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What is an organisation?. An organisation is a group of people who work together towards the same goal.There are three main types of organisations :Commercial organisationsIndustrial organisationsPublic service organisations. Functions within organisations. Are areas or departments within an

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Using ICT in Organisations

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1. Using ICT in Organisations

2. What is an organisation? An organisation is a group of people who work together towards the same goal. There are three main types of organisations : Commercial organisations Industrial organisations Public service organisations

3. Functions within organisations Are areas or departments within an organisation. They will vary according to the type of organisation. Typical departments include: Accounts Marketing Human Resources or Personnel Operations Purchasing Sales

4. Using ICT in organisations ICT has many uses within organisations, specialised use depend on the nature of the organisation. However, common uses can include: Creating advertisement and promotional materials. Letters Storing customer, stock, membership, employee details Building management Mailing lists Accounts Payroll

5. Specialist applications Some organisations can require specialist equipment. For example, a supermarket requires the ability to scan barcodes to allow quick stock checks, receipt creation, etc.

6. What you need to do. Compare two different organisations and their use of ICT. Things to think about: What ICT is used for within the organisation? What equipment is used? The advantages and disadvantages of using ICT. Whether the use of ICT has made the organisation more efficient?

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