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Nevine Tewfik Director, Research, Policies and Strategic Planning MCIT- Egypt [email protected] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ITU Workshop on “Tackling Climate Change and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Measurement” (Cotonou, Benin, 19 July 2012). Towards Concerted African Efforts in ICT and Climate Change ( Snapshots From ITU- T Q23/5, Egypt and Ghana). Nevine Tewfik

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ITU Workshop on

“Tackling Climate Change and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Measurement”(Cotonou, Benin, 19 July 2012)

Towards Concerted African Efforts in ICT and Climate Change (Snapshots From ITU- T Q23/5, Egypt and Ghana)

Nevine Tewfik

Director, Research, Policies and Strategic Planning

MCIT- Egypt

[email protected]

Some facts about africa and climate change
Some Facts About Africa and Climate Change

According to the ITU and Gesi report on Using ICTs to tackle Climate Change: There will be a predicted rise in average temperature of 1.1-6.4°C6 during the 21st century7. The results will be uneven in their distribution, with low-lying coastal areas at risk because of rising sea levels and sub- Saharan Africa at risk due to desertification… a growing number of refugees and increased pressure on water sources and vulnerable ecosystems. By 2020, up to a quarter of a billion Africans will experience increased water stress, and crop yields in some African countries are expected to drop…

SG5- Q23

The ITU Survey on ICT and Climate Change- 2011

Some countries provided more than one answer (e.g. Belgium=2, People’s Republic of China=2, Finland=3, Greece=7, Japan=3, Spain=2, Russian Federation=2, United Kingdom=2)Entries received from Ministries, Regulatory Authorities, Sector Members and Associates

Revised tasks of q23 5 ict and adaptation
Revised Tasks of Q23/5 ICT and Adaptation

  • Produce a Recommendation on: Best practices for countries to use ICT in adapting to the effects of climate change

  • Produce a Recommendation on: Adapting the ICT sector and infrastructure to the impacts of climate change

  • Develop an ICT and Climate Change Adaptation portal based on the recommendation that would include best practices on ICT and Climate Change.

1 st largest regional technology park
1 Sector Strategy 2012- 2017stLargestRegional TechnologyPark


Nile Corridor for Communications & Information technology

Community Development

Infrastructure & Policies

Business Development


Infrastructure &

IT Parks

ICT Business Partnership


Regulatory Environment



Poverty Reduction

Market Research & Business Indicators

Network Security

Women & child

In Process: e-waste Academy with Step Initiative… Water Management Workshop with ITU… Local Portal

Democracy & Governance

Itu project in ghana
ITU Project in Ghana Sector Strategy 2012- 2017

“Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and ICTs:

The Case of Ghana”

Impacts of climate change in ghana
Impacts of Climate Change in Ghana Sector Strategy 2012- 2017

“Africa's contribution to greenhouse gases is low; however the continent is suffering the most in terms of the effects of climate change.

Cocoa for instance could become a rare crop in the next 15 years if something is not done to reverse the effects of climate change.”

H.E. John Dramani Mahama, Vice President, Ghana

  • Evidence of climate change abound in Ghana. Temperature has increased by 0.6 - 0.8 °C since 1960.

  • According to projections of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by 2080 the rainfall will reduce by 20% to 40% while the temperature will rise by 4.5 C.

  • All these conditions will not be suitable for the growing of cocoa anywhere in the country.

  • The rainfall pattern is affecting maize production. By 2020 it is projected that there will be a 7% decline in production.

Ict and cc adaptation at different levels the case of ghana
ICT and CC Adaptation at Different Levels: Sector Strategy 2012- 2017The Case of Ghana


Ghana’s Climate Change Adaptation

ICTs & CC Adaptation



  • Role within International CC Negotiations and Actions

Key Stages of the Adaptation Process:

  • Informed Decision Making

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Adaptation Delivery

  • Feedback & Learning

  • Institutional Capacity Building



Examples related to:



  • Food Security

  • Water Supply

  • Health

  • Infrastructure

Conclusions and recommendations
Conclusions and Recommendations Sector Strategy 2012- 2017

  • More input is needed from African countries to produce a relevant recommendation on best practices on ICT and adaptation as well as adaptation of the ICT sector.

    • Next Meeting of Working Party 3/5 (8-12 October, Geneva)

  • Feedback needed on Roadmap for an Adaptation web site to cater effectively to the needs of the continent.

  • Conducting the survey next year, as well as on a regular basis (once a year).

  • Invite African countries to hold Adaptation Workshops in 2013 together with ITU.

Conclusions and recommendations1
Conclusions and Recommendations Sector Strategy 2012- 2017

  • Consider the revision of resolution 73- Information and Communication Technologies and Climate Change adopted at the WORLD TELECOMMUNICATION STANDARDIZATION ASSEMBLY in Johannesburg, 21-30 October 2008 at the next WTSA meeting in November 2012 for a more relevant and updated text.

    • Use the Montreal Declaration issued by The 7th ITU symposium as a possible reference, as well as recent documents enjoying consensus.

Thank you
Thank You Sector Strategy 2012- 2017

  • More information on ITU-T Activities on ICT and CC