Chapter 18
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Ethers and Epoxides; Thiols and Sulfides - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 18. Ethers and Epoxides; Thiols and Sulfides. Ethers. Definition: Two organic groups bonded to the same oxygen atom Examples:. Diethyl ether. Methyl phenyl ether (Anisole). Tetrahydrofuran (cyclic ether). Naming of Ethers. There are two ways to name it:

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Chapter 18

Ethers and Epoxides;

Thiols and Sulfides

Ethers l.jpg

  • Definition: Two organic groups bonded to the same oxygen atom

  • Examples:

Diethyl ether

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Methyl phenyl ether (Anisole)

Tetrahydrofuran (cyclic ether)

Naming of ethers l.jpg
Naming of Ethers

There are two ways to name it:

  • Identifying the two organic substituents and adding the word ether

Dimethyl ether

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Tert-Butyl methyl ether

Ethyl-phenyl ether

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Tert-butoxy butane

Para-ethoxy methoxy benzene

Slide7 l.jpg

1-methoxy-cyclohexene considered an


Slide8 l.jpg

Isopropoxy cyclohexane considered an


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  • Physical Properties considered an

  • Soluble in water

  • Boiling point: very low, about 200C

  • R—O—R bonds: tetrahedral bond angle

  • The Oxygen atom is sp3-hybridized

Preparation of ethers l.jpg
Preparation of Ethers considered an

Symmetrical ethers r o r l.jpg
Symmetrical ethers considered an R-O-R

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Mechanism: considered an

Examples l.jpg
Examples considered an

Symmetrical ethers r o r14 l.jpg
Symmetrical ethers considered an R-O-R’

  • The Williamson Ether Synthesis:

Examples15 l.jpg
Examples considered an


Α-D-Glucose pentamethyl ether

Slide16 l.jpg

tert-Butoxide ion considered an


tert-Butyl methyl ether

Slide17 l.jpg

Methoxide ion considered an



Slide18 l.jpg

1) considered an Reaction

  • Alkoxymercuration of Alkenes

Slide19 l.jpg

2. considered an Mechanism

Slide20 l.jpg

3. considered an Examples



Reaction of ethers l.jpg
Reaction of Ethers considered an

Slide22 l.jpg

  • Acidic Cleavage considered an

    1) Ethers with primary and secondary alkyl groups react by an SN2

Ethyl isopropyl ether

Isopropyl alcohol


Slide23 l.jpg

Mechanism considered an

Slide24 l.jpg

Examples: considered an


Ethyl phenyl ether


2-Ethoxypropanoic acid


Lactic acid

Slide25 l.jpg

2) Ethers with a tertiary, benzylic, or allylic group react by an SN1 or E1

E1 reaction

tert-Butyl cyclohexyl ether



Slide26 l.jpg

Mechanism: by an

Slide27 l.jpg

S by an N1 reaction

Slide28 l.jpg

Mechanism: by an

Slide29 l.jpg

1) by an Claisen rearrangement is pecific to allyl aryl ethers, Ar-O-CH2CH=CH2

  • Claisen Rearrangement

2) Example:


Sodium phenoxide

Allyl phenyl ether

Allyl phenyl ether


Slide30 l.jpg

3) by an Mechanism:

Transition state