los angeles county operational area statewide medical health exercise 2011
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Los Angeles County Operational Area Statewide Medical & Health Exercise 2011

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Los Angeles County Operational Area Statewide Medical & Health Exercise 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Los Angeles County Operational Area Statewide Medical & Health Exercise 2011. (Name of Agency Here) November 17, 2011. Exercise Agenda. 0700 – Sign-in 0730 – Player’s Briefing 0800 – Start Exercise 1200 – EndEx & Hotwash. Housekeeping. Exercise Documents in Hand Player Handout

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los angeles county operational area statewide medical health exercise 2011

Los Angeles County Operational AreaStatewide Medical & Health Exercise 2011

(Name of Agency Here)

November 17, 2011

exercise agenda
Exercise Agenda
  • 0700 – Sign-in
  • 0730 – Player’s Briefing
  • 0800 – Start Exercise
  • 1200 – EndEx & Hotwash
  • Exercise Documents in Hand
    • Player Handout
    • Communications Directory
    • EOPs, Checklists, Etc.
  • Wear your vests – Ensure you sign in/out
  • Wear credentials outside and above the waist
  • Please place non-exercise related communications devices on vibrate
  • Emergency exits
  • Restrooms
  • Food/beverage
exercise purpose
Exercise Purpose
  • Part of the annual Statewide Health and Medical Exercise coordinated by California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
  • An opportunity to exercise the entire medical and health mutual aid and response system across the State
  • An opportunity to identify systematic and individual areas for improvement and best practices to share with others
  • Can be used to meet other exercise requirements (e.g., HPP, Joint Commission)
  • Operational Area /EMS Agency/Public Health
    • Interoperable Communications
    • Intelligence/Information Sharing and Dissemination
    • Environmental Health
    • Emergency/Department Operations Center Management/Resource Management
  • Hospitals
    • Communications
    • Intelligence/Information Sharing and Dissemination
    • Medical Surge
    • Hospital Command Center Management
    • Public Safety and Security Response
  • Clinics
    • Communications
    • Intelligence/Information Sharing and Dissemination
    • Medical Surge
    • Emergency Operations Center Management
  • Fire/EMS/Ambulance Provider Agencies
    • Communications
    • Intelligence/Information Sharing and Dissemination
    • Medical Surge
    • Emergency Operations Center Management
functional exercise
Functional Exercise
  • Players perform processes in real time as they would in a real world situation with the exception of actually deploying resources to the field
    • If They Are Playing – Communicate With Them!
      • Follow procedures and protocols
      • Use Communications Directory
  • No-Fault learning environment
    • Evaluation of organizational capabilities, not individuals
    • A focus on process and outcomes
  • Participants
    • Players
    • Exercise Staff
      • Controllers/Coaches
      • Simulators
      • Evaluators
functional exercise cont
Functional Exercise (Cont.)
  • Simulation Cell (SimCell)
    • Provides scenario-related injects to drive play
      • Phone calls, email/information management system, and paper
      • Do not fight injects; instead focus on the action you should take in response
      • Each inject is designed to meet exercise objectives
    • Acts as all entities (organizations, individuals, etc.) that are not participating as players
      • The Communications Directory tells who is and isn’t playing
        • Provides contact information for SimCell
      • Identify the organization, agency, office, and/or individual with whom you want to speak when you call
        • SimCell will not make decisions for Players
        • Recognize the knowledge limitations of Simulators
functional exercise cont1
Functional Exercise (Cont.)
  • LA County DHS DOC
    • Focus will be on process
    • Coaches are available to guide you through the process
    • No- fault learning environment
    • Goals for the DOC include
      • Situational Awareness
      • Establishment of SMART Objectives
      • Development of an IAP
      • Resource Management (bed, volunteers)
      • Communications
rules of play
Rules of Play
  • Real-world emergencies take priority over exercise activities
  • Players are expected to act in a professional manner at all times
  • Exercise Staff/Player Engagement
    • Controllers will only provide information they are specifically directed to disseminate
      • Obtain other information through existing information channels
    • Evaluators may interview Players at appropriate times
    • Respect the exercise staff’s efforts to maintain the integrity of the exercise
    • Do not engage exercise staff in casual conversation
    • Ask a Controller/Coach if the exercise confuses you
rules of play cont
Rules of Play (Cont.)
  • All verbal, written, and electronic communication will start and end with

“This is an Exercise”

  • Use “Real-World Emergency” to classify a real situation that might affect safety or the exercise
    • Notify the nearest Controller
  • “Timeout” is used by Controllers/Coaches to temporarily stop exercise play if necessary or to facilitate a specific learning point
  • Under no circumstances will exercise communication interfere with real-world emergency communications
    • Only use contact information in the Communications Directory
rules of play cont1
Rules of Play (Cont.)
  • Respond to the exercise events and information as if the emergency were real
    • Demonstrate the activity
      • Examples: write the IAP, issue a press release, submit the resource request, communicate the decision
      • Verbalize processes for Evaluators
    • Make decisions, discuss alternatives, take calculated risks
      • “This is a decision for a higher pay grade” is not allowed
      • Lives and property depend on your action with the information available
      • Decisions are NOT precedent setting
    • Be realistic about resource availability
after the exercise
After the Exercise
  • Participate in the Hotwash
    • Give honest and constructive feedback
    • Identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Complete and submit a Participant Feedback Form
  • Provide documentation to Evaluator
    • Make copies for yourself if you would like
background scenario
Background Scenario
  • Homeland Security officials in California have issued warnings to local health departments and water systems concerning a threat to disrupt water facilities throughout the state.
  • The Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) has disseminated information and intelligence that include the following threats: sabotage or disruption of the water treatment systems, contamination of the water distribution systems and/or contamination of local reservoirs.
background scenario cont
Background Scenario (Cont.)
  • It is mid-November and the annual flu season has begun to take hold across the State. In addition to recommending flu shots, health professionals are recommending the use of over-the – counter medicines to control symptoms along with getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of fluids. Healthcare facilities have seen a significant surge of patients.
  • The JRIC has issued a Request for Information regarding recent incidents of vandalism at storage reservoirs and suspicious activities around water treatment facilities in the Los Angeles area.
  • What strengths were demonstrated during the exercise?
  • Identify 1-3 practices to “sustain”
  • Identify 1-3 practices to “improve”
    • Plans, policies, procedures
    • Training
    • Resources (equipment, supplies, MOUs)
    • Communication and coordination
  • How might identified strengths be used to address identified gaps/weaknesses?
  • What additional things did you learn during this exercise? Any surprises?
  • Please complete and submit Feedback Forms