Marketing operations version 9 1 jean marie schiraldi product manager jmschiraldi@us ibm com
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Marketing Operations version 9.1 Jean Marie Schiraldi - Product Manager – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing Operations version 9.1 Jean Marie Schiraldi - Product Manager – Disclaimer.

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Marketing Operations version 9.1 Jean Marie Schiraldi - Product Manager –

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Marketing Operations version 9.1Jean Marie Schiraldi - Product Manager –


Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality.

Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract.

The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion.

Nothing contained in these materials is intended to, nor shall have the effect of, creating any warranties or representations from IBM or its suppliers or licensors, or altering the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBM products.


  • General Release Information

  • New Features

    • Multiple time zone support

    • New Portlet for Approvals

    • Simplified steps to skip approval

    • Label Modification – for Plan, Program, Project

    • Fill Down - Copy Project attributes to linked Campaign

  • Things to be aware of

  • Installation & Upgrades

EMM: Marketing Operations v9.1General Release Information

EMM Marketing Operations v9.1 release goals

  • Globalization

    • User Interface & Documentation

      • Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese (and GB18030-compliant), Russian

      • All User Guides and Admin Guides will be localized

    • Installers

    • Improve usability

EMM Marketing Operations v9.1 release details

Release Date

  • eGA – Date when the files will be available for download – Friday, October 25

    How do I get it?

  • The product can be downloaded via FCT or PA, depending on the customer contract.

EMM: Marketing Operations v9.1 New Feature – Multiple timezone support

Timezone Support

  • BACKGROUND: The Marketing Operations (MO) application currently supports only a single time zone. This results in geographically distributed users not able to view date & timestamps on tasks, approvals, etc in their time zone.

  • SOLUTION: Incorporate multiple Time Zone Support in MO.

    • A single instance of MO will support multiple time zones

    • Configurable Time Zone setting available from Platform user settings page

    • Defaulted to server Time Zone value for new users

    • Users are able to configure their own timezone

    • Time displayed throughout MO is as per user’s preferred time zone

    • No upgrade needed for existing customers

    • Calendar controls work with dates as per user’s preferred time zone

Display time zone offset information for Workflow

Display time zone offset information for People Tab

Time zone use-case for workflow

  • Users in two time zones (EST & PST)

  • Work Flow tasks or approvals can be assigned to members of different time zones

  • Project owner specifies date and time in his time zone

  • Forecast Actual Start/Forecast Actual End, Target start/Target End are displayed in user’s preferred time zone.

  • Specified Date/Time is converted into task member’s time zone for calculations

    • end-date,

    • rippling,

    • approval validation etc.

  • Users working hours are still defined at system level but applied to local time zones.

Workflow Example for EST and PST users

PST User

EST User

EMM: Marketing Operations v9.1 New Feature – Approval portlet


Approval Portlet – Business Challenges

This is a usability Enhancement. The current Approval Portlet and Approval List View is cumbersome. For casual users there is need to easily working with approvals.

As the Reviewer/Approver I require the ability to access "Approvals Awaiting My Response" through a Dashboard Portlet.

The Approval Portlet will resemble the "My Task" Portlet.

The Approval Portlet will enable the Reviewer/Approver the ability to manager Approvals and access the Asset via the Mark-Up.

Ability to approve “all” pending approvals by one click.

Approval Portlet

EMM: Marketing Operations v9.1 New Feature – Skip approval


Steps to Skip Approval in Existing System

Allow users to intuitively skip approvals

  • Currently Users need to start the Approval and then Cancel (this procedure will SKIP the Approval). This operation is confusing to users.

  • SKIP Approval experience is now enhanced to be simple 1 step process.

EMM: Marketing Operations v9.1 New Feature – Label Modification


Label Modification – for Plan, Program, Project

  • Value Proposition: This feature allows template creators to tailor attribute naming conventions and require or not require the applicable attributes.

  • Facilitate a way in the template for the creators to change the following properties of the standard attributes of Plan, Program and Objects.

  • Label of the attribute

    • Help tip of the attribute

    • Required

    • Not visible (do not display)

  • Changed labels/help view/edit modes as well as advanced searches and rule-builders tip and behavior will be applicable at the instance level.

