Innovative workforce development partnerships
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Innovative Workforce Development Partnerships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovative Workforce Development Partnerships. Co-Presenters : FALL 2011 Conference Ms. Diane Bachor Winthrop University Hospital Dr. Ileana M. Carillo Workforce Development Nassau Community College. Description.

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Innovative Workforce Development Partnerships

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Innovative Workforce Development Partnerships


FALL 2011 Conference

Ms. Diane Bachor

Winthrop University Hospital

Dr. Ileana M. Carillo

Workforce Development

Nassau Community College


Nassau Community College and Winthrop University Hospital enjoy a successful partnership that has provided training to hundreds of individuals over several years.


  • How it evolved:

    • NCC had an Open House for businesses to come and find out about the courses and resources the college offered.

    • Follow up conversations

    • Meetings to identify course offering specifics

    • Started scheduling classes!


  • Growth

    • College was able to implement quickly

    • Existing relationships increase opportunity to obtain grants/funding with tight deadlines

Why Implement Workforce Development Programs?


  • Better trained workforce

  • Improves regional economy


  • Demographics

  • Population (profile of local area)

  • Industry

  • Locale

  • Needs of area

Program Design, Development, and Implementation

Programs and content are developed by the College according to the specifications of the healthcare institution.

Ex: Regulatory compliance, mandates, to implement policy,

legal considerations, raise skill level, update new technology, risk management, support

  • Goals

  • How to Achieve

  • Target Group

  • Outcomes

  • Assessment

Details, Details . . .

  • Why?

  • Who?

  • What?

  • When?

  • Where?

  • How?

  • $

Providing quality training is an investment in employees that meets the needs of business, stakeholders, job seekers etc.

Why Train?


  • Healthcare Technology is growing and

    continuously changing

  • Maintain credentials

  • Keeps staff current with industry compliance, regulations

  • Provides current technical skills for changing

    technology/facility/ system/service


  • Increases morale through recognition

  • Increases employee loyalty, retention

  • Opportunity for entry to a career, individual employee growth, and a ladder for advancement


  • Patients benefit from more competent workers

  • Improves data


  • Jobs Created/Economic Development

    Ensures the greatest return!

Why Partner?

Who Should be Trained?

  • All levels of employees: physicians, coders, technical staff, direct care personnel, etc.

  • Everyone requires updated training, skill enhancement, and keeping current on requirements in the healthcare field which are constantly advancing.

What? - Determining Content

Use various methods of data collection on an ongoing basis:




  • Medical facilities work 24 hours a day

  • Classes are customized and delivered at times that coincide with work shifts

  • Meeting timeline of grants


  • Classes are usually held at the hospital’s location

  • Classes requiring different equipment, software or logistical set ups are held at the College if need dictates


  • Set up outcomes and goals ahead of time

  • Reevaluate and reassess continually, making adjustments to fit the needs of the project

    Providing Incentive

  • Provide support and opportunity through a learning focused environment

  • Setting up training time while on work time; release time

  • Customizing schedules

Other Considerations

Educational Institution

Healthcare Organization

More Details, Details . . . .

“Show Me the Money”

Obtaining funding

  • Grants

  • Tuition Reimbursement Programs

  • Employer Investment

  • Quality Training/Value

  • Keeping costs curtailed/fixed within the budget

  • Maximizing benefit

  • Ensuring future funding

    Best value for the dollar:

    The Community College


  • Hospital gains a better educated workforce, keeping up with technology, maintaining compliance. Patients receive a higher quality of care

  • Employee gains professional development, new skills, opportunity for advancement

  • College gains revenue, meets the needs of learners and the workforce

  • Economy/region gains a better qualified workforce, increased tax base

What’s Working?

Healthcare Institution:

  • Program growth

  • Successes leads to growth, more hiring, increased services

  • Use it as a model for other grants

  • Better statistics, show results and outcomes

  • Better morale, improved teamwork

    Patient Care:

  • Better-served patient

    Examples of Course Content

Benefits of a Partnership

  • A steady, repeat relationship with a good partner is beneficial in terms of dealing with the efficiency and volume of the paperwork required when training is funded through a grant

  • Having a partner that will deliver in a timely manner helps in meeting the criteria of getting the grant, meeting the requirements, and often exceeding the goals.

Successful Strategies





More Planning

Successful Strategies

Lessons Learned

Looking Ahead Recommendations

  • Evidence-based planning

  • Choose partner carefully

  • Keep abreast of new funding requirements (criteria, qualifications of partners, content, expected future renewal)


    Ms. Diane Bachor

    Winthrop University Hospital

    259 First Street

    Mineola, NY 11530

    (516) 663-4918

    Dr. Ileana M. Carillo

    Workforce Development

    Nassau Community College

    One Education Drive, 356 East Road

    Garden City, NY 11530

    (516) 572-7489

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