1200 Lectures in 12 months:
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1200 Lectures in 12 months: Campus-Wide Classroom Capture at University of New Mexico Valencia Campus. Najib Manea PhD. University of New Mexico Valencia Campus. Agenda. UNM-Valencia Campus UNM-Valencia Classroom An overview of UNM-Valencia classroom capture technology program

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Najib Manea PhD. University of New Mexico Valencia Campus

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1200 Lectures in 12 months: Campus-Wide Classroom Capture at University of New Mexico Valencia Campus

Najib Manea PhD.

University of New Mexico Valencia Campus


  • UNM-Valencia Campus

  • UNM-Valencia Classroom

  • An overview of UNM-Valencia classroom capture technology program

  • Obstacles and incentives to adoption of classroom capture.

  • Campus administration role .

  • Classroom Capture Reports

  • The future of classroom capture

  • Learning Objects

  • Future Improvements and Challenges

  • Samples

UNM Valencia

  • A branch campus to UNM Main Campus in Albuquerque since 1986

  • Serves as a community college to a large rural area (Valencia, N. Socorro, and W. Torrance Counties)

  • Serves over 2,300 students per semester

  • 22 Associate Degree or Certificate Programs

Fall 2010

UNM Valencia Students

  • 56% self identify as Hispanic

  • 58% are first generation college students

  • 75% receive need-based grants and loans

UNM-Valencia Classroom

Includes standard technical infrastructure for teaching & learning :

  • Fixed data/video projection capability

  • Internet connectivity at instructor station

  • Wireless student networking

  • Standard input devices (VCR and DVD)

  • Hotline phone for instructor, pager, and desktop link.

  • Network drives for storage (Faculty + Students).

  • Flexible growth potential - able to interface new devices.

Why do use Technology?

We use technology to:

  • Increase students retention

  • Increase student engagement

  • Maintain interest in curriculum and making it accessible

  • Use accumulated data to enhance lessons in the future

  • Make more effective use of media

  • Bring the world into your classroom via use of the internet

  • Allow students to drive learning to a certain extent

Classroom Capture Selection Process

Before choosing Mediasite we did Study four classroom capture systems including Mediasite:

  • Demos

  • Trials

  • Studying technical aspects

  • Contacting other Universities/ Institutions

  • Quotes

How did we fund the project?

The project was funded by HSI Title V grant:

  • Cooperating to Improve Rural Hispanic Student Success through Technology (Pilot-3 Classrooms):

    • P.I.: Dr. Najib Manea

    • UNM Valencia-UNM Los Alamos

  • STEM Graduation and Transfer Project (30 classrooms)

The Requirements for Launching the Program

  • Classroom Infrastructure:

    • Electric outlets/drops

    • Teachers' workstations

    • Podiums & Podiums customization for ventilation

    • Locks & KVMs

  • Audio/Video Equipment

    • Cameras & Microphones

    • DVD/VCR & Document cameras

    • Smart Switching Mats

  • Networking

    • Bandwidth, Data Ports, & IP addresses

  • Mediasite System

    Classroom Capture Server Cluster

    Input Devices in our Classroom

    We have a variety of Audio/Video devices in our classroom that include but not limited to:

    • Video Sources

    • Audio Sources

    • Image Sources

    Audio Sources

    • XLR Connection

    • RCA (Line Level)

    • 1/8” Mini Jack

    • USB Connection

    Video Sources

    • Video camera

    • Webcam

    • Ceiling-mounted Camera

    Image Sources

    RGB/VGA (15 pin)

    • Laptop/Tablet

    • Document Camera

    • Smart board

    • Microscope

    • Anything with a VGA out

    Our Mediasite Recorders

    • Rack-mountable RL 29

    • Transportable (Mobile) ML 4

    What do we capture in our classrooms?

    We capture actual classroom activities that include:

    • Audio

    • Video

    • Supporting Material

      • PowerPoint Slides

      • PC Applications

      • Digital White Boards

      • Document Camera Slides

      • Microscopes

      • …..

    Sessions Types

    • Classroom sessions

    • Special occasions

    • Graduation

    • Guest speakers

    • Vendors Installation/Tutorial

    • Webcasts

    Faculty Planning

    • Content (Slides, links, videos, questions,..)

    • Length

    • Video/no Video

    • Publishing

      • Formats (Video+ Slides, video, Audio+slides, audio)

    • Operator replaced by affordable technology (Camera + Mic)

    • Easy to use

    • Transparent from the instructor’s perspective

    The Process

    • Create your content as usual (PowerPoint, videos, simulation, …)

    • Teach your class

    • Capture system (Cam, Mic, and recorder) captures you session and/or makes a live session.

    • Recorder FTPs the session to the server

    • Session will be published

    • Students can start viewing the sessions in few minutes

    Classroom Capture Technology Process

    Distribution Methods

    • Live presentations.

    • On-Demand presentations.

    • Publishing presentations to a file folder or CDs.

    • Podcasting

    Classroom Capture Reports

    Server Activity

    Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Students).

