Education from 1800 1860
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Education From 1800-1860. Presentation by Caley, Crystal, and Millie. Why Reform?. Undeveloped schools Increased Funding Racial Discrimination Gender Equality. Educational Problems.

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Education from 1800 1860

EducationFrom 1800-1860

Presentation by Caley, Crystal, and Millie

Why reform
Why Reform?

  • Undeveloped schools

  • Increased Funding

  • Racial Discrimination

  • Gender Equality

Educational problems
Educational Problems

  • Largest Problem- The teachers lacked training. The teachers were also unprepared. They acted more like babysitters than educators.

  • Small overcrowded schoolhouses

  • No desks

  • Little to no teaching materials

Influential reformers
Influential Reformers

  • Noah Webster

  • William McGuffey

  • Horace Mann

  • Henry Barnard

These men all shared one goal. They all wanted to educate America’s youth as well as possible.

Noah webster
Noah Webster

  • Unhappy with crowded American Schools

  • Preferred American textbooks

  • Wrote First American Dictionary

  • Considered an American Hero for all his accomplishments

William mcguffey
William McGuffey

  • Compiler of the McGuffey Eclectic Series (a series of elementary readers placed in Western schools)

  • His series greatly influenced American minds.

  • The 120 million copies sold affected people from all walks of life.

Horace mann
Horace Mann

Believed- “No republic can endure unless its citizens are literate and educated.”

  • “Father of American Public School Education”

  • Edited the “Common School Journal”

  • Wrote 12 famous annual reports

  • Secretary of the Massachusetts Commission to improve education (Later to become the State Board of Education)

Henry barnard
Henry Barnard

  • Secretary of the Connecticut board of commissioners of common schools

  • What did he do?

    1.School Inspections

    2.Recommended Textbooks

    3.Organized teacher institutions

    and associations for parents and


    4.Helped establish additional legislative measures on education

One of the leaders in the movement to reform common schools of America.

Racial inequality in education
Racial Inequality in Education

  • Earliest form was given by Christian missionaries

  • Southern states opposed education of their slaves.

  • Pennsylvania started the education of other races, which eventually led to integration of public schools.

Women and their education
Women and their Education

  • In the early 1800s, women couldn’t continue their education after grammar school.

  • “Academies” were created for women and by women who wanted equality with men.

  • Oberlin College, the first college to admit men and women (blacks and whites), provided women with an opportunity to receive a higher education for the first time.

Influential women
Influential Women

All together led the Female Seminary Movement by starting schools for women’s education.

  • Mary Lyon

  • Emma Willard

  • Catharine Beecher

Effects of the education movement
Effects of the Education Movement

  • Formation of improved American schools

  • Integration of public schools

  • Establishment of new colleges

  • First American-made textbooks

  • Women’s Rights Movement

  • Enhanced learning for people of all ages



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