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By: Jackie Krywy & Kristen Larsen Mr.Rozell 4B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Jackie Krywy & Kristen Larsen Mr.Rozell 4B. Axis Propaganda. German Propaganda. and the Third Reich.

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By jackie krywy kristen larsen mr rozell 4b

By: Jackie Krywy


Kristen Larsen

Mr.Rozell 4B

Axis Propaganda

German Propaganda

and the Third Reich

The Third Reich referred to Germany under Nazi Control from 1933-1945. During this era, Adolph Hitler introduced new policies as he tried to transform Germany and the surrounding countries.

Joseph goebbels
Joseph Goebbels

~Inventor of Nazi propaganda & public information (1943)

~Spread lies & anti-Semitism to gain support

~Initiated Kristallnacht (Glass Night)

~Committed suicide in November 1945

Support Hitler

Women! Save the German Family, Vote for Hitler.

Young men save the Fuhrer

(German Leader)

Germany Awake!

Nazi propaganda
Nazi Propaganda

  • Transformed traditional behavior

  • Created Nazi ideology

  • Focused on Jews and Allies (enemies)

  • Used by all media and educational tools

Found in German childrens’ book


Appeared in the Anti-Semitic Weekly.

“The spider. Many victims are trapped in the web, caught by flattering words. Rip the web of deceit and free German youth.” Directed towards German youth telling them to steer clear of Jewish traps.

The Top of the Food Chain

"One eats the other and the Jew devours them all”

Lustige Blatter was a popular German magazine that included a lot of persuasive German propaganda.

Allied Terrorism

  • Germans portrayed the American and British as terrorists to discredit the Allies strategic bombing campaign

The u boats conquer
The U-Boats Conquer

  • This poster announces the success of German U-Boats against United States and Britain.

"The Sword of the Samurai. It defeated the big mouth."

This Japanese poster shows Roosevelt (American President) defeated by the Japanese sword.

After Pearl harbor

Singapore the strongest fortress in the world
“Singapore: The Strongest Fortress in the World!”

¤ The British Empire tries to escape the gathering strength of Japanese swords.

When Germany and Japan unite to work together they can over take the world

Directed towards Germans and Japanese to ensure they would be victorious.

V for Victory

Italian Propaganda take the world

Finally take the world

  • National loans for you!

  • Support Italians and you can benefit also.

London take the world

Italians make Italians believe they will win because London is in flames.

“Division of the lictor” take the world

  • Lictors were Romans who carried fasces (emblems of authority) when in public.

  • Fight for noble Romans. Be one of the lictors.

Questions take the world

  • What is the purpose of propaganda?

  • What images do nations try to create to make propaganda successful?

  • Who do the Nazis target in their propaganda? Why?

  • Who do the Italians target in their propaganda?

  • What effect do you think German propaganda had on other Axis powers?

Credit slide
Credit Slide take the world

  •, propaganda. 5-29-03

  • 5-30-03

    Information on Nazi propaganda.

  • 5-29-03

    Information of Goebbels and the usage of Nazi propaganda.

  • 5-29-03

    Information on propaganda in German children's books.

  • 5-30-03

    A lot of good posters dealing with Italy, Germany and Japan along with other historical documents.

  • 5-30-03

    Cartoons that make fun of Allied powers. Often in a comical way. Each cartoon had a description

  • 5-30-03

    Posters supporting Hitler.

  • 5-30-03

    Posters that support Japanese military.