Regression testing the oracle e business suite presenter a kumar acharya ramesh padmanabhan
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Regression Testing the Oracle E-Business Suite Presenter: A Kumar Acharya Ramesh Padmanabhan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regression Testing the Oracle E-Business Suite Presenter: A Kumar Acharya Ramesh Padmanabhan. Agenda. Introduction Background Problem Statement Objectives Solutions Implementation Details Lessons Learnt (Key Users) Q & A. History of Marvell.

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Regression Testing the Oracle E-Business Suite Presenter: A Kumar Acharya Ramesh Padmanabhan

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Regression testing the oracle e business suite presenter a kumar acharya ramesh padmanabhan

Regression Testing the Oracle E-Business SuitePresenter:A Kumar Acharya Ramesh Padmanabhan



  • Introduction

  • Background

  • Problem Statement

  • Objectives

  • Solutions

  • Implementation Details

  • Lessons Learnt (Key Users)

  • Q & A

History of marvell

History of Marvell

  • Founded 1995

  • Fabless semiconductor

  • Global operations

    • Israel

    • Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland)

    • Asia Pacific (Singapore, India & China)

    • USA

  • Annual Revenue ($MM)

    • FY 2002288.8

    • FY 2003505.3

    • FY 2004819.8

    • FY 2005 1,224.6

    • FY 20061,670.3

    • 1st Half FY 20071,095.2

  • 4000+ employees across US, Europe and Asia

Marvell s journey

Marvell’s Journey

  • AUG 2001Galileo Go-live on Oracle Apps 11.0.3

  • DEC 2001 Upgrade Oracle Apps 11i (11.5.4)

  • JAN 2002Convert Oracle Apps to Multi-Org and Fiscal Calendar

  • MAY 2002Migrate North America to OM/FI to Oracle Apps 11i

  • OCT 2002Go-live OSFM

  • OCT 2002Implement Rosettanet PIP 3D8 with 10 Sub Contractors

  • AUG 2003Install Oracle 10G iAS for Rosettanet

  • DEC 2003Upgrade Oracle Apps to 11.5.9

  • JAN 2004Migrate SysKonnect GmbH from BAAN to Oracle Apps 11i

  • FEB 2004Migrate RADLAN IL to Oracle Apps 11i (New Company)

  • APR 2004Install UTF8 to accommodate multi-byte characters

  • SEP 2004Implement Basic HRMS

  • DEC 2004Implement WEB based Employee Expense System for North America

  • JAN 2005Implement Compensation Work Bench

  • JUL 2005Implement Phase 1 ASCP (Wafer Buy Plan)

  • AUG 2005Upgrade Oracle Apps to 11.5.10

  • JAN 2006Integrate Q-Logic Acquisition

  • FEB 2006Integrate UTStarcom Acquisition

  • APR 2006Integrate National Semiconductor Acquisition

  • MAY 2006Integrate Avago Acquisition

  • MAY 2006Implement Marvell Penang Ltd (New Company)

  • AUG 2006Implement Single Sign On

  • OCT 2006Implement Marvell Switzerland Ltd (New Company)

  • NOV 2006Integrate Intel Acquisition

  • NOV 2006Implement Marvell DSPC IL (New Company in Israel)

Problem statement

Problem Statement

  • Numerous configuration changes, patches, enhancements and new product introductions were being migrated to production on a weekly basis.

  • The knowledge to do end to end test does not exist with one individual.

  • Some of the business processes had numerous steps and dependencies making those processes very complex to test.

  • The high growth of the company and the volume of changes compromised the breadth of testing

  • The manual testing processes did not have adequate audit trail to satisfy the SOX compliance needs and put a very heavy strain on the already stretched IT staff

Objective production control

Objective Production Control

  • Establish QA as a critical part of the overall IT governance process

  • Establish a central repository of interconnected and stand alone business functions that will need to be tested as part of the QA process

  • Establish Integrated test data management

  • Automate the testing process to increase the breadth of testing and reduce the burden on IT staff

  • Ensure that the automated testing process generates adequate audit trail to meet the SOX compliance requirements

  • Ensure that the solution implemented is both scalable and low maintenance



  • Marvell decided to implement the Entegration Attest Test management console.

  • The Entegration Attest is a portal test console that is built to specifically address the testing needs of Oracle E-Business suite.

  • Entegration Attest helped us address our objectives.

    • Maintain a test script repository

    • Automate the test process

    • Generate Audit trail

    • Flexibility and scalability

  • Entegration Attest uses the industry leader Mercury’s Quick Test Professional (QTP) as the execution engine.

Components of entegration attest

Components of Entegration Attest

Test Run

Test Suite

Comprises of multiple scenarios

Test Scenarios

Logically organized functions will make up a scenario

Test Functions

The test functions are the lowest building blocks and will correlate with individual business functions

Creating a new test scenarios test suites

Creating a New Test Scenarios/Test Suites

  • Identify the Reusable Components or Functions

    • Select from existing function or Create a new function

  • Logical grouping of Functions or Scenarios/ Test Suites

    • Logical Business Flow to satisfy Test Cases

    • Logical Grouping of Scenarios to create a Test Suites

    • Logical Flow of In and Out Parameters

  • Inputs required for Functions

    • Static Input Parameter – csv File

    • Dynamic Input Parameter – SQL Query

  • Application Signature

    • Oracle User Name

    • Responsibility Name

    • Instance Name

Entegration attest test process

Entegration Attest Test Process

Intermediate Test Console User

  • Static Data (csv File)