    • Enhance comprehension

    • Improve study and review for:

      • Homeworks

      • Reviewing for exams

      • Refreshing knowledge in preparation for other classes

    • Reduce language barriers

    • Catch-up in the event a class is missed due to illness.

    • Accessibility: sessions are automatically posted to course pages where students can retrieve them alongside assignments, references and other course information.

    Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Students).

    • Choice :(face-to-face and/or online) sections

  • Play segments of video rather than the entire video to Maintain interest

  • Universally viewable

  • Breaks the requirement for students to either:

    • pay attention

    • take notes

  • Podcasting

  • Interactive for personal preference

    • Works with all Platform

    • Minimal Technical Ability

  • Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Faculty).

    • Automatic publishing, distribution, & Management.

    • Manual/Automatic start/stop/pause options

    • Live and On-demand sessions

    • Learning styles

      • Visual

      • Auditory

    • Allows faculty for pre-recording of lectures:

      • As a supplementary material

      • In case of a conference travel

      • In case of Illness

      • In case of domestic emergencies

    Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Faculty).

    • Reach off-campus learners

    • Self-monitoring of lectures to study:

      • Content

      • Style

      • Interaction

  • Increases overall productivity

  • Improves effectiveness of office hours by spending less time answering routine course questions.

  • Provides assessment opportunities

  • Incentives to Adoption of Classroom Capture(Administrators)

    • Supporting the on-line and hybrid classes

    • Better leverage existing technology and facility investments

    • Boost usage of course management systems and smart classrooms

    • Provides assessment opportunities

    • Marketing tool

    • Improve student learning and retention.

    • Increase enrollment

    • Enhance recruitment and outreach

    • Capture campus events

    Teaching & Learning Center Role in Classroom Capture

    • Behind the scene actions

      • Configuring, Managing, Maintaining, and Scheduling

      • Publishing (Web, Folders, or CD)

    • Integrating within organization's IT structure

      • Access to Web server and/or Webmaster

      • Partnerships with other units (WebCT)

      • Compatibility with other software used (Browsers)

    • Ongoing maintenance issues

      • Staff willing to learn to use technology.

      • Support for faculty (settings, editing,….)

    Campus Administration Role

    • Funding and infrastructure

    • Support for both staff and faculty.

    • Integration with other entities within the campus.

    • Faculty Encouragement

    Administration and Faculty Involvement

    From the beginning they participated in:

    • Attending several vendors demos including Mediasite

    • Studying technical aspects

    • Studying quotes

    • Getting feedback from faculty

    • Announcing the plan ahead of time.

    Obstacles to Adoption of Classroom Capture.

    • The perception that a drop in student attendance will occur because:

      • Students think that no need to be in class

      • Any inconvenience can be a reason to stay home

    • Attendant loss of interaction in class

    • Decline in note taking

    • Faculty resistance because:

      • Permanent recording of class

      • Loss of control over content

      • Random evaluation by administration

    Faculty Resistance

    • Paulo Freire (1973) once said that “The answer does not lie in the rejection of the machine but in the humanization of man” (p.35).

    • Freire (1972) also said "It is not the media themselves which I criticize, but the way they are used" (p.136).

    Dealing with Faculty

    • Involving Faculty from the beginning

    • Insuring Privacy

    • Tutorials

    • On trial basis

    • Requests from students services

    • Working with some students

    • Edit some sessions as requested by faculty members

    • …..

    The Challenges

    • Convincing all faculty members to be recorded and use the recorded sessions in their WebCT courses

    • Managing 30+ classrooms

    • Enhancing whiteboards capturing (Math)

    • Enhancing Sound Quality

    • Ability to interface new devices

    Future Improvements

    • Enhancing science classes whiteboards writings sessions clarity

    • Using multiple cameras without operator

    • Automatic Integration with WebCT

    • Enhancing audio quality

    • Convincing all faculty members

    • Documenting H/W & S/W troubleshooting.

    Some Research Findings

    Source: Insights regarding undergraduate preference for lecture capture UW-MADISON ONLINE-LEARNING STUDY

    Future of Classroom Capture

    Recent research indicates that lecture capture integrated with other instructional technologies will be one of the cornerstones of pedagogical advancement over the next decade.

    • Learning Objects

    • Metadata SCORM

    • Optical character recognition(OCR)

    What are the Learning Objects?

    • Learning Objects are defined here as any digital resource that can be reused to support learning.

    • Learning objects can be described in terms of their:

      • Reusability derived from the concept of reusing small programming segments in computer science.

      • Granularity that means the scope and size of a learning object.

    Learning Objects Environment

    STEM Center

    • Learning Objects Environment that will host:

      • Simulations

      • Discussion sessions

      • Tutorials

      • Lectures

      • Tutoring sessions

      • Webcasting

      • Podcasting


    • ART History

    • Biology Science

    UNM Valencia

    Dreams Start Here!

    Thank you!

    Najib Manea PhD

    UNM Valencia

    [email protected]

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