guide

Amazing Kids! Pen Pals

US Diplomacy Center: e-Pals

Our World, Our Stories


Global Project Resources

Find ideas and tools for your Technology Products for your Website Mashup here:

Effective Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

Best 100 Web 2.0 Tools

Discovery Education: Web 2.0 Tools

Kathy Schrock: Ed Tools and Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 for the Classroom Teacher

Cool Tools for Schools

Flat Classroom Projects

Going Global

Curriculum 21: Global Partnerships


Global Project Resources

International Data Websites

Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center



Global PartneringStudentProjects

Teacher in Bowling Green partnerswith a teacher in Seoul, Korea


Global PartneringProjectsFindings

  • I learnedthatpartneringwith an international organizationis not as difficult as I initiallythoughtitwouldbe. 
  • Studentslearned new technologies
  • Providedimpetus to create global projectwiththeirstudents
  • Overwhelmedwith the project in the beginning, thenshifted to awe and amazementattopic information

Global Partnering Suggestions

  • Do not offerthis course in a 3-week termagain!
  • Allowstudents to share global resources
  • Have studentssharetheirmashupwebsiteswitheachother, comment and make suggestions to eachother
  • Encourage students to sharetheirwebsiteswithotherteachersattheirschool
  • Allowstudents to work on the Global Partnering Project in pairs

Building Global Partnerships

by Marge Maxwell, Ph.D.


Hytten, K. & Silvia B. (2008). Teaching Globalization Issues to Education Students:

What’s the Point? Equity & Excellence in Education, 41(2), 168-181.