Bimbingan teknis entrepreneur skill
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Bimbingan Teknis Entrepreneur Skill PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bimbingan Teknis Entrepreneur Skill. Program Mahasiswa Wirausaha (PMW) Koordinasi Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Wilayah IV Tahun 2014. Resha Akbar, ST. Selasa , 24 Juni 2014. PERANCANGAN PRODUK DAN INOVASI. Speaker of The Day!!!. RESHA AKBAR, ST. Narasumber Hari ini ….

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Bimbingan Teknis Entrepreneur Skill

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Bimbingan teknis entrepreneur skill

BimbinganTeknisEntrepreneur Skill

Program MahasiswaWirausaha (PMW)

KoordinasiPerguruanTinggiSwasta Wilayah IV

Tahun 2014

Resha Akbar, ST.

Perancangan produk dan inovasi

Selasa, 24 Juni2014


Speaker of the day

Speaker of The Day!!!


Narasumber hari ini

NarasumberHariini …

Nama: Resha Akbar

TTL:Surabaya, 22 September 1989

Pendidikan :S1 TeknikIndustri

Pekerjaan :BisnisAnalis & DosenProfesional

Telepon:081330645452 / 022 72222642






Kreatifitas vs inovasi

Kreatifitas VS Inovasi

  • Kreatifitas berhubungan dengan proses penemuan ide.

  • Inovasi lebih pada implementasi gagasan.

Gaya kreatifitas

Gaya Kreatifitas



Inovasi merupakan kelanjutan dari penemuan (invention) yaitu kegiatan kreatif untuk menciptakan suatu konsep baru untuk keperluan baru, untuk diwujudkan dan diimplementasikan menjadi suatu bisnis yang sukses.

Hal hal yang dapat menimbulkan inovasi

Hal-hal yang DapatMenimbulkanInovasi

  • Kejadiantidakterduga.

  • Ketidakserasian.

  • Kebutuhanproses.

  • Perubahanpasar.

  • Perubahandemografis.

  • Perubahanpersepsi.

  • Munculnyapengetahuanbaru.

Proses inovasi




“Anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need” (Kotler)

Products that are marketed include physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, organizations, information, and ideas.

Klasifikasi produk


  • Nondurable goods

  • Durable goods

  • Intangible goods

Barang vs jasa


“Most Goods contain a Service, and Most Services Contain a Good”

Product life cycle

Product Life Cycle

Diferensiasi produk


  • Form

  • Features

  • Performance Quality

  • Conformance Quality

  • Durability

  • Reliability

  • Repairability

Beberapa pertimbangan dalam mengembangkan produk


  • Understanding the Customer

  • Economic Change

  • Sociological and Demographic Change

  • Technological Change

  • Legal Change (Political)

What do you think

What do you think !?

Electric Paper Line

What do you think1

What do you think !?

Ear Mirror

What do you think2

What do you think !?

What do you think3

What do you think !?


What do you think4

What do you think !?

What do you think5

What do you think !?

Pengembangan produk


The set of activities beginning with the perception of a market opportunity and ending in the production, sale, and delivery of a product (Ulrich danEppinger).

Jenis jenis pengembangan produk baru


  • New to The World Products

  • New Product Lines

  • Additions to Existing Product Lines

  • Improvement & Revisions of Exicting Products

  • Repositioning

  • Cost Reduction

What do you think6

What do you think !?

Jenis jenis pengembangan produk baru1


Pihak yang terlibat dalam pengembangan produk

Pihak yang TerlibatDalamPengembanganProduk

  • Marketing

  • Design

  • Manufacturing

Karakteristik pengembangan produk yang berhasil

KarakteristikPengembanganProduk yang Berhasil

  • KualitasProduk

  • BiayaProduksi

  • WaktuPengembangan

  • BiayaPengembangan

  • KemampuanPengembangan

Penyebab kegagalan produk


  • Demand yang terlalusedikit

  • Adanyaketidakcocokandengankemampuanperusahaan

  • Not new / not different

  • Kesalahanperamalan

  • Perubahanteknologi

  • Waktu yang tidaktepat

  • Responpesaing

Demand factor

Demand Factor

Persaingan dan korban teknologi


Respon pesaing


Respon pesaing1


Milih a bah atau ambu

MilihAbahatauAmbu ? 

Strategi perusahaan

Strategi Perusahaan

  • Technology Leadership

  • Cost Leadership

  • Customer Focus

  • Imitative

Business strategy

Business Strategy

Strategi pengembangan produk baru


  • StrategiProaktif

  • StrategiReaktif

    • Defensive strategy

    • Imitative Strategy

    • Second but better

    • Responsive

Alasan pengembangan produk yang terorganisir

AlasanPengembanganProduk yang Terorganisir

  • Quality Assurance

  • Coordination

  • Planning

  • Management

  • Improvement

Tahapan pengembangan produk



Production Ramp-up

Concept Development

Testing & Refinement

System Level Design

Detail Design

Identifikasi kebutuhan pelanggan


  • Memastikanbahwaproduk yang dibuatberfokuspadakebutuhanpelanggan

  • Mengidentifikasikebutuhan yang tidakdinyatakan

  • Menyediakanjustifikasiberbasisfakta

  • Memastikantidakadakebutuhanpenting yang terlewatkan

Tahapan dalam identifikasi kebutuhan


  • MendefinisikanCakupan

  • Pengumpulan Data

    • Interview / wawancara

    • Focus Group Discussion

    • Observation

  • Interpretasi Data

  • MenyusunKebutuhan

  • Mengukur Tingkat KepentinganKebutuhan

  • Evaluasi

  • Perceptual map

    Perceptual Map

    Perceptual map1

    Perceptual Map

    Kano model

    Kano Model

    Memilih pelanggan


    • Lead Users

    • Extreme Users

    • The Customers

    What do you think7

    What do you think !?

    What do you think8

    What do you Think ??

    Untuk pasar indonesia

    UntukPasar Indonesia

    What do you think9

    What do you think !?

    Design for manufacturing

    Design for Manufacturing

    a development practice emphasizing manufacturing issues throughout the product development process

    Industrial design

    Industrial Design

    Five critical goals that industrial designers can help a team to achieve when developing new products:

    • Utility

    • Appearance

    • Ease of maintenance

    • Low costs

    • Communication

    Manufacturing costs

    Manufacturing Costs

    Industrial design1

    Industrial Design

    • Ergonomics

    • Aesthetics

    • Environment

    Penerapan desain teknologi



    Industrial design2

    Industrial Design

    10 mental blocks

    10 Mental Blocks

    • Looking for the one right answer

    • Excessive logical thinking

    • Rigidly following the rules

    • Being too practical

    • Not being willing to have fun and play

    • Overspecializing

    • Avoiding ambiguity

    • Fear of looking foolish

    • Unwillingness to make an error

    • Believing You are not creative

    Improving your creative abilities

    Improving your Creative Abilities

    Draw four or fewer straight lines (Without lifting the pencil from the paper) that will cross through all nine dots

    Solution 1

    Solution 1

    Solution 2

    Solution 2

    Solution 3

    Solution 3

    Left or right

    Left or Right !?

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