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Immigrants. THE American Dream. All Immigrants came to America to pursue the same thing; The American Dream “An American is somebody who came from somewhere else to become someone else”. Racism.

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the american dream
THE American Dream
  • All Immigrants came to America to pursue the same thing; The American Dream
  • “An American is somebody who came from somewhere else to become someone else”
  • Some were racist towards Blacks, Orientals and Mexicans because they believed white Americans were more important.
  • Americans wanted their country to stay pure.
  • Immigrants felt that they were inferior to White Americans because they had been in America longer, there were also languages barriers which prevented the ‘new-Americans’ from fitting in to the American way of life.
  • WASPs were worried about what kind of people

would come to America.

  • Americans thought that jobs and houses would be harder to find with so many immigrants.
  • Americans were worried that immigrants would bring bad and dangerous ideas.
  • They created more pressure on scarce housing in poorer areas.
  • Trade unions were very hostile to new workers that came to America and would take their jobs for lower wages and for longer hours.
world war one
World War one
  • There was a danger that American society would be split up due to WW1.
  • In America people from European backgrounds supported their mother country and not America. this caused huge divides in the country.
the red scare
The red scare
  • Communism was spreading in Russia.
  • All Americans shared the same fear that communism would spread to America due to uprisings of the new Russian Immigrants.
  • Many Americans thought that strikes were brought about by the immigrant revolutionists.
  • The American Socialist Party and the

American Communist Party were established

during this period.

  • There was extreme fears of groups like the

Mafia who immigrated to establish themselves

in America.

  • Mob rule and crime was common in northern cities.
  • Some immigrants had to depend on crime to make a lining due to the very high unemployment levels.
  • Create a mind map for the reasons for the Changing Attitudes Towards Immigration in America during the 1920’s.
8 mark essay
8 Mark Essay
  • Explain why the attitudes of Americans towards immigration changed after 1918?
marking scheme
Marking Scheme

The candidate explains why the attitudes of Americans towards immigration changed after 1918 by referring to evidence such as:

  • growing fear of social unrest in aftermath of Russian Revolution
  • fear that Communism may spread to USA
  • worry about increasing numbers of immigrants from southern and eastern Europe
  • concern that immigrants would take jobs
  • concern that immigrants would depress wages
  • concern that immigrants would be used to break strikes
  • concern that immigrants would create pressure on scarce housing
  • feeling that new immigrants were inferior eg illiterate
  • feeling that USA could no longer take unrestricted numbers of immigrants
  • feeling that immigrants were involved in organised crime
  • influence of WASPs.