from soup to nuts if it s about behavior apa has it
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From Soup to Nuts: If It’s About Behavior, APA Has IT

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From Soup to Nuts: If It’s About Behavior, APA Has IT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From Soup to Nuts: If It’s About Behavior, APA Has IT. Presented by Anne Breitenbach, Trainer, PsycINFO. A Little Housekeeping. Please sign in so we have an accurate headcount . . . . . . and complete an evaluation (even if you have to leave early). Today’s Presentation.

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from soup to nuts if it s about behavior apa has it

From Soup to Nuts: If It’s About Behavior, APA Has IT

Presented by

Anne Breitenbach, Trainer, PsycINFO

American Psychological Association 2013


A Little Housekeeping

  • Please sign in so we have an accurate headcount . . .
  • . . . and complete an evaluation (even if you have to leave early)
database facts
Database Facts
  • PsycINFO®: abstract database of over 3.4 million records from the 1800s to present
  • PsycARTICLES®: full-text articles from 81 journals published by the APA and allied publishers
  • PsycBOOKS®: full-text collection of over 3,600 scholarly and classic books (53,000+ chapters)
  • PsycCRITIQUES®: weekly release of book and film reviews –over 40,500
database facts1
Database Facts
  • PsycEXTRA®: hard-to-find gray literature – more than 291,000 records, 70% full-text
  • PsycTESTS®: access to information about psychological tests, measures, scales, and other assessments – nearly 14,000
  • PsycTHERAPY®: videos featuring therapy demonstrations showing clinicians working with individuals, couples, and families.
problem solving with behavioral science data

Problem Solving With Behavioral Science Data

American Psychological Association 2013



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American Psychological Association 2013

deep indexing for expert searching
Deep Indexing for Expert Searching
  • Index Terms
  • Keywords
  • Classification Codes
  • Grants & Sponsorships
  • Tests/Measures
  • Methodology
so we beat on boats against the current borne back ceaselessly into the past
“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”

A man recreates himself in his desire to make the present conform to his dream of a past love. So clear and gorgeous is his vision, that its realization can’t compete with the ideal.




American Psychological Association 2013


Neuroscientists are fascinated with the elusive permanence of memory. An ALS researcher is exploring how memory traces reside in specific brain cells and is looking for research with brain imaging.

  • Engram OR “memory trace”
  • Brain imaging

American Psychological Association 2013



» Complete PsycARTICLES Fact Sheet

American Psychological Association 2013

new in 2013
New in 2013
  • Archives of Scientific Psychology
  • The Psychologist-Manager Journal
  • Military Psychology
  • Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology
  • Journal of Rural Mental Health
  • Journal of Threat Assessment and Management
coming in 2014
Coming in 2014
  • Decision
  • American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
  • Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice
  • Qualitative Psychology
  • Spirituality in Clinical Practice
  • Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

American Psychological Association 2013

you can t handle the truth
“You can’t handle the truth!”
  • The prosecution’s case hangs on expert witness opinion of a naval commander who lies on the stand to help his colleagues cover up the questionable death of a Marine.

A Few

Good Men

  • Can the military handle the truth? This year saw the historic rollback of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. You are in the military library service and want recent full-text recent information on how harassment of LGBT personnel in the armed services.
  • “Military personnel”
  • Homosexuality OR bisexuality OR “sexual orientation”
  • Discrimin* OR victim* Or harass*
  • Past 5 years
apa books

APA Books

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» Handbooks in Psychology

psycbooks facts
PsycBOOKS Facts
  • More than 3,500 scholarly books
  • 922 APA books
  • 2,677 classics
  • 53,715 chapters
  • Updated monthly
  • Access historical content dating back to 1597
apa books e collection 2013
APA Books® E-Collection 2013
  • Scholarly and professional books published by APA 2012-2013
  • No embargo
  • 36 titles included, released as published
apa books e collection 20131
APA Books® E-Collection 2013
  • Available exclusively on APA PsycNET
  • One-time purchase
you saying andy s innocent i mean for real innocent
“You saying Andy\'s innocent? I mean *for real* innocent?”

An innocent man spends many years in prison for the supposed murder of his wife before making a seemingly miraculous escape. His belief in himself and his determination to live within prison on his own terms affects those around him.



American Psychological Association 2013


Many innocent people are convicted in our legal system in part due to the legal system’s assumption that people’s recollections are accurate. A legal librarian looking for information in the 2013 E-Collection might search:

  • “wrongful conviction” OR innocence
  • “eyewitness memory” OR “eyewitness identification”

American Psychological Association 2013

handbooks in psychology
Handbooks in Psychology
  • Core and emerging sub-fields in psychology
  • Currently 9 available
  • Electronic and print
    • Electronic versions available exclusively on APA PsycNET
  • Let’s take a look!
faith is a house with many rooms
“Faith is a house with many rooms.”

An intensely spiritual young man who practices Hindu, Christianity, and Islam simultaneously is caught in a terrible storm at sea. He ends up on a life raft with several animals, where his faith helps him to survive and make sense of his ordeal.

Life of Pi

American Psychological Association 2013


A pastoral counselor conducts a search of the APA Handbooks on the question, does spirituality help one cope with life’s challenges?

