Lake Superior school District 381 CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL

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What is the Parent Portal?. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL. Infinite Campus Parent Portal is for parents to access instant, online, and secure information about their child(ren): Class ScheduleAssignments AttendanceDisciplineReport CardsTranscripts Parent Portal is a means to further promote educational excellence by enhancing our communication with parents..
Lake Superior school District 381 CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL

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1. Lake Superior school District #381 CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Bringing parents and students closer to their teachers and schools

2. What is the Parent Portal? CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Infinite Campus Parent Portal is for parents to access instant, online, and secure information about their child(ren): Class Schedule Assignments Attendance Discipline Report Cards Transcripts Parent Portal is a means to further promote educational excellence by enhancing our communication with parents.

3. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Who is eligible to have a Parent Portal account? Parents of current Kindergarten through 12th grade students are eligible to activate a Parent Portal account, with the most information relating to 7th through 12th grade.

4. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL How much does the Parent Portal cost? Nothing! It is a free service to parents.

5. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Parent Reminder: If you have questions regarding course grading, assignments, attendance, or discipline data displayed, please first discuss the data with your child(ren). School faculty and staff will also be available to discuss grading concerns the same as in the past. The district website lists e-mail and phone contact information.

6. ISD #381 Main Website

7. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Parent Portal Help Desk Leave a voicemail message at 218/834-8201, x8299 Send an email to: (best method)

8. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Accessing the Portal Access to the Campus Parent Portal is determined by the school district. Districts also have control over what information students and guardians will have access to in the portal. Upon acceptance of a proper usage policy, users are given a registration key to access the portal.

9. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Accessing the Portal After getting your registration key from your campus contact person, login to the URL above and Click Here.

10. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Accessing the Portal D101DF4D-66A9-4FFE-983F-4AC33E5E411A Users will need to use the 32-character activation key they are given. (It?s a long string of numbers, but you only have to do this once). Click the Submit button.

11. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Accessing the Portal Create a unique User Name. It is best to use letters and numbers. Create a Password. Again, it is best to use letters and numbers. Re-enter your password in the Verify Password field. Click the Create Account button. The activation key will be verified, and once approved, a screen will display allowing a User Name and Password to be created.

12. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Accessing the Portal Upon approval of the username and password, the portal account will be created. Use the Click Here link on the account creation page.

13. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Accessing the Portal If a user enters the username or password incorrectly five (5) consecutive times, the account will be locked/disabled. The account will need to be re-enabled by the campus account administrator at the school. Quickest way to fix this?E-mail: ( Enter your newly created username and password.

14. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Accessing the Portal Subsequent Portal Access After the activation key is used to create a portal account, it cannot be used again. Users simply enter their username and password to access the portal.

15. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing the Portal On the left hand side of the screen is an Index that allows parents to navigate and select a student and then select and view the desired information.

16. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Districts have the ability to select which items are available to parents. The following list can be selected by the district. (If a parent cannot see an option in the Index, the school has chosen not to make that information available.) Viewing the Portal Attendance Reports Health Behavior Student Registration Account Student Fees IEPs Assessments Access Log Contact Information Schedule Special Education Gradebook

17. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing the Family Click on Family The Family link shows the members of the household. Each person in the household is listed with the name, relationship, address, all telephone numbers (home, work, cell), and email.

18. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing the Calendar Click on Calendar The Calendar link provides a list of all students? assignments that are due on a certain day and also shows days where there are attendance events. The family calendar link will show events for each enrolled student in the household. The calendar link underneath a particular student will only show information for that student.

19. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing the Schedule Click on a student?s Schedule The Schedule lists the student?s classes in each period and term. Parents/Students can email a teacher directly by clicking on the envelope icon within each period. Click here for Assignment detail and scores (see next page)

20. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing the Assignment Information If assignment information is made available by the district, a list of assignments that have been given and graded can be viewed. The assignment detail can include the grade for each grading task, the assignment name and score, the class total, and any comments the teacher may have entered for the student.

21. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing Attendance Information Click on Attendance Attendance data that has been entered by the school will display on the portal. All entries are color coded to indicate an excused, unexcused, unknown or exempt attendance entry. A listing of dates is provided, as well as a term summary of absences and tardies.

22. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing Behavior Information Click on Behavior Behavior shows the date of the event, what the event was, any demerits that may have been recorded, what the student?s role was and what the resolution for that event was. Note: This option for ISD#381 will not be available for 2006-2007

23. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing Health Information Click on Health Student vaccination data is available in the Health area of the portal. This list lists the shots that are mandated for the state the date(s) the student received each vaccination.

24. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing Assessment Information Click on Assessment The Assessment area lists the standardized tests a student has taken and the score the student earned. All scores for an assessment will display.

25. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing Fees Information Click on Fees If you district has participation or lab fees, you can check your student?s Fee Statement on the portal. Note: lunch fees and library fines are separate items.

26. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Viewing Reports Click on Reports The Reports area lists the various reports the district has chosen to make available on the portal. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these reports.

27. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Reports ? Schedule

28. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Reports ? Missing Assignments

29. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Reports ? Report Card

30. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Reports ? Transcript This is not an official transcript. To get an official transcript, contact your school.

31. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Reports ? Account #_ (Food Service) The Campus Food Service module can be viewed from your student?s lunch account (Labeled ?Account?) From here, You can see what sort of meals are purchased, as well as the balance. Click on Account #1

32. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Miscellaneous Links Click on View Access Log The access log lists the IP address from which the users who have accessed the portal, the time it was accessed and if it was a successful login.

33. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Miscellaneous Links Users can change their account password ? not the username. Users can change their contact information.

34. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Miscellaneous Links Users can select the language they wish to view their portal.

35. CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL Log Off When finished using the portal, be sure to click the Log Off option. Using the close (X) does not end the portal session. Logging in again will only open a second session. The first session will remain open for 30 minutes and tie up resources that could be used by someone else.

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