  • SQL Statement






Data Queries


Test Cycles


Test Suites


Data Sets


Test Runs

View Results

Performed by Test Administrator

Performed by Intermediate User

Performed by Beginner User

Implementation details

Implementation Details



Components used during BPT

User Machine in

Marvell intranet

  • Windows Server

    • QTP Software

    • QTP Scripts

  • Linux Server

    • Entegration Attest

    • Oracle Database

    • Web Server

  • Oracle ERP

  • Stage

  • Devt

  • PrjX

Bpt details for phase i and ii

BPT Details for Phase-I and II

  • Order to Cash

    • OM Functions

    • AR Functions

  • Item Master

    • INV Functions

    • BOM Functions

    • Costing Functions

  • General Ledger

    • GL Functions

  • Manufacturing

    • MFG Functions

    • OSFM Functions

    • INV Functions

    • WIP Functions

  • Procure to Pay

    • AP Functions

    • PO Functions

Om functions

OM Functions

  • 1OM Apply Hold on Order

  • 2OM Copy and Book

  • 3OM Create New Customer

  • 4OM Create New Order

  • 5OM Create RMA MSI Credit

  • 6OM Create RMA MSI Replacement

  • 7OM Pick Release

  • 8OM RMA Receive Returns

  • 9OM Release Hold

  • 10OM Reprice Item in Order Line

  • 11OM Ship Confirm

  • 12OM Ship Confirm and Back Order

  • 13OM Split Order Line

  • 14OM Transact Move Order

Ar functions

AR Functions

  • 1AR Changes to Invoice

  • 2AR Auto Invoice

  • 3AR Create Manual Credit Memo Transaction

  • 4AR Create New Invoice

  • 5AR Create Receipt Adjustment

  • 6AR Create Receipts

  • 7AR Create and Reverse Receipt

  • 8AR Get IC Invoice Details

  • 9AR Inter Company Invoice

  • 10AR Period Open Status Check

  • 11AR Print Invoice by Order Number

  • 12AR Print New Invoices

  • 13AR to GL Transfer

Inv functions

INV Functions

  • 1INV Account Alias Issue

  • 2INV Account Alias Receipt

  • 3INV Create Item

  • 4INV Create Location

  • 5INV Create Planner

  • 6INV Create Subinventory

  • 7INV Inventory Lot Merge

  • 8INV Inventory Lot Split

  • 9INV Inventory Lot Translate

  • 10INV Item Cross Reference

  • 11INV Org Period Open Status Check

Gl functions

GL Functions

  • 1GL Balance Inquiry

  • 2GL Enter Journal

  • 3GL Period Open Status Check

  • 4GL Query Journal

Mfg functions

MFG Functions

  • 1BOM Co-Products

  • 2BOM Create Bill

  • 3BOM Create Common Bill

  • 4BOM Resource Creation

  • 5BOM Routing

  • 6CST Enter Item Cost

  • 7CST Submit Cost Rollup

  • 8MFG OSP Close Job using Form

  • 9MFG OSP Complete Job No Charges

  • 10MFG View MIL Requisition Details

  • 11MFG Wafer AutoCreate PO

  • 12MFG Wafer Check Item Onhand

  • 13MFG Wafer MVL Auto ISO Request Submit

  • 14MFG Wafer Requisition Import Submit

  • 15MFG Wafer Requisition Process Start

  • 16OSFM Create Lot Based Job Standard

  • 17OSFM Create Non Standard Lot Job

  • 18OSFM Lot Creation

  • 19OSFM Lot Merge

  • 20OSFM Lot Split

  • 21OSFM Material Issue

  • 22OSFM Network Routing

  • 23OSFM Process Move

  • 24OSFM Scrap Transaction

  • 25WIP Complete Transaction

  • 26WIP Create Discrete Job

  • 27WIP Move Transaction

P2p functions

P2P Functions

  • 1AP Enter Invoices

  • 2AP Payments for Invoice

  • 3AP Period Open Status Check

  • 4AP Transfer to GL

  • 5PO Approval

  • 6PO Cancel PO

  • 7PO Change PO

  • 8PO Create Expense PO

  • 9PO Create Supplier

  • 10PO Period Open Status Check

  • 11PO Receive Shipments

  • 12PO Return Shipments



  • A comprehensive QA process was established for Marvell. All changes that needed to be implemented in production first needed to be implemented in a QA environment. Unless all tests passed, the code was not approved to migrate to production. This was established as part of the overall IT governance process.

  • A comprehensive test script library of over 85 test scripts covering all the major business process was created to support the above process

  • What would take one week to test now takes six hours


Continued …

  • This solution allows us to test the applications using the same user and responsibility as in production without having to worry about maintaining the scripts for menu changes.

  • There is complete audit trail for the tests executed with screen shots and time stamps

  • The Entegration Attest is the single user interface for managing the tests and viewing test results.

Lessons learnt

Lessons Learnt

  • Planning is a key to success.

  • A phased implementation approach proved very beneficial to us.

  • Do not expect 100% automation. Certain processes will still continue to be tested manually. Be sure to clearly identify processes that will lend themselves best to automated testing.

  • Identify the Key Users or BSA for detail information and make sure they are engaged from start to finish

  • Good and effective communication between QA functions and BSA on process changes

  • Prepare to make a small investment in maintenance of your scripts. Changes in business processes may require some changes in the test scripts

Regression testing the oracle e business suite presenter a kumar acharya ramesh padma

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Contact Details

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