Mobile phone sensors in health applications
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Mobile phone sensors in health applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile phone sensors in health applications. Evgeny Stankevich , Llya Paramonov , Ivan Tomofeev Demidov Yaroslavl State University. Presented By Brian K. Gervais. Abstract. By 2015 the WHOLE WORLD will be covered by Cellular networks ½ population will use a mobile phone GSM Wifi

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Mobile phone sensors in health applications

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Mobile phone sensors in health applications

EvgenyStankevich, LlyaParamonov, Ivan Tomofeev

Demidov Yaroslavl State University

Presented By

Brian K. Gervais


By 2015 the WHOLE WORLD will be covered by Cellular networks

½ population will use a mobile phone




mHealth- “Practical medicine and healthcare services supported by mobile devices”

Growing Fast


mHealth apps increase availability of healthcare solutions

App Store, Google Play, Ovi Store

Modern phone equipped with powerful embedded sensors




Light sensors

Mobile Phone sensors

Two Categories


Microphone, camera


Accelerometers, digital compass, gyroscope, and GPS

Mobile Phone sensors


Used to determine activity

Speaking, café visiting, car driving

Light sensor

Measures ambient light

Proximity Sensor

detects presence of nearby objects

Accelerometers and magnetometers

Phone orientation has been applied to games

Gyroscope/GPS – used for navigation


How are these sensors used for healthcare apps



Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking

Diagnosis and treatment support

Myotonia disorder

Patients called automated voice to classify symptoms.

If needed they would be referred to doctor

Reduces unnecessary doctors visits

Decreasing healthcare cost



Provide images and video for remote doctor consultation.

Teledermatology- is where patient skin images are used by doctors to make diagnosis


Patient registers and receives training on proper photos

Photos sent to data collection server and doctor prescribes treatment

Good for developing countries

Lack of access

Lack of funds

Lack of medical resources



Telconsultation and diagnosis of soft tissue injuries

Detect heart rate using skin color analysis

Instant Heart Rate application- IOS/Android

Digital filter to detect heart rate by analyzing video of face (pulse oximeters)

Cardiio application- IOS

These do not require extra equipment

Cheap readily available


Cameraw/additional equipment

Create light microscope

Uses the phone camera

Researchers determine that modern camera phones have sufficient resolution to detect blood cells and microorganism morphology.

Such system cheap and portable and can detect TB

Operators do not have to be well trained

Images fed to doctors at separate locations

Accelerometer Sensor and Geo.

Track persons physical activity level

Reduce risk of many chronic diseases

Goes beyond pedometers

No need for additional device

Through analyzing the data you can determine


Give calorie count and provide feedback to the patient

Accelerometer Sensor and Geo.

Fall detection

Brickhouse- current solution

Requires base station and only works at that location

Phone could do all that and more

Measure whether fall has occurred

Alert authorities

Give them an accurate location

No need for external devices

Accelerometer Sensor and Geo.



Reduces need to go to rehabilitation center

Patients first sessions are used to train sensors and patient

Phone then used to tell patient/Doctor

Duration/Quality of exercisesfrom home


Overall theme- reduce cost and increase access to healthcare

Phones are out there use them to do more than Facebook

These purposed apps and the future apps will greatly increase health in poor countries where access to medical treatment is minimal


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