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BULLYING, STOP IT! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do you identify with Joy, Rita, Steven or Joan from these scenarios? If so, you have been a victim of bullying. Bullying comes in many forms. It can happen in the school, on the playground and even in the classroom. Our aim is to find solutions to prevent bullying!

Discussion Questions

  • What have you seen in these videos?

  • What is bullying?

  • Who is more likely to bully? (Children or teens?)

  • If you were a bystander (another student in the playground who saw some students bullying another student), what would you do?

  • Have you ever witnessed or heard of a situation where someone has been bullied?

Video Questions

  • How many times was Milton bullied?

  • What types of bullying did Milton experience?

  • How does Milton’s teacher react to him saying that he was bullied?

  • Why do you think KB didn't want to go to school?

  • Why didn't KB just refuse to wear the new clothes that her mother had bought for her?

  • Why do you think Cassandra called KB a "freak"?

  • How do you think KB could have handled Cassandra's rude comments?

What constitutes bullying?

  • Bully = One who is habitually cruel to others who are weaker.

  • Bullying = an intentional aggressive behaviour which involves an imbalance of power and strength. 

  • There are four forms of bullying.

Types of Bullying

  • 1) Verbal bullying:refers to actions such as

    • insults

    • name-calling

    • making racist, sexist or homophobic jokes

    • remarks or teasing

    • using sexually suggestive or abusive

      language, offensive remarks.

Types of Bullying

  • 2) Physical bullying:implies actions such as

    • hitting

    • kicking

    • pinching

    • punching

    • scratching

    • spitting

    • shoving

    • choking

    • or any other form of physical attack.

    • Damage to or taking someone else’s belongings may also constitute as physical bullying.

Types of Bullying

  • 3) Social bullying:refers to actions like

    • gossiping

    • ignoring

    • intimidating or excluding

    • spreading rumours

    • giving the cold shoulder.

    • social bullying may be verbal or nonverbal.

Types of Bullying

  • 4) Cyber bullying:any type of bullying that is carried out by electronic medium such as :

    • Text message

    • Picture/video clip

    • Phone call

    • E-mail

    • Chat-room and Instant Messaging (IM)

    • Websites



Poem Writing

  • 1) Diamond poem:Choose two nouns – opposites or contrasts work particularly well. Arrange the poem as follow, or in a similar manner:

    (article) noun

    adjective (and) adjective

    gerund, gerund, gerund

    noun, noun, noun, (and) noun

    gerund, gerund, gerund

    adjective (and) adjective

    (article) noun


  • Diamond poem:


    misty and sad

    falling, blustering, freezing

    cold, darkness, blizzards and thaws

    melting, dripping, blossoming

    misty and happy



  • Diamond poem:

    a stranger

    lonely and afraid

    studying, waiting, counting

    hours, days, months, years

    imagining, remembering, dreaming

    love and peace


Poem Writing

  • 2) Comparison poem:Compare your subject to another object, emotion, color, etc.


  • Comparison poem:

    My love is like a red, red rose...

    You are the sunshine of my life...

    The shark is the torpedo of the sea...

Poem Writing

  • 3) Acrostic poem:Write your poem word vertically. You can use, for example, a word from a topic you are studying, or the name of a person. Use each letter as the first letter of a word or phrase describing your poem word.


  • Acrostic poem:






  • Acrostic poem:

  • You can also write the word vertically, in big letters, and place the horizontal words anywhere along the word where they fit.





Poem Writing

  • 4) List poem:Make a list of words or phrases on one general subject (bullying). Group the words into short verses, and add some “glue” (e.g. make a sentence, add possessives).


  • List poem:“My Dog”

    black, white,

    thin, shiny fur,

    cold nose

    long, rubber ball,

    stuffed animals,

    bones, ropes,

    plastic hamburger –

    throw it again!

    chow, biscuits,

    pizza, chicken,

    my food, your food,

    cat food, baby food,

    any food, anything –

    watch out!


    barking, growling,

    He’s a good watchdog.

    walking, running,

    jumping, pulling,

    rolling, begging, pouncing,

    biting, nipping,

    all these are

    my dog,

    but most of all,

    my dog is love.

Poem Writing

  • 5) Limerick poem:a whimsical poem with only five lines. This type of poem depends on rhythm and rhyme. It follows a AABBA rhyme scheme. In other words, the first, second and fifth lines all rhyme with one another; the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.

    ** Websites to find rhyming words:




  • Limerick poem:You can follow one of these templates to help you.


    There one was a ___________ from ___________.

    All the while she/he hoped _____________________.

    So she/he ______________________.

    And ___________________.

    That ____________________ from ________________________.


    I once met a ___________________ from ___________

    Every day s/he ____________________.

    But whenever she/he ____________________.

    The _________________________

    That strange _________________ from _____________.


  • Limerick poems:

    A flea and a fly in a flue

    Were caught, so what could they do?

    Said the fly, "Let us flee."

    "Let us fly," said the flea.

    So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

    There once was a girl named Meg

    Who accidentally broke her leg.

    She slipped on the dice

    Not once, but thrice

    Take no pity on her, I told her to watch out for that egg!

Poem Writing

  • 6)Haiku poem:a Japanese poem with no rhyme. Haiku poems have only three lines, each with a certain number of syllables. Here is the pattern:

    Line 1 = 5 syllables Line 2 = 7 syllables Line 3 = 5 syllables


  • Haiku poems:

    “The Rose”

    The red blossom bends

    and drips its dew to the ground.

    Like a tear it falls

    “The Rainbow”

    Curving up, then down.

    Meeting blue sky and green earth 

    Melding sun and rain.

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