Ch 15 a new deal fights the depression
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Ch. 15 A New Deal Fights the Depression PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ch. 15 A New Deal Fights the Depression. The Americans. Federal Programs. Business Assistance and Reform. 1. Emergency Banking Relief Act. To restore public confidence in banks. Established the FDIC. 2. Glass-Steagall Banking Act. 3. Federal Securities Act. Required corporations to

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Ch. 15 A New Deal Fights the Depression

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Ch. 15 A New Deal Fights the Depression

The Americans

Federal Programs

  • Business Assistance and Reform

1. Emergency Banking Relief Act

To restore public confidence in banks

Established the FDIC

2. Glass-Steagall Banking Act

3. Federal Securities Act

Required corporations to

provide complete information

on all stock offerings

To restore public confidence in the stock market

4. National Industrial Recovery

Act (NIRA)

Set prices, established labor standards

To ensure fair business practices and to promote industrial growth

Federal Programs

  • Farm Relief and Rural Development

5. Agricultural Adjustment Act


Paid farmers to lower production

To raise crop prices and restore farm income

To create prosperity in the impoverished Tennessee Valley

Built and repaired dams and other projects in the Tennessee Valley

6. Tennessee Valley Authority


  • Employment Projects

Put young men to work on road building and conservation projects

To reduce unemployment

7. Civilian Conservation Corps


8. Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)

Provided direct relief for the needy

To provide for the basic needs of the people hit hardest by the Depression

9. Public Works Administration (PWA)

Provided money to states to create jobs

To reduce unemployment

10. Civil Works Administration (CWA)

To reduce unemployment

Provided 4 million immediate jobs

Federal Programs

  • Housing

11. Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC)

To help families keep their homes

Provided government loans to homeowners who faced foreclosure

Explain who Huey Long was and why he is a significant historical figure.

Huey Long as a spokesman for the poor; a governor of Louisiana and later it’s U.S. Senator; and early supporter of the New Deal who turned against Roosevelt. His Share the Wealth proposal was extremely popular nationwide. He was assassinated in 1935 at the height of his popularity.

Soil Conservation and domestic Allotment Act, Resettlement Act, Farm Security Administration, Rural Electrification, Administration

Soil depletion, inability to buy land, squalid housing, dust storms, debt, foreclosures, lack of electricity

Poverty, Unemployment, hopelessness, loss of dignity, lack of spending money

Works Progress Administration, National Youth Administration

Works Progress Administration

Poverty, Unemployment, hopelessness, loss of dignity, lack of spending money

Works Progress Administration, National Youth Administration, Wagner Act, Fair Labor Standards Act

Poverty, Unemployment, hopelessness, loss of dignity, lack of spending money

Poverty, Unemployment, hopelessness, loss of dignity, lack of spending money

Social Security Act

Poverty, Unemployment, hopelessness, loss of dignity, lack of spending money

Social Security Act

She traveled the country to observe the conditions; helped shape New Deal policies; prodded her husband to appoint women to governmental positions; was a great advocate for the people.

Women appointed to important federal positions, slight increase in the number of women working outside the home.

Discrimination in the workplace; discriminatory wages; discriminatory hiring practices.

Frances Perkins

Increased political voice through greater access to the president; organizations created for tenant farmers.

Segregation; racial violence; discrimination in all areas of life.

Mary McLeod Bethune; William H. Hastie; Robert C. Weaver

Better working conditions; increased bargaining power; dramatic increase in union membership.

Strike violence; big business opposition to labor unions.

Congress of Industrial Organization

New Deal labor laws and work-relief programs aided many of them; Roosevelt made a direct and persuasive appeals to them; Roosevelt appointed many officials of urban-immigrant backgrounds.

Southern whites; various urban groups; immigrants; various religious and ethnic groups

Collier was commissioner of Indian Affairs and a strong advocate of Native American rights; he helped to create the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, which restored some reservation lands to tribal ownership.


Life among Southern during the Civil War

Life among Southern during the Civil War

Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, (Margaret Mitchell)

Honest, kindhearted people winning out over greedy special interests.


Created by: Frank Capra

Radio drama or book

Martian invasion of Earth

Orson Welles


Labor struggles of the 1930’s

Clifford Odets

Difficulties faced by a young man trying to survive in a racist world.

Novel (book)

Richard Wright

Novel (book)

Difficulties of Oklahomans who leave the Dust Bowl for California

John Steinbeck


Warmth and beauty of small-town life in New England.

Thorton Wilder


Two stern faced-faced farmers; rural life during the Depression

Grant Wood

Standards for wages and hours; ban on child labor; rights to organize and bargain collectively; government mediation on labor disputes.

Wagner Act; Fair Labor Standards Act; National Labor Relations Board

Aid to farmers, farm price supports, taught contour plowing, terracing, crop rotation

Agricultural Adjustment Acts, Soil Conservation Service

Securities and Exchange Commission; Glass-Steagall Banking Act; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Monitoring of the stock market; federal enforcement of laws regarding the sale of stocks and bonds; insurance on bank accounts

Federal government's acceptance of some responsibility for the social welfare or it’s citizens; old-age insurance program; unemployment compensation system; programs to aid families with dependent children and the disabled.

Social Security Act

Civilian conservation Corps; Soil Conservation Service; Taylor Grazing Act; Tennessee Valley Authority

Programs protecting the nation’s natural resources, including farmland; prevention of floods and dust storms; more national parks and wildlife refugees; pollution.

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