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Web-Based Courses
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Web-Based Courses. Web-Based Courses: An Overview BYTE Conference February 26, 2010 Howard Griffith Donald Girouard. Distance Learning Delivery Models. Face-to-face (f2f) teaching ITV or Web Conferencing  2-way video and audio Web-based Course Option Independent Study Option

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Web-Based Courses

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Web based courses

Web-Based Courses

Web-Based Courses: An Overview

BYTE Conference

February 26, 2010

Howard Griffith

Donald Girouard

Distance learning delivery models

Distance Learning Delivery Models

  • Face-to-face (f2f) teaching

  • ITV or Web Conferencing 2-way video and audio

  • Web-based Course Option

  • Independent Study Option

  • Best models tend to use blended approaches





more student - student and student - teacher interaction less



Group share and talk

  • Who needs Web-Based Courses? Why?

  • How (where) might they be used to support student learning?

Reasons for taking courses online

Reasons for taking courses online?

  • credits not available in small schools with low enrollments

    • important for rural and northern schools

  • student interest in alternative methods for earning credits

  • teacher availability, especially in specialized areas such as Mathematics, Science, and French

  • resolve timetabling issues

  • implementation of new curricula/courses

    • Grade 11 Physical Education Health Education

  • preparing students for lifelong learning

  • other reasons?

Who takes advantage of wbcs

Who takes advantage of WBCs?

  • students use WBC to fill in some gaps

    • enrichment or remedial

    • technology skills

  • distance learners in small schools where sharing is available

  • teachers combine some elements of WBC in a f2f class

  • teachers use WBC as resource



  • 47 web-based courses

  • ~ 1400 course sections

  • ~ 4000 students for last year

  • ~ 1000 teachers

  • stats change everyday

Wbc development and instructional design

WBC Development and Instructional Design

  • designed to be teacher-mediated

  • delivered asynchronously using a learning management system (LMS) called Blackboard (previously known as WebCT)

  • modular concept

  • self-contained

    • content, learning experiences, learning activities, assessments, communication, resources, etc., in the LMS.

  • congruence with Manitoba’s curricular outcomes

Supporting student engagement in wbcs

Supporting Student Engagement in WBCs

  • Discussions and review of existing WBCs

  • Addition of new design concepts and tools:

    • more interactivity/inquiry

    • alternative solutions and explanations

    • more student helps

    • reflective journaling

    • teacher guided class discussions

    • more web resources

What does a wbc look like

What does a WBC look like?

Modular course design

Modular Course Design

Discussions blogs journals

Discussions, Blogs, Journals

Communication discussions

Communication: Discussions

Communication email

Communication: Email

Communication calendar

Communication: Calendar

  • public or private entries

Assessment tests

Assessment: Tests

  • multiple choice

  • matching

  • short answer

  • paragraph



Assignment dropbox

Assignment Dropbox

How to preview a wbc

How To Preview a WBC?

public access available


login as

demo (username)

demo (password)

The previews are limited versions of web-courses

What is the wbcrs

What is the WBCRS?

  • Web Based Course Request System

  • teachers can get full access to any WBC


Support training for wbcs

Support & Training for WBCs

  • scheduled live workshops

  • scheduled webinars

  • webinar on demand, one-on-one support

  • Online Community

    • tutorials, tips & tricks

    • guides, documents, web links

    • sharing alternative links for dead sites

    • recorded webinars and other resources

  • email

  • phone call

What s on the horizon

What’s on the horizon?

  • New courses in development

    • http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/tech/wbc/wbcdevsched.html

  • New version of Blackboard

    • more teacher tools to support student learning.

      • Wimba collaboration tools

      • built-in tools for communication/collaboration

    • easier to navigate interface



More information

More Information

  • Web-Based Course Availability:

    • www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/dl/wbc/coursesfordelivery.html

  • Web-Based Course Development:

    • www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/tech/wbc/wbcdevsched.html Accessing a WBC as a teacher:

    • http://web4.gov.mb.ca/wbcrequests

  • Other resources can be found at:

    • in Blackboard: WBC Teacher’s Online Community

    • http://dluspace.wikispaces.com/WBC_Resources

  • Contact us:

    • howard.griffith@gov.mb.ca

    • donald.girouard@gov.mb.ca

Thank you

Thank You!

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