    • The following standard attributes will be supported per object

  • Label modification

    Pencil indicates it is editable

    EMM: Marketing Operations v9.1 New Feature – Fill Down


    Our users find it cumbersome to have to re-enter basic data two times, once for the project and once for the campaign. We frequently also find errors due to the repeated, manual entry.

    Things to be aware of

    • If Marketing Operations, Campaign and eMessage are integrated…..

      • “Campaign - eMessage “ offer integration can also be achieved when the offer integration in MO is on , and also for the offers created from MO

      • The link on the MO offer allowing for the relationship to the eMessage asset is not present.

        • This can be achieved by going to eMessage Asset and then linking the MO offer.

    EMM: Marketing Operations v9.1 Installation & Upgrades

    Marketing Operations v9.1 installation process

    • Installer now provides links directly to the product's installation and upgrade guides, in either PDF or HTML formats. 

    • Installing the Integration Module

      • Starting in Marketing Operations, you must specifically install the IBM Marketing Operations Integration Services module.

    • Map configuration files Migration 

      • All map files will be moved to DB (tables uap_map_table and uap_map_column)

      • Messages from map files will be moved to ({planHome}/messages/com/ibm/umo/ext/UMOConfigurationMessages_{locale}.properties

      • Map XML configuration file (e.g. mo_creatives_map.xml) related to MO will not be created. The new configuration entries will be created in database and properties files will have new entries related to localization. 

    Marketing Operations v9.1 installation process : umodbsetup

    • The data base password stored in file located inside tools/bin folder will be encrypted at time of new installation or upgrade installation.

    • The tool is modified to have an option to encrypt existing password or change password and encrypt it

      • –E option: This option will encrypt exiting password. If exiting password is already encrypted the tool will skip this operation. This option can be used with automatic DB setup or manual.E.g : ./ –E –t full –L en_US – This will encrypt password before populating full DB./ –E – This option will just encrypt the password

      • –P option: This option will allow system administrator to update exiting password located in file. This option will prompt user to enter new password.E.g: ./ –P – Prompt user to enter new password.

    • The tool will try to establish connection after encrypting new password.

    Marketing Operations v9.1 upgrade process

    • From 8.x

      • Then upgrade to 9.1

    • From 7.x

      • Upgrade to 7.5

      • Upgrade to 8.5

      • Upgrade to 9.1

    • Wiki link of MO Upgrade guide from EMM Everyone Writes DeveloperWorks wiki


        For details, please see the 9.0 Environments Guide.

    Marketing Operations v9.1Software Environment Combinations

    Items in bold have an EOS date past the EOS date of version 9.1.

    For details, please see the 9.1 Environments Guide.

    Newly bundled with Marketing Operations v9.1

    • Reporting

      • IBM Cognos BI 10.2 64 bit

    • Application Server

      • IBM WebSphereBASE 8.5 64-bit

    Newly supported for Marketing Operations v9.1

    • Client Browsers

      • IE 10 (32 and 64 bit) on Windows 7 Professional

      • Safari 6.0.1 on Mac OS 10.8

      • Adobe Support

      • Adobe 10 and Adobe 11 on Safari 6.0.1 on Mac OS 10.8

      • Adobe 10 on Windows 7 and 8

    • Application Server

      • IBM WebSphere 8.5

      • Oracle WebLogic 12c

    • Operating Systems

      • Windows Server 2012

      • RHEL AP 6.3

      • Solaris 11 Update 1

    • System Table Database

      • SQL Server 2012 64-bit

    • User Table Database

      • SQL Server 2012 64-bit

    No Longer supported for Marketing Operations v9.1

    • Operating Systems

      • All 32-bit OS support

      • SLES 9

      • RHEL 4.x

      • RHEL 5.1

    • Application Servers

      • Oracle WebLogic 9.2

      • IBM WebSphere 6.1

    • System Table Database

      • DB2 9.1

      • SQL Server 2005

      • Oracle 10.2

    Thank you to the development & QA teams!

    • Dev resources:

      • Anurag Srivastava

      • Rupesh Mukkawar

      • Mukesh Rathod

      • Sumit Gaikaiwari

      • Amardeep Rajpal

      • Sudhan Gaikwad

      • Mangesh Dhabhade (GBS resource – defect fixing)

    • QA resources:

      • Prajkta Goredeshmukh

      • Kanchan Dr Bhandarkar

      • Sushant Pandey

      • Nilesh R Atal

      • Rojan Shetty

      • Pranitha Bhat (GBS resource)

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