  • Spirituality
  • Coping behavior

American Psychological Association 2013

apa custom course books
APA Custom Course Books
  • Select content from APA Custom Course Books library
  • the complete APA Handbooks in Psychology Series
  • Add your own content
  • Arrange the order of your materials
  • Select your cover design.

American Psychological Association 2013



» Complete PsycCRITIQUES Fact Sheet

American Psychological Association 2013

use psyccritiques for
Use PsycCRITIQUES for . . .
  • Corporate—books on leadership, cultural change, employee retention, and the like
  • Researchers—find in-depth topic reviews
  • General public—find reviews of current films and publications
  • Librarians—collection development
  • Faculty—identify textbooks
  • Students—find books for an assignment
here s some advice stay alive
“Here\'s some advice. Stay alive. ”

In a dystopian future, children are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle to the death. Reality television with a vengeance.


Hunger Games


You are putting together a collection of resources about the effect of media violence on children adolescents. You search

  • media OR film OR television OR games OR video
  • Violence
  • Limit to children and adolescents
  • Within the past 3 years


» Complete PsycEXTRA Fact Sheet

American Psychological Association 2013

psycextra updates
PsycEXTRA Updates
  • Added a Tests & Measures field, including DOIs linking to PsycTESTS
  • Restructured Grants & Sponsorships field to match display in PsycINFO
  • Added DOIs for all PsycEXTRA records
  • Other enhancements and cleanup projects incorporated as well
i just want to be perfect
“I just want to be perfect.”

A talented dancer is picked for the lead role in a major production. Pushing her body to the limits for her art, she is ethereally slim, dieting and purging to the point of hallucination. Her image is constantly reflected in mirrors, strangers leer at her.

Black Swan


A RAND analyst is working on a nutrition policy study to find information about body image and eating disorders in young girls.

  • Body image
  • Eating disorders


» Complete PsycTESTS Fact Sheet

  • Access to information about over 13,000 psychological tests & assessments (72% full text)
  • Primarily tests culled from the scholarly literature that are not available commercially
  • Great for students learning about test development
  • Helpful for faculty & researchers exploring measures for a particular construct
from 2 500 in september 2011 to over 13 800 today
From 2,500 in September 2011 to over 13,800 today!
  • developed for researchers
  • detailed records by expert indexers
  • 73% provide text with source documentation
the prejudice surrounding aids exacts a social death which precedes the physical one
“the prejudice surrounding AIDS exacts a social death … which precedes the physical one” 

A lawyer contests his dismissal from his job. A gay man who has contracted AIDS, he believes his dismissal is the result of discrimination. During the trial, the defense repeatedly suggests that he brought the disease upon himself and is therefore not a victim.


American Psychological Association 2013


One of the most exciting events of 2012 was the announcement of a cured AIDS patient, which has now been confirmed in a number of other cases. A health policy analyst is researching how this may affect how those infected with HIV+ and AIDS experience stigma and looking for tests.

  • Stigma

American Psychological Association 2013


Test Development – discusses development of the test

Test Review – reviews the test

Test Use – reports on a novel or important use of the test


“I believe that there is a championship team of twenty-five people that we can afford, because everyone else in baseball undervalues them.”

An underfunded general manager bucks the collective but subjective “wisdom” of baseball insiders in favor of “sabermetrics,” the rigorous statistical analysis of players’ performance.


American Psychological Association 2013


Can human resource managers replicate the insights of sabermetrics in their own industry? To do so, they would rely on hard data such as from tests and structured interviews rather than soft data.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Personnel Evaluation
  • Methodololgy: Meta analysis, quantitative study, treatment outcome

American Psychological Association 2013

“This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.”

An arrogant and egocentric weatherman must relive the same day until he gets it “right.” After giving up on hedonism and suicide attempts, he instead focuses on gratitude, kindness, and love of learning as ways to live.




A management scholar at a corporate wellness center wants to find recent quantitative data on positive psychology and leadership.

  • Positive psychology
  • Leadership
  • Past 12 months
  • Combine with Grant search


American Psychological Association 2013

integrating apa databases into your research process
Integrating APA databases into your research process
  • APA has business models to suit a range of needs.
    • Just-in-time access
      • Transactional basis
      • Day pass
      • Pay-per-view (article or book chapter)
    • Individual license to 7 databases
      • Free trials
    • Enterprise-wide license for simultaneous access
tools available
Tools Available
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Citation Search—quick search, includes nearly 58 million cited references
  • MyPsycNET—personal folder for saved searches and alerts
  • Results management tools—let you search within search results and filter
  • Alerts, RSS feeds, and permalinks
apa databases and electronic products training adept institute
APA Databases and Electronic Products Training (ADEPT) Institute
  • Look for our logo on training and support materials developed by the Customer Relations team.
  • Materials include training presentations, video tutorials, database documentation, search guides, help menus, and podcasts.
platform specific

Many of our training resources are platform-specific!




  • Nursing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Military Psychology
  • More to come…

video tutorials
Video Tutorials

The videos are also available on the APA site.


APA Databases: PsycBOOKS, PsycEXTRA, and PsycCRITIQUES

Audio podcasts that provide summaries of recent research added to these databases. Available on iTunes and the APA website

APA PsycNET Tips

Video podcasts that provide quick tips on the features of APA PsycNET and the APA databases available on this platform.

Available on iTunes, YouTube, and the APA website


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