Wartime propaganda and cartoons of world war 2
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Wartime Propaganda and Cartoons of World War 2 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wartime Propaganda and Cartoons of World War 2 . And the Effects on the A merican Home Front. Cartoons/Propaganda. The United States and its allies were portrayed in a positive light. Allied Characters always won the conflicts.

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Wartime Propaganda and Cartoons of World War 2

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Wartime Propaganda and Cartoons of World War 2

And the Effects on the American Home Front


  • The United States and its allies were portrayed in a positive light.

  • Allied Characters always won the conflicts.

  • Japanese and German character’s cultures were partrayed on the extremes.

    • German language, culture, and the nazi’s were ridiculed.

    • Japanese language, physical characteristics, and customs were also made fun of.

World War Two Propaganda

Your Job in Germany

Japanese Propaganda Video 1945

Warner Bros.

  • Harry Warner produced the first successful anti-German film, The Life of Emile Zola. Afterwards, he went on to supervise the production of many more anti-German films.

  • Watner bros. was very pro-American due to one fourth of the studios employees, including Jack Warner and his son Jack Jr., were drafted or enlisted into the armed forces.

Bugs Bunny Cartoon

Banned Looney Toons WW2 Cartoon

Ronald Dahl

  • An injured RAF pilot, Ronald Dahl wrote The Gremlins for children about the hazards of being a pilot. The Gremlins is about little monsters causing mischief. The name derived from the nickname given to Nazi pilots, Gremlins, and any mishaps with the pilot or machine when flying were blamed upon the Gremlins


Popeye the Sailor Man

A Jolly Good Furlough

Disney Cartoons


  • Designed an emblem for the Navy’s new “mosquito boats” featuring a mosquito wearing a tar’s hat and grasping a torpedo with its many legs.

  • This lead to many more requests for Disney’s cartoon insigniass.by the time they were done, Disney had completed more than 700 emblems.

  • Disney’s influence was soon seen around the globe.








Disney Cartoon

Education For Death: Hitler’s Children

Effect on the People

  • Women were motivated to go get “manly jobs” to help contribute and support their men in the war. These jobs payed less to women than men.

  • Children were influenced by these cartoons and pro-American/Allied beliefs were formed in their minds.

  • Men’s desire to join the fight became more excited by the cartoons, posters, and other propaganda.



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WW2 Cartoon

Booby Traps

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