Jfk s presidency chapter 22
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JFK’s Presidency chapter 22. 1960 Election. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon The TV debates may have been the deciding factor. Kennedy looked better and more confident on TV. 1960 Election cont. Kennedy Wins the 1960 Election by one of the narrowest margins in American history.

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1960 election
1960 Election

  • Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon

  • The TV debates may have been the deciding factor. Kennedy looked better and more confident on TV

1960 election cont
1960 Election cont.

  • Kennedy Wins the 1960 Election by one of the narrowest margins in American history.

  • As a result, Kennedy has a weak mandate.

Domestic policies
Domestic Policies

  • “New Frontier”

    • Improve the economy, assist the poor, speed up the space program

Space program
Space Program education funding

  • In response to Sputnik, we will attempt to put the first man in space.

  • The Russians beat us at this too.

  • And dog…

  • And monkey…

Foreign policy
Foreign policy moon.

  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    • Castro takes Cuba, seizes U.S. properties, and cozies up to the USSR.

Bay of pigs cont
Bay of Pigs cont. moon.

  • JFK learns of CIA plan to overthrow Castro w/Cuban refugees

  • Goes ahead with plan, but not fully

Bay of pigs cont1
Bay of Pigs cont. moon.

  • Invasion is a DISASTER!

  • Makes JFK and U.S. look BAD!

Berlin crisis
Berlin Crisis moon.

  • Moscow wants division of Berlin to be permanent.

  • JFK/Khrushchev talks fail

  • JFK bulks up the military BIG TIME!

Berlin crisis cont
Berlin Crisis cont. moon.

  • USSR responds by building the Wall almost overnight.

  • Crisis ends with the wall

  • JFK/U.S. stand up to the Soviets

Cuban missile crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis moon.

  • Soviets want nukes in Cuba b/c of Bay of Pigs Invasion

  • US spy plane sees them

Cuban missile crisis cont
Cuban Missile Crisis cont. moon.

  • JFK can (1)negotiate, (2)invade, (3)blockade, or (4)bomb the sites

  • JFK chooses to “quarantine” Cuba

Cuban missile crisis cont1
Cuban Missile Crisis cont. moon.

  • Soviets call back their ships

  • Khrushchev sends 2 notes to JFK, JFK responds to both, one publicly, one privately

Results of the cuban missile crisis
Results of the Cuban Missile Crisis moon.

  • Hotline Established

  • Limited test ban Treaty

  • Kennedy and the Democrats look much tougher on Communism

Peace corps
Peace Corps moon.

  • Established by JFK to put educators, health workers and technicians in third world countries.

Kennedy assassination
Kennedy Assassination moon.

  • Kennedy was in Dallas to bolster support among Texas Democrats.

  • Newspapers published the parade route in advance, and many people lined the route

Kennedy assassination1
Kennedy Assassination moon.

  • Just after noon Kennedy was hit by and assassin’s bullet (s?)

  • He was pronounced dead at 1:00pm

Kennedy assassination2
Kennedy Assassination moon.

  • Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in at 2:35 while en route to DC with Jackie Kennedy and JFK’s body.

The three tramps
The Three Tramps of Pigs fiasco…)

Mafia and hoover conspiracy
Mafia and Hoover conspiracy of Pigs fiasco…)

The organized crime and the cia conspiracy
The Organized Crime and the CIA conspiracy of Pigs fiasco…)

  • Sam Giancana Frank Sinatra

Roscoe white
Roscoe White of Pigs fiasco…)

Cuban conspiracy
Cuban Conspiracy of Pigs fiasco…)

Lbj conspiracy
LBJ conspiracy of Pigs fiasco…)

Jfk movie questions
JFK MOVIE QUESTIONS of Pigs fiasco…)

  • What was the plan to get rid of Castro in Cuba?

  • Which of JFK’s advisors was “first in and last out”?

  • What was the biggest crisis of the Cold War?

  • What did JFK’s military advisors want to do at the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

  • What characteristics did Kennedy show during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

  • What struggle had Kennedy avoided in his administration?

  • Advisors told JFK sending a Civil Rights Act to congress would be a political __________________?

  • When was JFK pronounced dead?

  • Who did Jackie Kennedy model her husband’s funeral after?

  • On whom did JFK’s legacy settle?