Diary of karana survival for 7 days
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Diary of Karana Survival for 7 days PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Diary of Karana Survival for 7 days. BY: Geraldo V.T and Leonardo B.F Class: 8.2. Prologue. It’s been a very hard day since Ramo’s death. I will have to survive in the island on my own . I started to think to collect things and survive on my own . Day 1.

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Diary of Karana Survival for 7 days

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Diary of Karana Survival for 7 days

BY: Geraldo V.T and Leonardo B.F

Class: 8.2


It’s been a very hard day since

Ramo’sdeath. I will have to

survive in the island on my

own. I started to think to

collect things and survive on my


Day 1

The first thing that come to my mind is food. So, I start

to find food at the beach. After I search between some

rocks, I found a lot of abalones. I also try to catch some

fish which is so hard because I catch it with my bare

hand. After I found some food, I start to collect sticks to

make fire. Then, I start to cook the fish and abalones

and eat them all. That night I sleep onahighrock.

Day 2

When I wake up, I make a stone spear with the

sticks I found yesterday, a sharp stone that I just

find beside the high rock, and vines not far from

the high rock. With that spear I can catch the

fish easier. I collect food for a week. I also collect

a bunch of sticks to make fire for a week. I also

find a bit of fresh water under the rocks.

Day 3

Today I start to travel the island. I find a hot spring on

the way to the top of the cliff and I also find a place

where the sea elephants are, just below the cliff on the

other side. Before I come back to the high rock, I take a

bath in the hot spring. I came back to the high rock and

take all of my belongings to a place near the hot spring

below the tree. That night I sleep on a tree branch and

the wild dogs is disturbing me all night long.

Day 4

This morning, after I eat, drink and take a bath on the

spring, I try to get some sea elephant’s tusk to make

weapon. Using the stick, the vine, and the sea

elephant’s tusk, I made a stronger spear to protect

myself from the wild dogs. After I finished this spear, I

start to collect the material to make a small house of

my own. I start to collect a bigger and stronger wood,

more vines, and palm leaves.

Day 5

Like usual I take a bath, drink and eat some fish

and abalones. I start to build my house beside

the tree. While I’m doing my work, the wild dogs

are disturbing me. So, I kill them one by one. At

night I tried to find the wild dog’s lair and make

a fire in front of their lairs to scared them.

Day 6

Like yesterday after I take a bath, drink and eat, I

continue to build my house and finish my house. After I

finish my house the wild dogs start to come and attack

me. I killed some of them, but they’re a lot more

coming, so I burn the vines and stick that I have left and

throw it to them. They all go away. After the battle, I

bailed water on the fire to blew them out. This night I

sleep in my house that I just build.

Day 7

Today I wake up late at noon. I eat, drink, take a

bath, and rest for the whole days because today

I don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to

rest all day long. I also have thinking to make a

boat and leave the island for the next day

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