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Islam after muhammad s death
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Islam After Muhammad’s Death . Vocabulary. Caliph Shi’a /Shiite Sunni. Leave 2-4 blank lines next to each of these terms (We’ll define them later). Skimming a reading passage. You don’t need to copy this down in your notes. Purpose of Skimming & How-to:.

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Islam After Muhammad’s Death

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Islam after muhammad s death

Islam After Muhammad’s Death



  • Caliph

  • Shi’a/Shiite

  • Sunni

Leave 2-4 blank lines next to each of these terms (We’ll define them later)

Skimming a reading passage

Skimming a reading passage

You don’t need to copy this down in your notes

Purpose of skimming how to

Purpose of Skimming & How-to:

  • Purpose: to get the main ideas of a passage without reading through the entire thing

  • How to skim:

    • Read the first and/or last sentence of every paragraph (For a longer reading passage, also read through the first & last paragraphs of the passage)

    • Look at headings, maps, & charts as you read

    • Pay attention to any underlined or bold words

Practice with pp 100 101 textbook

Practice with pp. 100-101 (textbook)


Skim through pages 100-101 of your textbook.

Be able to answer the following questions:

What is a Caliph?

Why were the Muslims successful?

What was Muslim rule like?

Practice with pp 100 101 book

Practice with pp. 100-101 (book)

  • What is a Caliph?

    • Title that means “successor” (of Muhammad)

  • Why were the Muslims successful?

    • Their armies were disciplined and they had skilled leaders

    • Byzantine & Persian empires tired from fighting each other

  • What was Muslim rule like?

    • Blending of cultures

    • Jews Christians got special treatment but couldn’t convert others

Islam s schism sunni shi a

Islam’s Schism: Sunni & Shi’a

What caused the schism split in islam

What caused the schism (split) in Islam??

  • Guesses? Ideas?

After the first 4 caliphs

After the first 4 caliphs…

  • Umayyadfamily took power after death of Ali (Muhammad’s cousin & son-in-law)

    • Founded Umayyad dynasty (we’ll hear more about them later)

    • Moved capital from Medina to Damascus

  • Umayyads’ actions dividing Islam

    • Some Arabs unhappy with new capital (too far)

    • Others thought Umayyads abandoned earlier Bedouin ways & too concerned with luxury

Sunni shiite

Sunni & Shiite

  • Sunnis

    • Followed Umayyads & accepted rule of elected caliphs b/c they wanted peace

  • Shiites

    • Rejected Umayyads & thought caliph should always be related to Muhammad by blood

    • Ali was the last true caliph

  • Both Sunnis & Shiites read & followed the Qur’an & Sunnah

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