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Reflection Questions. By Liam Heggs and Alex Lyakhovets. Was your final design more effective than your original prototype? How do you know?.

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Reflection Questions

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Reflection Questions

By Liam Heggs and Alex Lyakhovets

Was your final design more effective than your original prototype? How do you know?

  • The final design was more effective because in the original prototype, the melon broke open at a certain point. But in the final design the melon did not break open and did not get that many marks or scratches. Here is proof from my results:

What did you learn from experimentation that helped you construct your final design?

  • I learned that I needed something to keep the melon from bouncing around in the container, so I did some research and found out that seatbelts could help the melon stay in place, therefore, making the melon not able to hit the ground or the sides of the container and break or get marks on it. I also learned that I should make a smaller container to hold the melon in place so the melon will stay still.

What variables did you try to keep constant when attempting to accomplish the challenge?

  • I tried to keep the height from which I dropped the melon constant, the type of melon I used, the cardboard I used, the cotton balls I used, and the tape I used. I also tried to keep the surface I dropped the container on constant.

After researching scientific phenomena related to this challenge, would you make any changes to your final design if you were given the opportunity?

  • Yes, I would close the sides of the container more securely, just in case the melon falls through the Styrofoam. Also, I would make the seatbelt even tighter, because the tighter the seatbelt is around the melon, the less the melon gets to bounce around, and there are less chances of the melon breaking or getting marks on it.

What did you learn from participating in this design process?

  • I learned what you need to protect an item from a fall from a great height, I learned about force and I learned how to calculate efficiency. I also learned a lot about seatbelts and how they work.

What did you like the most about the design process?

  • I liked constructing the container and testing the container and seeing if the melon broke or not, that was my favorite part.

What was the most challenging part of the design process?

  • The most challenging part of the design process was making the graph and the conclusion, also uploading everything to the wiki was hard because a lot of times I forgot to save and had to restart the wiki page all over again.

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