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ATM Machine. Deposits and Withdrawals. Field Work and Research. Interviews of Youth Pastors, Ministers, students, Professors, whites, minorities, and school employees Reinforced by Scholastic Readings

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ATM Machine

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ATM Machine

Deposits and Withdrawals

Field Work and Research

Interviews of Youth Pastors, Ministers, students, Professors, whites, minorities, and school employees

Reinforced by Scholastic Readings

Experiences of Various Environments including: churches, universities, and communities (In the United States and Hong Kong)

The Big Concepts

  • Identity

  • Christianity/Religion

  • Whiteness

  • Minority

  • Community

Who Defines Whom?

  • Minorities defined by/through reference, contrast, comparison to the majority

  • U.S. majority is white Christians, what does this mean?

  • Levels of interaction as individuals, communities, and as a nation

The Effect of Christianity on Identity Formation

  • Segregation in Churches/Church groups

  • Religious and cultural education in Churches/Church groups

  • Types of interactions between white and minority churches

  • Moral and value creation

So much more fun than Professor Hamada’s Class!

The Influence of Christianity on Minority Religions

Important Concepts:

  • The Definition of Religion?

  • What is Christianity?

  • The Religious “Minority”

Influence of Religion on American Society

  • Christian Conservatism

  • Moral Values and Traditions

  • Practice of “Other” Religions

  • A Loss of Faith

Interview Findings

  • “We are all minorities”

  • Distancing oneself from the “other”

  • Inflexible Traditions and an Unwillingness to Adapt

  • More appealing alternatives to Christianity

**Boy, I’m sure glad I have an airbag!**

Christianity, African Americans and ethnic identity

  • Christianity has profound influence on African Americans’ ethnic identity

  • Interviews

  • Institutional level

  • Contextual level

Christianity, African Americans and ethnic identity (institutional level)

Church (institution)

Different system between

black churches and

white churches

Closer bond within

the same ethnic group

members in the

Black church

Black cultural identity

Christianity, African Americans and ethnic identity (contextual level)

Christianity (context)

Exodus (slaves in Egypt vs. slaves in US)

Moses vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

Political awareness & Civil Rights movement

Black cultural identity

That was the scariest

five minutes of my life!

**Man, that was SOO much FUN!**

The Politics of Representation

  • Impersonal nature of American Society

  • Media and Entertainment reinforcing the status quo

  • “Truth on Film”

  • Blacks illustrated as inferior to whites

  • Consequences – black identity reliant on white perspective

American Ideals vs. Limitations of actual Institutions

  • Majority/ Dominant Discourses

  • Narratives that reconcile racial inequality with belief in justice and equality

  • Traditional Storytelling – Good vs. Bad

Stereotypes in Film and Media

  • Subservient- Mammies, Toms, and Coons

Stereotypes in Film and Media Continued

  • Oversexed/ De-sexed

  • Violent

  • Incomplete

Pancakes for Dinner!

Who Does that?

Who AM I?

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